How to See Old Stories on Instagram (2023)

How to view old stories on Instagram 2022

How to See Old stories on Instagram – Currently Instagram is the best social network to give visibility to a brand. One of its best tools is stories,  but their duration is limited to 24 hours.

Do you want to know how to view old stories on Instagram after this period has expired? So, don’t miss this post.

When 24 hours have passed since we published a story, it disappears without a trace. But after the latest modification implemented by this social network, content creators can now see old Instagram stories. 

How can I see old stories on Instagram again?

The temporary limitation of stories is a  very effective tactic to keep us hooked on Instagram. At first, users welcomed this quirk, but over time, they got fed up with it.

Instagram developers paid attention to the general outrage caused by stories with an expiration date, so they decided to go back by introducing a  modification that not many know:  the Story Archive.

After that rectification, viewing old Instagram stories is as easy as fiddling with your app a bit to activate the stories archive From then on you will be able to access your content even after 24 hours.

How to Save Instagram Stories – step by step

Activate the archive of stories in Instagram

  • Enter your Instagram profile and press the hamburger icon (the three horizontal stripes in the upper right corner). 
  • In the menu that appears below, click  Settings  (bottom of the dropdown).
  • You will be shown a new menu: click where it says  Privacy.
  • Access  Interactions and, within the options that appear, go to where it says Stories.
  • Within the  Saved section you have to activate the  Save to file tab. 

From now on, all your stories will be stored in the Story Archive in chronological order.

How to view old Instagram stories by accessing the archive?

Enter the Instagram app and click on the hamburger icon.

Click on the  Archive icon that appears at the top of the menu.

You’ll find all the stories that have been saved to your account since you turned on  Story Archive. Click on any of them to access its content.

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How to add highlights on Instagram

If you want your stories to reappear and be free from the time limit, you have to add them to  Featured Stories. With this, they will appear between your profile picture and your posts.

  • Go to your profile and click Featured Stories  (below your username and introduction).
  • Tap on the “+” sign and select one or more stories that you want to make featured. Click  Next.
  • Now all you have to do is  Edit the cover photo and click Done.

Type a title for the featured story and click  Add  (iPhone) or  Done  (Android).

Now you know how to view Instagram stories without a time limit. How easy is it? How to View Old Instagram Stories Anytime

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