How to Disable Message Seen Warning on Instagram

How to Disable Message Seen Warning on Instagram

How to Disable Message Seen Warning on Instagram – Instagram, one of the most popular social media applications of recent times, offers its users a messaging feature as well as photo and video sharing. 

With the DM feature, which consists of the initials of the words Direct Message, Instagram users can communicate with other users. With the active use of the Instagram DM system, turning off the message seen on Instagram has become a feature requested by users.

Social media applications make updates and innovations for the wishes and needs of their users. 

However, sharing the last seen and message read information attracts the reaction of most users. Because sharing such information with other users makes it almost mandatory to respond to messages. 

If you enter the DM message when you are not available or do not want to reply to the message, it causes some trouble to receive a seen notification to the other party.

The process of turning off the message seen warning on Instagram is wondered by many users. There are some ways to optionally turn the visibility information of messages on or off. 

So, how to turn off messages seen warning on Instagram? How to turn off Instagram’s last seen feature? How to block Instagram DM seen information?

In this article, we have compiled what you need to know about the DM seen feature by covering the issue of turning off the message seen warning on Instagram and How to Disable Message Seen Warning on Instagram

What is Instagram Post Viewed Feature?

The Instagram message seen feature is when the person who receives a direct message (DM) through the application reads the message, the message “seen” appears on the other side. 

This feature allows the other party to be aware of the situation if you see the message and do not respond.

The seen feature can cause problems when you do not have time to read and respond to messages sent on Instagram. 

Knowing whether the message has been read is sometimes an advantage, and sometimes it can turn into a disadvantage. 

This feature is very useful for important messages, urgent conversations. However, if the message is read but not replied to, it can be offensive to the other party. 

How to Disable Message Seen Warning on Instagram

Not responding when you are busy may make the other party think that they are not cared for.

Is the Instagram Message Seen Feature Turned Off?

Although it is requested by some users to turn off the Instagram message seen feature, it is currently not possible to Disable Message Seen Warning on Instagram the DM message seen feature through the application. 

It is not yet known whether the ability to hide read receipts will come to the Instagram application, which is constantly improving and updating depending on user requests and needs.

Turning off the Instagram seen feature is often requested by accounts with high followers. 

In cases where it is difficult to reply to all messages, hiding seen methods are preferred in order to consider that DM contents are not displayed. 

In this way, followers are prevented from feeling worthless and unfollowing. With simple applications, it is possible to prevent DM read receipts and at the same time satisfy your curiosity about message content. 

There are a number of methods you can use for situations where you do not want the person you receive a message to receive a seen notification.

With these methods, you can satisfy your curiosity by reading the content of the incoming message and gaining time to reply.

If you want to prevent the sharing of DM message information for such reasons, you can review the methods you can apply in the continuation of our article.

Reading Instagram Posts Without Seeing

Although it is not possible to turn off the Instagram message seen feature through the application, you can prevent the seen notification with simple methods. 

Some of the methods of reading messages without being seen on Instagram can be listed as follows:

How to Disable Message Seen Warning on Instagram

Browse Messages From the Notification

The most common method to view Instagram messages without a read notification is to browse through the messages from the notification. Incoming messages on iOS and Android devices can be viewed from the notification panel. 

However, if you click on the notification, the message will be opened by going to the application, and the seen notification will reach the other party. 

Therefore, check the messages from the notification without clicking on the message so that the display information does not go away.

Turn Off Internet

Turn off the internet to read your DM content without the seen mark. When you turn off your phone’s WiFi or mobile data connection and cut off the internet access, even if you open the application and read the message, the seen information will not be sent to the other party. 

You can view the messages without having to reply by turning off the internet before opening the message. After reading your DMs, you can turn your internet back on. 

When you read the messages using this process, the other party will not understand that you have read the message.

Restriction Feature

Another method you can use to read your DMs without realizing that the other party has seen the message is to use the restriction feature. To utilize this feature, you must follow the steps below:

  • First, enter the profile of the person sending the message. Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the person’s profile.
  • Restrict the person’s posts and messages for a while by pressing the restrict option from the drop-down menu.
  • After doing this, come to your Instagram DM box. In the Messages section, you will see that the message has been moved to the message requests section.
  • By clicking the warning from message requests, you can open the message of the person and view it before the read notification is received.

With this action, the person sending the message will not know when you saw the message and the message will continue to be seen as unread. 

In this way, you can easily read the message without the need for any other application.

If you want to reply to the message or remove the person’s restriction, you can tap the “restrict restriction” option at the bottom. 

After removing the restriction, seen notifications will continue to be sent to the other party.

How to Turn off DM Seen Feature

Instagram DM seen closing feature cannot be done from within the application. Some tricks can be used to turn off Instagram views. 

However, to turn off the seen feature, it is necessary to use 3rd party applications and this method is not recommended.  Since DM seen hiding applications are risky, the problems arising from these applications belong to the user.

Apps to Read DM Without Being Seen

In many social media applications, including Instagram, there are applications to turn off the read, blue tick features that aim to protect your privacy. 

Applications such as Unseen, Ghosted, Aeroinsta can be given as examples as DM reading applications without being seen.

About Instagram Post Seen and Last Seen Feature

The Instagram message is seen and the most important thing you need to know about the last seen feature is that these two features are not the same. 

Message seen and last seen is different properties that should not be confused with each other. The Instagram message is seen feature is about whether the other party reads the message or not. 

Instagram has last seen feature refers to the last time the user logged into the application. It can also be watched by users whose last seen time is not following you.

How to Disable Message Seen Warning on Instagram

These features, which are available in many messaging and social media applications, can be negatively received by users. 

Although the message seen feature cannot be blocked on Instagram, the last seen information can be optionally disabled.

How to Turn Off Instagram Last Seen?

Instagram users sometimes want to disable features that make it mandatory to reply to messages. 

We will answer the question of how to turn off Instagram last seen so that the last login time to the account is not shared with other users.

To disable Instagram last seen feature, the following steps should be followed:

  • Login to your profile with your Instagram username and password.
  • Go to the settings section by clicking the 3 lines in the upper right.
  • You can turn the last seen feature on or off by following the steps Privacy/ Activity status/ Show activity status.
  • If the bar is blue, the feature is active, if it is gray, the visibility information is turned off.

Disabling last-seen info is a double-sided feature. In other words, users who turn off the seen information cannot view the last seen times of other people. How to Disable Message Seen Warning on Instagram  Users should hide app information with this in mind.

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