How to Add New Library Folder in Steam?

How to Add New Library Folder in Steam?

How to Add New Library Folder in Steam? – Today, most computers have disk capacities of 500GB – 2TB. However, this capacity is often not enough for gamers. 

Because the size of the new generation games is very large, and for these games to work Properly, SSD disks with faster data reading and writing speeds are recommended. 

However, the use of these SSD disks is not very common yet and they usually have a capacity of 128-512 GB . 

As such, many people buy portable SSDs or HDDs, and how to add a new library folder in Steam to install games on these discs ?

He is looking for the answer to his question. If you wish, without further ado, let’s move on to the process steps that we have listed for you:

How do I add a Steam Library folder?

  • First, open Steam and proceed with the “ Settings ” option by clicking on the “ Steam ” section in the upper left corner of the window . (If you are going to add your external disk to the Steam library, connect your disk to the computer before entering Steam)
How to Add New Library Folder in Steam?
  • Next, click on the “ Library Folders ” button by ticking the “ Downloads ” option in the pop-up window .
  • Once the above window opens, continue with the “ Add Library Folder ” option at the bottom left of the window .
Add New Library Folder in Steam?
  • In this window, select the disk you want to use for adding a new library folder in Steam by clicking the tab just below the phrase “ create or choose a new library folder ” and click the “ New folder ” button.
  • Now, in the small window opened, Steam library , enter the name of your folder and, respectively, before ” OK ” and then ” Select ” continue with options to complete the process of adding a Steam library folder.
How to Add New Library Folder in Steam?

All this information we have compiled for you will be sufficient for you to perform the operation. 

However, some of our visitors may wonder how they can use this new disc and folder they have added to Steam for new games they will install.

The answer to this question is quite simple because when you click the “ Install ” button to download a new game on Steam, Steam will bring up a window where you need to choose where to install the game. 

You can select the disk and folder you just added by clicking the tab under the “ Choose installation folder ” statement in this window 

Click the “ Next ” button. Thus, Steam will install the game you want to the folder you selected.

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