How to Disavow Links in Google Search Console

How to Disavow Links in Google Search Console

How to Disavow Links in Google Search Console – New websites and old websites definitely have the potential to be attacked by spam backlinks or bad backlinks ( low quality backlinks)Instead of getting positive results from these backlinks , the website actually gets a negative value. Well, that’s why you need to know how to disavow links .

Before proceeding to the discussion, you should really understand what backlinks are because we will not discuss this topic in this article. If you do not understand, please study it first then you can join the discussion this time.

Disavow backlinks means denying any links that point to a specific site or to your own site. Usually, the site is indicated by Google’s algorithm as spam.

The reason could be that the site they link to is not relevant at all to your site, the link comes from a site containing sensitive content such as gambling and illegal movie streaming , and other reasons. If these backlinks are embedded on your site, your site’s reputation will also deteriorate.

Therefore, you can use one of the service features in Google Search Console, namely Disavow Links . These tools can help you to reject and remove junk links that point to your website. That way, you can minimize the negative impact until the website is healthy again.

However, you also need to know if you should make this feature a last resort or use it in an emergency. Because, the disavow action can reject good quality backlinks which are actually not problematic.

DisIavow backlinks is not something you can play around with. This action you must take seriously because the success or failure that you do will have an impact on your site’s search rankings.

You can realize how to disavow links when you get a manual action message from Google Search Console that contains warnings and suggestions to disavow links . The warning appears possibly because there are poor quality backlinks , spam links , or malicious links .

Can the disavow link that you submitted be cancelled? Yes, you may be able to cancel the disavow link that you submitted earlier, as long as Google keeps a copy of your file and doesn’t follow up on your previous request.

In this regard, it is highly discouraged for you to experiment or experiment with this disavow link to simply manipulate your website‘s search ranking .

Before doing anything else, you should make sure your site is registered and verified with Google Search Console, both for the “www” version of the domain and the “non-www” version of the domain.

After that, if at any time your website has a problem (receives a penalty), Google Search Console (GSC) will send a notification manually and suggest to restore your website . Well, if it is verified you can use this tool to find backlinks .

  1. Go to GSC page then click your site
  2. After that, click “Search Traffic” in the dashboard . Then, select “Links to your site” on the left.
  1. Click “More” at the bottom and then search for “Who links the most”.
  1. Click button “Download more sample links”.

After you perform the 4 steps above, you will get a file containing all the pages that link to your site. After that, you need to do a link audit to evaluate the quality of the links .

You must realize that every domain must have bad backlinks . For that, you do not need to worry about the presence of a handful of these. Instead you should link high quality backlinks for better results.

Although the process of uploading a file containing a disavow link you can do easily, but you still need to prepare a few things below.

1. Request Deletion Manually

If possible, you should ask the backlink sender to remove the link. Even though in reality they will refuse or ignore your request. If so, proceed to the next method.

2. Create File Disavow

From the backlink file that you got using the 4 steps above, then check the linked links one by one and note all the domains and spam urls in notepad to get the file format (.txt). You can use the hash symbol (#) for your personal notes in notepad . So, Google won’t be able to see it. For example:

# Pages to be rejected

# Domains to be rejected

# Contact the domain owner on 3/8/2022

# Have asked for link removal but no response

Maybe you are wondering, what is the difference between a domain and URL ? When you include a domain for disavow , then all urls sourced from that domain will be blacklisted .

3. Upload File Disavow

 Disavow Link

The next step, you upload the notepad file to GSC → Disavow Links Tool . If during the process you find bad backlinks to your site using the “NoFollow” tag, then you don’t need to reject them. Google will ignore this automatically.

Disavow Links can be very useful for improving your website if you do it at the right time. Therefore, you should start learning everything about disavow links as in the discussion above.

The more thorough your preparation, the more likely the website is healthy again. After that, try to use high-quality backlinks so that your website performance increases. Finally, do regular checks. Keep the spirit because there are many ways to reject backlinks from negative SEO.

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