How to Do Chat Translation on Whatsapp?

How to Do Chat Translation on Whatsapp

How to Do Chat Translation on Whatsapp? – Whatsapp app is the most widely used application globally and it has many features that are quick to understand and easy to use. Billions use the application, and more people keep on adding to this platform. You can communicate with friends and family through videos, audio, and messages and share your happy moments through this platform.

Although whatsapp gives you many features like video and audio sharing, file transfer, video and audio calls, and simple text, allowing you to share your emotions and feelings through status and many more, it lacks one thing you can not translate from chat on whatsapp.

You may get a message in some other language but can’t translate it directly through whatsapp in your native language or English. So in this article, we will explore how to translate messages automatically. Let’s begin

Ways to translate messages automatically

In this age of technology, many tools have been developed to bring ease to users. The same is the case with the tools for translating WhatsApp messages. There is a way that you can translate those messages by copying and pasting them on a translating app, but to avoid this hustle, there are tools that help you translate messages automatically. And these tools are

1. Google translate

2. Gboard

3. Gb Whatsapp

Now we will see how to install and use these tools for your whatsapp chat translation.

Google Translator

Not only for whatsapp, this tool. It can be used for other applications as well, like Messenger. It is the most used and most trusted application available on the Google play store for translation. How to install and use this application. To know this continue reading this article.

1. Install Google translate from the Google play store.

2. Once installed, open the application and click on the menu icon

3. Then go to settings from here and tap on the translate option.

4. Enable this feature and allow Google translate to access other applications

5. Go to whatsapp, press the message you want to translate, and press on copy option

6. A translate icon will pop up once you select the copy option. Click on this option to translate the selected message. 

Note: you can also choose the language you want the message to translate into other than English.

Gboard for translating messages

It is a keyboard offered by Google, and it can help you translate your whatsapp message automatically; it offers that translation in more than 100 languages and is a proven tool for android users. Following are the steps on how you can set up the G board

1. Install the Gboard from the Google play store

2. Go to the setting, choose the input method, and set the Gboard as your default keyboard

3. Go to whatsapp, open the chat, copy the text

4. Then open the keyboard, click on three dots, and choose the translate option

5. Paste your copied message to the “Type Here to Translate” place, then choose the desired language

You can also use the Gboard as your default keyboard; it will save time and automatically translate messages into English or any of your desired languages.

GB Whatsapp

GB whatsapp is a mod version of official whatsapp but has some advanced features. This third-party application has many features like airplane mode, anti-revoke messages, hide online status double tick, and many more. And it also has a language-changing feature. Without leaving whatsapp, you can translate the message into any language. This allows you to translate the message in more than 50 languages. You can get GB Whatsapp Download Easily and install on your phone to chat with foreginers and make your experience amazing.


How to access the Gboard on whatsapp?

To access Gboard, first, you have to choose the Gboard as your keyboard through the input methods option, and then you can use it on whatsapp.

What is the default language for translation?

The message will translate into English, but you can choose from 100 languages. 

How to use the translate feature in Gb whatsapp?

First, select the message you want to translate, then click on the three dots on the top right of the screen. A tab will open. Look for teh translation options and click on them. Then choose the language you intended your message to translate in. 

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