10 Best Crypto Mining Apps for Android

Crypto Mining Apps

Best Crypto Mining Apps for Android – Seeing its increasing popularity, now more and more people are interested in doing Crypto mining, or better known as mining. This Crypto mining activity can be done by solving certain mathematical equations to create new blocks.

Because the process is complicated, Crypto mining is synonymous with super-sophisticated computers that consume a lot of energy and costs. Not many people know that this activity can actually be done only by usinga smartphoneand a qualified internet connection.

Best Crypto Mining Apps for Android

How to mine on Android can be done with the help of various Android Apps , which were created to mine this virtual currency. So, what are the Apps in question? Here are some of them:

1. MinerGate

MinerGate was originally a PC Crypto mining App that appeared in 2014, before being further developed to Android devices.

This App allows users to mine not only bitcoins, but also various other typesof cryptocurrencies. The working system of this Apps is in the form of chip processing ona smartphoneto get a number of bitcoins. Therefore, the stronger the processor of an Android device, the greater the chance of getting bitcoins.

Apart from that, bitcoin can also be obtained by buyingcloud miningthrough MinerGate. Through this option, users can move their mining process to the MinerGate server by paying a fee.

MinerGate is also equipped with various interesting features, including a feature to increase or decrease the number of processor cores allocated for mining, as well as a stop mining feature when the device is inlow batterycondition .

2. Sweatcoin

How to mine bitcoin through this one App is quite unique. The reason is, this App allows users to exchange their footsteps with the cryptocurrency.

This App works like astep tracker, in which there is a feature to count the number of steps the user takes. The results listed onthe step trackercan later be exchanged for bitcoins. The more steps you take, the greater the amount ofcryptocurrency you get.

Launching its official website, Sweatcoin was formed with the aim of inspiring more people to walk, in order to reduce carbon emissions which cause the greenhouse effect.

3. CryptoTab

Cryptotab is a Crypto mining App that is not complicated to do. The reason is, this App works as a browser, so users can get crypto coins just by surfing the internet.

Users only need to activate the miner feature on the browser, and coins will be obtained from variousbrowsingandsurfingactivities , such as watching movies, shopping at online stores, or other activities.

The amount of crypto money you get from CryptoTab depends on the duration of using the browser. The longer CryptoTab is used, the greater the money you will get. Interestingly, users can run this App as abackground app, and still get bitcoins.

The drawback of this App itself is that the amount of money you get is in Satoshi units, which are the smallest fractions of bitcoin.

4. AA Miner

AndroidCrypto mining can also be done through AA Miner. This app is perfect for those who don’t like ads. This is because there are almost no advertisements andin-app purchases on AA Miner at all.

There are about 50 types of crypto currency that can be obtained through AA Miner. Interestingly, users can independently determine the number of chains used for mining. And like Crypto mining App on other cellphones, the amount of coins you get will depend on the processor’s ability and the number of chains.

To get an AA miner, users must download it directly through the Playstore, or through various providers of this App on the website.

5. Blockchain Game

Blockchain games provide a unique way of mining bitcoin Apps on Android, namely by playing arcade games.

Developed by Bitcoin Aliens, users can get bitcoins just by stacking and stacking blocks. The higher the stack of blocks, the more crypto money you will get, which will be sent directly to the user’s digital wallet in Satoshi units.

Download Blockchain Game

6. StormX

StormX is a free bitcoin mining App that is perfect for shopaholics. By shopping through this App, users can get cashback in the form of crypto money.

This App supports the most popular online store platforms, such as eBay, Kroger, Gamestop, Nike, and Adidas. There are also various types of coins that can be obtained from this App, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

There are also ways to get coins without shopping, such as by taking surveys, playing games, and getting prizes.

7. Cointiply

Having more than 3 years of experience with a total of more than 2.7 million users, cointiply has become one of the most trusted bitcoin miners available today.

Cointiply allows its users to mine bitcoins in various ways, including by watching videos, playing games, and taking surveys. If it feels too time-consuming, users can still get crypto coins throughthe daily faucet.

The interesting thing about this App is the availability of a chat feature that allows users to communicate between fellow bitcoin miners. Apart from that, there are alsobonus eventsandspecial holidaysto increase the percentage of coins you get.

8. Alien Run

It is undeniable that Crypto mining is an activity that can be very tedious and time consuming. However, Alien Run can make these activities very fun.

The reason is, just like blockchain games, in this App users will get virtual coins from playing games.

In Alien Run, the user is given the task of running while avoiding certain obstacles. The more levels that are open, the more bitcoins you get.

9. Multimine BTC

Multimine BTC can give its users BTC coins just by sitting back and relaxing. Because this App is classified asan auto mining bitcoin free App.

Using the cloud system as an operating base, users only need to purchasea planeto be used to mine passively, even when the App isminimizedor when the phone is locked.

Not only Bitcoin, various types of other crypto coins can also be mined, such as Ethereum, Litecoin, and many more. In addition, this App is also user-friendly, and does not overheat the device.

Even though it seems easy, it should be noted that the way the Crypto mining Apps for Android in question will not necessarily provide big profits in a short time. Because, generally the coins obtained are in the form of Satoshis, or just one hundred million bitcoins.

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