How to Download Driver Canon MP258

How to Download Driver Canon MP258

Canon MP258 Driver Download – Who doesn’t know Canon printers? The Canon printer brand is indeed quite popular and favored by the people.

This is because during the launch of various types of printer series, Canon has never disappointed its consumers.

Until now, printers made by Canon have increasingly diverse functions. One of them is the innovative superior features of the Canon MP258 printer.

Table of Contents 

  • Printer AIO (All-in-One)
  • Quality Output
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable prices
  • Download Driver Canon MP258
  • Download the Latest Canon MP258 Drivers

Printer AIO (All-in-One)

The Canon MP258 printer not only has a printing function, but also a document scan and copy function .

With just one tool, you can complete several tasks at once. It’s also easy to use with an elegant Canon look.

Quality Output

This printer also provides quality output in accordance with the claims it gives, both in print, scan , and copy functions .

What’s more, if you use genuine ink from Canon. Prints using genuine Canon ink will provide sharper and clearer results, and colors that last longer.

The print speed is also capable, reaching 7.0 ipm for black/white printing and 4.8 ipm for color printing.

Easy to use

Canon MP258 belongs to the category of printers that are easy to use. To use it, you only need to install the driver first on the PC device that will be used.

Canon MP258 1

After the driver is successfully installed, you can immediately print, scan, or duplicate documents, without the need for complicated and difficult settings.

Affordable prices

You can get this printer at a price that tends to be affordable, which is around Rp. 600 thousand only.

With this price tag for a multifunction printer, it is certainly very profitable for its users, especially for light and limited use.

If it is used excessively and not according to the portion, it is likely to interfere with the optimal performance of the printer.

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Unfortunately, despite having many advantages, this Canon MP258 printer tends to produce a noisy sound when used.

However, the actual loud noise produced is still fairly reasonable and does not affect the quality of the printer.

Also, a frequent problem is the appearance of air at intervals, so that the ink jams.

Download Driver Canon MP258

As previously mentioned, the Canon MP258 printer is an All-in-One printer that provides print, scanner and duplication functions in one product.

Therefore, the drivers provided are complete in the box when you first buy them. The drivers provided support almost all versions of Windows.

We also have a solution for those of you who want to install drivers on your PC without using the CD/DVD that came from the box.

You can download the Canon MP258 driver on the link we provided. The download link for this driver can be confirmed to be original directly from Canon Inc. and can be installed on more than one PC.

Download the Latest Canon MP258 Drivers

Download Canon Pixma MP258

Download Driver Full (16 MB)

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