How to Fix Roblox Errors on a Windows PC

How to Fix Roblox Errors on a Windows PC

In this guide you will find possible solutions to the most common fix Roblox errors that usually appear on a Windows computer.

All these errors are accompanied by a code that will help you identify the problem and find a possible solution to correct it.

The error codes in Roblox are several and each one refers to a possible problem that prevents the correct functioning of the game.

We have already explained how to solve Error 523 in Roblox and now I will try to explain how to solve other types of errors in Roblox.

If you get any of these errors, write down the error code in Roblox to find a possible solution.

  • These are the most common Roblox error codes
  • Fix Roblox errors on your Windows PC
  • Enjoy the most popular game today without problems


There are several errors that can appear while playing Roblox on a Windows computer.

All Roblox errors are accompanied by a code to try to identify them and these are the most common and their possible solutions:


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The Error 267 Roblox usually occurs when you try to register and begin using the service causing disconnect you from the game.

This error appears with a warning that reads: »DISCONNECTED. You have been kicked out of this game. Error Code 267 ″ .

This type of error is quite persistent, since it does not disappear, since a script on the computer causes the game to detect suspicious activity and solve it by expelling the player from the game.

Some possible solutions to this error 267 in Roblox are the following:

Check browser security settings

This method depends on the browser you are using to play Roblox, but the process is very similar in both Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge.

It is simply based on adding permissions for the Roblox site in the Browser security settings.

1️⃣ In the address bar of the browser, click on the lock icon that you will see to the left of the url.

2️⃣ From the options that appear when you click, select the Site Settings option .

fix roblox errors with site settings in browser
Site Configuration

3️⃣ All the permissions requested by the page will appear to the browser that you can modify according to your needs.

Allow all and check that the error 267 in Roblox is gone.

Slow Internet Connection

Many of the Roblox errors are due to speed problems with the internet connection you are using.

If the game you are playing consumes a lot of resources it will need to use a lot of bandwidth and if your connection is not fast it will affect the game.

To solve this problem, it is advisable to have a connection with a lot of bandwidth, at least 300Mb, in addition to checking which computers may be consuming bandwidth on your connection.

There are routers that allow you to limit the bandwidth of the equipment connected to a network so that you can balance the speeds of each one.

But there are more Roblox errors that usually appear in Windows 10/11.


This Roblox error appears when you are not allowed to connect to the server and a message appears saying: “Could not connect to the game. (ID = 17: Connection attempt failed). Error Code 279 » .

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As I have told you, this Roblox error appears when you cannot connect to the game server and in most cases it is solved by disabling the Windows Firewall.

1️⃣ Disable the Windows 10/11 Firewall and check that you can connect to the server and that the error 279 has disappeared.

2️⃣ Try also temporarily deactivating any antivirus that you are using on your computer.

3️⃣ If the Roblox error 279 does not appear, you have found the source of the problem.

To fix the error, create an exception in the firewall to allow incoming and outgoing Roblox traffic on your computer and another exception in the antivirus.

Clear DNS and restart Winsock

It is possible that the Roblox error 279 is due to some kind of network connection problems.

In these cases it is best to clean DNS and reset Winsock to solve any type of network connection problems.

1️⃣ Right-click on the Windows start menu and select Command Prompt (administrator) .

2️⃣ Send the command: ipconfig/flushdns

3️⃣ Send the command: netsh winsock reset

4️⃣ Restart the computer and check that the Roblox error 279 has been fixed.


This is another of the most common Roblox errors that you can find when trying to play from a Windows computer.

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In this error a warning appears: “We are experiencing technical difficulties. Try it again later. Error Code 529 » .

In this case it is not clear why this error appears, but logic indicates that the best way to solve it is to click retry until it is solved.

You can always wait a few minutes and try connecting again to see if the Roblox error 529 is gone .

In some cases, users have commented that performing the above process of Clear DNS and restart the winsock has helped them to solve the problem.

These are the most common methods to fix the most common Roblox errors that usually appear in Windows 10/11.

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