How to Download Rush Wars on Android and iOS

How to download Rush Wars

How to Download Rush Wars in Any Country – Modern smartphones have taken an increasingly central position in the gaming world, becoming the perfect companions to spend a few hours of play wherever you are. 

The selection of titles has become really vast, consisting of many categories and games for all tastes. In recent years, management shooter video games have become increasingly popular, very simple but also addicting. 

In this context, Supercell (the company behind games such as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale), now the undisputed queen of the sector, has launched a new title: How to download Rush Wars in Android and iOS.

If you have already played Brawl Stars  (developed by the same software house), you will already know how much the titles made with simple graphics but with compelling gameplay can attract attention in the world of gamers. 

Here, in this case, the company seems to have made the right move (again). Rush Wars seems to be a success already announced, although for now, it is not clear what the release times will be.

If you want to know how to download Rush Wars, however, I recommend that you stay with me for a few minutes.

What is Rush Wars?

The first question I will try to answer is the following: what is Rush Wars? This game, in fact, although it is expected by most players, has not yet been made public and very few have been able to “touch” the gameplay that distinguishes it.

What is Rush Wars

However, Rush Wars is nothing more than a strategy game. However, if you are usually bored by this category because the action takes place in a slow way and the games are interminable, you should know that this title twists a bit what is the common thread usually used.

The game will in fact be very fast and in real-time, based on team cooperation. Those who have already tried it, define it as a mix between Boom Beach and Clash of Clans. This is because both static and moving elements will be used during the battle.

Initially, you will have to build a base, and then attack the opponent’s base with the troops at your disposal. Almost certainly, however, given Supercell’s experience in the sector, there will be many customization options and characters available, obviously without excluding in-app purchases, which have always characterized games of this type.

Rush Wars Game Mode

Like any self-respecting online game, Rush Wars will also be equipped with multiple modes, with which you can test your skills and try to win against opposing teams. Unfortunately, however, due to the availability in beta only in some countries,

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For sure, we know that the main mode will be composed of two teams that will have to face each other in real time, defending their base and, at the same time, attacking the opponent’s one.

Available, there will be many characters and vehicles with different abilities, which can be improved with the power up cards. At the center of each base, there is also a mine , whose purpose is to collect resources, represented by crates and gold.

The competition will obviously be global and you can decide to form your team with your friends or with the random players you will meet during the game sessions.

In fact, Supercell chose Australia, Finland, Canada, and New Zealand for this first attempt, leaving Europe completely uncovered.

In fact, the manufacturing company is not new to these initiatives, which are referred to as Soft Launches . This is a tactic to analyze the feedback of gamers in preview and to find out how the game is received without launching it globally. 

In this way, if the outcome were negative, huge waste of resources would be avoided. But fear not, because if the game were to have the hoped-for success, it would be launched all over the world and would also be available for free in Italian digital stores.

According to the current landscape, Rush Wars would already be available on Android via .apk files . So, at least in theory, the game could already be downloaded by anyone. 

However, with the passage of time, Supercell has become decidedly smart, inserting a block via geolocation that does not start the game if you do not reside in the beta-enabled countries.

The same is also valid for the version of Rush Wars for iOS , “confined” only to the four states mentioned above, where it is officially available in the App Store.

However, you must know that, for every restriction, there are methods that can help you avoid it. In fact, if you want to know how to download Rush Wars on iOS and Android to avoid geoblocking, just read the next paragraphs.

How to Download Rush Wars on Android

Did what I said a moment ago discourage you? Fear not, because there is actually a very simple method to download Rush Wars on Android , which will take you no more than 10 minutes of time.

If you are interested in previewing this game, then, I recommend that you continue to carefully read what I am about to tell you.

Download Rush Wars From Playstore

How to Create a Canadian or Australian Google Account with VPN

How to create Canadian Android account with VPN

Strange as it may seem to you, the first step you need to take in order to play Rush Wars is to create a Canadian Android account via  VPN . In this way, in fact, you could easily get around the block that was imposed by Supercell and start discovering this new title.

First then, and NordVPN. This Virtual Private Network, which provides users with 500 MB of traffic per month , will be more than enough to reach your goal.

Once the application is installed, register an account and, when you are on the main page, scroll to Canada , then clicking on the tunnel that appears on the map. Don’t forget to grant the permissions that are required of you to create the VPN.

Now, to create the Canadian or Australian Google account, connected to the page for creating a new profile (you can easily find it online). After that, complete the procedure with the steps that are shown to you on the screen (really trivial).

Lastly, I also remind you that you could create a new Google account by opening the phone Settings and reaching the Accounts section . Here, at the bottom left, you will find the ” Create an account ” button. Just select it and follow the wizard to complete the registration.

Once the account has been created, open the Play Store and, using the drop-down menu on the left, make sure you are using the right account . Then, in the search bar, type Rush Wars  and download the game as you normally do. To avoid fakes, make sure the developer is Supercell.

Download Rush Wars

how to download Rush Wars on the play store with android

You have finally arrived at the most awaited moment of this guide, where you will find out how to download the Rush Wars APK Version

Since this time, unlike other games, it is not enough to just download the file through one of the most popular repositories, such as APKPure, you will have to act directly through the Play Store .

Then open the Google application store  and make sure a second time that your new account is set up. Now, in the search box, enter the term Rush Wars and download the application.

Alternatively, once your Canadian account is set up, you could connect directly to this Play Store link . If the operation fails, clear the Google Play data and cache from the settings.

In conclusion, I want to remind you that once you log into the game for the first time , the VPN used will no longer be needed.

How to Download Rush Wars on iOS

how to download Rush Wars on the App Store with iOS

Do you have a smartphone made by Apple? Don’t worry, you can download Rush Wars on iOS without any major problems. To do this, though, you’ll need a ploy, very similar to the one I showed you for Android.

First, go to the Apple website and fill out the form to create a new ID . Here, in the Country / Region item , you will have to take care to select the State of  Canada , otherwise this operation will be totally useless.

Once this is done, proceed with the creation of the account: if you have to enter the city of residence and the postal code, just use Google Maps and choose a town in the foreign area to enter in the information.

At this point, if you haven’t already done so, add your new account to your iPhone and open the App Store . Here, in the search bar, type Rush Wars. 

Then find the game among the results and download it, always paying attention to the name of the developer, which must be Supercell .

If you don’t want to be wrong, after setting up your Canadian or Australian Apple ID, you could connect to this link of the App Store , where you will find the game to download.

How to Playing Rush Wars

how to download Rush Wars initial training

Before starting Rush Wars for the first time , make sure the VPN is still active and connected to Canada . Then, click on the game icon and wait for the data to load. After a first setup, you can disconnect the VPN and play with your internet connection (much better if Wi-Fi).

At this point, you will finally be ready to take on the game tutorial ! In fact, you will be shown the game dynamics of Rush Wars, essential to know tricks and initial moves.

Right after that, you will be introduced to your base, where you will have to leave each time when you open the game.

Once you reach 10 stars  , however, you can unlock the Rush Wars mine and start playing against real players.

Rush Wars Buildings

how to download Rush Wars Buildings

Finally, keep in mind that buildings are essential for increasing the strength of your troops. For this reason, I want to briefly explain how they are divided at the time of writing:

  • Helicopter : it will transport you into battle and, depending on the level reached, you can increase the number of troops transported;
  • Base : the central building is a bit like the forge of Rush Wars and, with each upgrade, inside you will find new troops and upgrades (so don’t underestimate it);
  • Hangar : in the last building, you will be able to evolve the troops, thus increasing their abilities (and therefore your chances) of victory;
  • Mine : at the bottom right, you will find the mine. Here you will have to concentrate your defense, deploying your troops in anticipation of an enemy attack. If you are defeated, the enemy will take some of your resources with them.

How to Win in Rush Wars

how to download Rush Wars example game session

To win in Rush Wars , it’s not enough to just randomly tap the battlefield. As you progress through the game, you will have to choose carefully the troops to use and deploy them in the best possible way.

In addition to the infantry, you will also have air strikes and cannons at your disposal , which will help you especially in the defensive phase . And never underestimate the gold mine , as leaving it uncovered could lead to you losing your resources quickly.

In the attack phase , however, your goal must be to destroy the three buildings marked with a star . Although the first few games may seem simple to you, the further you progress in the game, the more fierce enemies you will find. 

So try to make the most of your troops by using different attack formations depending on the disposition of the enemies.

As a final tip, to get you even deeper into the dynamics of the game, I suggest you watch some Rush Wars streams on YouTube . You will thus be able to learn various tricks by watching the games of the most famous gamers.

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