How to earn money browsing with Brave? – 2022

How to earn money browsing with Brave?

How to earn money browsing with BraveBrave is an alternative browser that, although not as well known, is gaining more followers every day, in addition to offering new features.

It has some elements that make it stand out, such as the speed of loading web pages and information security which is managed online.

It also offers the opportunity toearn money browsing,presenting different options to do so.

  • 1 Brave Browser
  • 2 Make money with the Brave browser
    • 2.1 Generate profit with Brave in the browser
    • 2.2 Earn money by inviting to use Brave
    • 2.3 Generate profit on Brave with your website
      • 2.3.1 Generating content on YouTube or Twitch in Brave
  • 3 Withdraw the BATs that have been earned
  • 4 Security in the Brave browser
  • 5 Brave Seeker

Brave Browser

This is aweb browserthat is based on Chromium and was released in 2016, although the first stable version of the browser was released in 2019.

Brave is mainly based on the following four aspects: speed, data privacy user, security, and collaboration.

In the first three aspects, the browser has managed to create a good reputation. This browser is free and available in all countries.

Brave Browser 1

In the case of the last aspect, the company that has developed the program is convinced that it can offer an Internet in which all users participate, in order to achieve a better service.

Based on this, they propose Brave Rewards, a way toearn money while browsing,based on the fact that the user’s time and attention are also important.

Earn money with Brave browser

TheBrave browserhas its own cryptocurrency, called BAT (Basic Attention Token), which is how earnings are monetized within the platform.

With this reward system, browser users are given a monthly amount that can be withdrawn to the Uphold wallet.

After 30 days of using the platform to browse the Internet, they begin to earn. You can also get more tokens or coins when you refer other users.

The steps to start earning money with this platform are as follows:

  • Have a Windows or macOS computer, although you can also use the application for Android and iOS.
  • Then you have to download and installBrave from its website, or the corresponding application:
  • If while you start the program from Windows 10 or 11 the window stays blank, you must close the window and with the right button click on it, to enter the Properties option, there select Compatibility and select to activate the box that allows to execute compatibility mode.
  • At the top right of the screen, select Settings, and follow this path Advance – Language – Add Language and select the language.
  • Then return to the main browser screen and click on the triangle-shaped icon to the right of the address bar so you can create the wallet where your earnings will be deposited. This process is the same for the desktop version as it is for the mobile version.
Earn money by inviting to use Brave 1

When you finish performing all these steps, you can startearning money on Brave,using any of the available options.

Generate profit with Brave in the browser

You canearn BAT by surfing the Internetin a fast and easy way. The Brave Rewards option makes your browsing time valued and therefore paid.

It allows you to get money just for using the browser, as well as for viewing some type of advertisement or giving donations to content creators.

You can do all this with the certainty that your personal information will always be protected and you only have to follow the steps to register, activate your BAT wallet and browse andview ads.

You must take the precaution of filing the window to see paid ads while you are browsing.

So that the ads are presented to you. with the frequency that you have selected when configuring. When the ads are displayed you already startearning BAT.

Earn money by inviting to use Brave 2 1

You must bear in mind that the number of advertisements that are displayed and the amount you receive for each one will depend on the price of the BAT at that moment and the country of residence.

Earn money by inviting to use Brave

This is another way tomake a profit on Brave.You can get around 7.50 USD for each of the users you invite to test the browser.

These users must download the platform and try it for at least 30 days, counted from the moment they entered for the first time.

The platform takes into account the country of residence of the user since in this way it can increase or decrease the real value of the commission.

To start earning BAT with this option, do the following:

  • You must register as a creator.
  • Then you must enter your channel so that you can receive the reference code that will be requested later. This code is unique.
  • You must then link your Uphold account.
  • You can spread your referral code in any way you like, be it through social networks or text messages, among others.
  • In order to see the status of the payment that corresponds to your referral code, you must open the Creator panel.
  • If you handle this option well you can get to obtain acceptable profits.

Generate profit on Brave with your website

Content creators have their own space on Brave. Thus, they can earn profits for each of the users who are willing to donate a percentage of the BAT they earn, in order to support creative work.

In the event that you have your own website, this is an effective and simple way to generate additional income.

Users have the ability to set up monthly tips, which are intended to support specific websites on an ongoing basis.

Generate profit on Brave with your website BAT 1

When a user enters the website of a content creator who is registered with Brave Creators and likes what they offer on their site

They can make a donation to support themby sending BAT through the browser.

Generating content on YouTube or Twitch in Brave

Another option you have toearn money in the Brave browseris as a content creator on YouTube or Twitch. In order to do so, the first thing you must do is register your account and Uphold in order to start receiving payments.

These are the steps to follow to generate profits as a content creator:

  • First of all, create an account on Brave Rewards Creators.
  • You must add at least one channel in Add Channel, and follow the instructions.
  • Then sign in and link your Uphold account.

Being a content creator you can earn in two ways: one for each time one of your followers donates to you, and the other when you get qualifying users using referral links.

Withdraw BATs that have been earned

Brave enters all the BAT you’ve earned, regardless of whether it’s a user or content creator account, into a digital wallet. This wallet is based on the same technology used by Uphold, considered one of the most secure crypto management platforms.

In order to withdraw the earnings from yourBrave account,you must follow these steps:

  • Open the Brave browser and on the right side of the address bar, click on the BAT triangle icon.
  • Then click on Verify wallet, so you will be redirected to the Uphold page. To do this you have to have at least 25 BAT in your account, in order to activate this option.
  • Sign up for Uphold using your real name, country, and email.
  • Then verify your Uphold account by submitting a photo of some form of identification document, along with an updated selfie holding the document.
  • When your Uphold account is verified, it will automatically create the BAT wallet on its platform, to later link it to your Brave account.
  • Having accumulated the necessary amount to make a withdrawal, click on the BAT triangle in the browser again to access your account and click on Withdraw funds.
  • You must indicate if you are going to withdraw part or all, and confirm the withdrawal.
  • The money will be sent to your Uphold account.

To exchange BATs for real money, you need to do the following:

  • Log in to your Uphold account and open the Brave Browser card.
  • Then select Send to Bank Account found in the Use Funds section.
  • You must register your bank account with Uphold.
  • Confirm that all the withdrawal information is correct and you just have to wait for it to be deposited into your account.
  • You also have the option to send the BAT to another account also in BAT that is outside the platform; send them to other users or exchange them for another cryptocurrency, token or currency offered on Uphold.

If you are a content creator, the process is almost the same, but you have to take into account other details. First, you must access youraccount as a content creatorand from there affiliate your Uphold account. Second, both Brave and Uphold create a wallet for each channel you have registered to your account.

Security in the Brave browser

Braveoffers you safe browsing,which has the following features:

  • Protection shields:This browser has a shield menu that gives you information about what it blocks and what it has allowed. Thus, you can control the security options, such as tracking protection, blocking scripts, cookies, among other options that are available. You have the option to turn protections on and off, to control the default lock level.
  • HTTPS:These are used by default by Brave, to force websites to use connections on secure pages. If any of the pages do not meet this requirement, Brave sends you a warning that the site is not secure.
  • Ad blocker:This is one of the best features of Brave, as ads are often a link to malware or trackers.
  • Unique Password:As a Brave user you can create a unique password to protect all your saved logins, whether on mobile or desktop. In this way the data is kept safe in case of any eventuality.
  • Frequent updates:Brave is updated every three to four weeks.

Brave has mostdata collection services turned offby default, such as the search prediction service and web page loading.

The one that is activated by default is Google’s safe browsing and sends your browsing data to Google for analysis.

Brave Seeker

Brave has announced that it will soon have its own search engine, which will allow them to be carried out in a more private way, and that it may become an alternative to Google.

Some of its features are:

  • Does not track user profiles.
  • You can browse with ads or in a paid version without any ads.
  • It will offer more diverse results than Google.
  • Both the browser and the search engine are integrated, without security being compromised.

Brave is a browser that allows you to generate earningswhile browsing or generating the content, and is available in desktop, mobile, and tablet versions, on Windows, iOS, and Linux.

It is a browser that offers a high level of security, but this depends on your needs. In addition to the protection it offers, it is a browser that is very light and has a user interface that can be used intuitively.

You already know what all the steps are to startearning money with Brave,in a simple and safe way.

Keep in mind that you can tip the content creators that you like the most, and thus be part of a project that seeks to create an Internet that is much more collaborative, with high-quality content.

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