How to Earn Money with Online Education Platform Udemy?

How to Earn Money with Online Education Platform Udemy?

How to Earn Money with Online Education Platform Udemy? The online education platform Udemy makes the lives of many people much easier.

Thanks to this platform, which contains many contents, you can get different pieces of training from each other.

In other words, we can say that this platform is a suitable choice for those who want to get an education over the internet today.

However, this platform is not only beneficial for those who want to get an education. Thanks to the online education platform Udemy, many people can earn.

Because on this platform, training sets can be loaded on many subjects by opening an instructor account.

In other words, you can earn by training with videos on Udemy.

If you do not know the Udemy platform exactly and are wondering how to make money from this platform, you can continue reading our article.

Now, let’s not go further and learn many details about Udemy together.

Online Education Platform What is Udemy?

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The online education platform Udemy continues to become more popular with each passing day.

Because thanks to this platform, it is very easy to get an education online. As you know, many things can be done online nowadays.

For example, many transactions that could be done by going to bank branches in the past can now be done quickly online.

Here is the online training platform that can be obtained via the Internet thanks to Udemy education.

There are training videos on many different topics on the Udemy platform. For example, you can learn many software languages ​​from this platform.

In addition, you can receive training in many languages, including English, from this platform. Moreover, many training sets in the platform appear.

In other words, you can find many training sets as well as English training in Udemy.

In addition to these, it should be noted that many people can publish training videos on the same subject on the online education platform Udemy.

For example, many people can prepare a Java programming language training kit and upload it to this platform.

Thus, users can choose what they want by browsing short videos and examining other users’ comments before purchasing the training set.

Finally, in this section, it is useful to mention that the training sets available on the Udemy platform are usually paid.

However, you can still find many free training kits on Udemy.

How to Earn Money from Online Education Platform Udemy?

It is possible to earn money on the online education platform Udemy. However, for this, you need to be an instructor on the Udemy platform.

In other words, you need to prepare a training set with videos about a subject and publish this training set on Udemy.

It is up to you on which subject you will prepare the training set.

You can prepare a training set by choosing one of many topics other than Udemy’s banned topics list. Moreover, you do not need to pay any fee to publish the training set.

However, in order to publish the training set, you must first open an instructor account on the Udemy platform.

If you do not know how to create an instructor account on the online training platform Udemy, you can get detailed information by clicking here.

Once you’ve created your tutor account and posted a tutorial on a suitable topic on Udemy, you can start making money.

However, of course, in order to earn money from Udemy, the training set you have prepared must be purchased by the users.

In other words, the online training platform Udemy pays you a certain share of the fee earned as your training set is purchased by users.

Udemy has an Instructor Revenue Share plan announced for top instructors.

Under this plan, if users purchase the trainer using a coupon or referral link from the trainer, 97% of the proceeds go to the trainer.

However, if users find the training set by searching the site or using a different method, only 37% of the income remains for the trainer.

You can click here to review the Instructor Revenue Share section published by Udemy. This is how making money on Udemy simply happens.

Finally, in this section, it is useful to state that the fees to be earned through the online education platform Udemy may differ from case to case.

If you want to make money on Udemy, you can create an instructor account and publish your training sets.

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