5 Android Games That Can Make Money

5 Android Games That Can Make Money

5 Android Games That Can Make Money or income – Running a hobby as well as making profits in this day and age is not impossible anymore.

Becoming rich by just pressing a stick or game keyboard, does not become small wishful thinking.

Sit back all day facing your smartphone and enjoy yourself being a gamer, but the rupees coffers continue to flow in your personal account, no longer being bullshit. do you believe it? Better so.

Because there are several android games that have been able to make someone rich without having to sweat. Just enough to play the game! Are you curious? Android games to earn from your smartphone or cellphone

5 Android Games That Can Make Money

Android games to earn from your smartphone or cellphone This time we will review 5 Android Games That Can Make Money good money.

There are actually many ways that can be made into real money in playing, for example by selling game accounts, selling items, selling characters, and many other ways. Here’s a list of games that will fill your wallet.

1. Earn extra money on Android by playing the game Clash Of Clans Who does not know this game.

Even children to the elderly are crazy and lose track of time when they are dealing with this game made by Supercell. Users who have downloaded this game have more than 100 million accounts that appear on the Google Play Store.

The income generated by this game developer is also amazing, more than 25 trillion per year and that number is increasing along with the increasing number of game users

But the wealth obtained by Supercell is not only owned by them. You can also get a share of the income from playing this game.

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For example, many on the Facebook forums sell and look for Clash Of Clan ID accounts with certain TH specifications and the prices they offer are pretty decent.

In addition, competitions and Clash Of Clans tournaments are usually held locally to internationally. The prizes given are not half-hearted. Make your thin pockets will overflow in an instant. Nothing to lose to play it.

2. Looking for extra income on Android with Vain Glory game

Vain Glory is a strategy game with MOBA or multiplayer Online Battle Arena games. This game became the most popular game in 2015.

To make money from this game is not much different from the Clash Of Clans game by selling accounts, selling ICE, and participating in tournaments held for Vain Glory gamers.

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In international tournaments, this game has given prizes of more than 1 billion Rupees. Pretty fantastic value, right?

3. Increase income on the internet by playing the Market Glory game on Android

Market Glory is a simulation strategy game that has become a hot topic of discussion.

In this game, you will be invited to build a country that consists of government, military, establishing industry, companies, organizations to regulate social, economic, and political order.

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This game had become a scene, because of the virtual money contained in this game, you can cash in the real world.

The income generated from games is no joke, gamers from Romania can even earn up to 6.1 billion rupees or can be calculated in local currency.

4. Earn money from Android phones by playing the game Virtconomics

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This game is also a simulation strategy that invites you to run a company. You can build a company, manage its management, production, even hold business meetings, make deals, meet clients, and do other things like managing companies in the real world.

If this company is successful and can make a profit, you can turn the profits in this game into real money.

5. Make money on Android playing Dota 2

If you are a true gamer, you definitely don’t miss this one game. Dota 2 is currently popular among gamers, both individually and in groups or gangs.

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You should know that this Dota 2 game, can also be used as a business to earn money through an Android smartphone.

How to get money from the game Dota 2 include:

Participate in Dota 2 tournaments,

Selling items; for those of you who have filled out the Stem Wallet and have received items or sets while playing this game, you can sell these items in public chat. To determine the price per item, see the Steam market.

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ID sales; before selling this ID, make sure your MMR game Dota 2 is high enough. Because the higher the MMR, the higher the ID price.

The final word

Thus the list of android games that 5 Android Games That Can Make Money. Do you want to try your luck?

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