How to Enter Video Snack Invitation Code

How to Enter Video Snack Invitation Code

How to Enter Video Snack Invitation Code – The snack video application is an application that is quite popular among young people.

Snack video itself is a social media platform that provides various kinds of videos with a short duration.

The videos offered are also quite interesting and unique, therefore this application is very popular and known by many people.

You can watch to your heart’s content, and you can also search for which videos you want to watch.

In addition, you are also free to comment or like on the videos that you are interested in.

The snack video application is an application that is almost similar to TikTok, but of course it has different advantages and disadvantages in each application.

Because the advantages of snack videos themselves are that, apart from being able to upload videos, you can also make your own money.

Maybe some of you still don’t know about it, but you don’t have to worry, because we will discuss it here.

Previously, the video snack application did not have a permit and was also blocked by the government.

But the years have passed, now the snack video application has started operating again and has received official permission.

You can get the video snack application through the google play store and also the app store, depending on what type of cellphone you use.

How to get the money is also quite easy, you only need to have a code and it will be exchanged later.

We will discuss it further later, but before that, you can listen to the review below first.

What is a Video Snack Code?

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Do you know what a video snack code is? video snack code is a number that has various types.

If you have the code, then you can enter the code to be able to invite people and your friends who are also playing snack videos.

But you need to know that you can only use this code for new users.

Each user must have a different code and certainly not the same as other users.

The advantage of this code is that, apart from getting your own coins, you can also help other people who are in need of the code as well.

The more codes you exchange, the more prizes you will get.

How to Enter Video Snack Invitation Code

830 457 143 is a code that just came out today, you could say it just appeared and is still not owned by many people.

The function of the code 830 457 143 is the same as that you are required to invite friends or other people to use the video snack application.

And you can also receive and get attractive prizes in the form of coins that you can get an exchange.

The way to exchange the code can be fairly easy and not too difficult.

For those who don’t have know-how, especially for new users, you can listen to it below.

How to Enter Snack Video 2021 Invitation Code

For information on exchanging video snack codes, you can get them here, by reading them below.

The method that we provide is quite easy and simple, and you won’t be confused about it anymore.

  1. The first way you have to do is, download the application first on the google play store or the existing app store.
  2. Then next, you open the application that was downloaded earlier, then you will find the Rp logo, then click the yellow RP Box icon located on the side of the screen.
  3. Then you will enter a page where you will be able to see the amount of balance you have.
  4. After that, you select the “Enter invitation code” menu .
  5. If you want to increase your coins, then you can use this code 830 457 143.
  6. Finally, you select ” Tie Now”

That was it, how to enter a Video Snack Invitation Code easily and quickly.

How to Enter Video Snack Invitation Code

If you have followed the method above, your coins will automatically increase in an increasing manner.

How To Make Video In Snack Video

The snack video application can not only make you happy and entertained, but you can also make interesting videos that can be watched by many people.

The videos that you can make can also be in the form of information or other educational videos that may be very useful for people who watch them.

But do you know how to make the video, if not you can follow the method below.

1.Start a Video Snack Account

After the installation process is complete, you can watch other people’s videos on your video snack homepage.

To make a video, you must have an account first, if you don’t already have one, then you can register first.

Also make sure that you have updated your profile photo and that you have chosen an appropriate name.

2. Navigate the “Plus” Sign

In the snack video application, later you will see a white “Plus” sign, so there you can make a video.

You can select the “Plus” button to start recording the video you want to make, but don’t forget you must also allow the video snack app to start the camera and phone recorder, so you can make a video.

3. Choose Music

After that, you can search for a list of music that you want to use to make a video.

You can get it at the top of the screen, if you click it, a list of music will appear, and you can choose.

There are various types of songs and you can choose according to the video you make.

If you have chosen, then you have to preview the song and include it in your video.

Not only that, there is also a search option where if you can’t find a song, then you can search for it in the search field.

4. Make a Video

If you have finished selecting songs, then you can then start making Snack Video videos.

The trick, you press or hold the red circle button on the screen to start recording video.

Snack videos have a duration of 15 seconds, you can use that time to record videos.

Then, you can also record a video for 60 seconds from the phone gallery, after you finish shooting, you can click the red check button to save your video.

5. Edit Videos

After you have finished recording the video, then the next step is that you need to make edits.

This is so that the videos that you have made become more beautiful and interesting when watched by many people.

One of them is that you can add interesting effects, and you can also cut the sound if it doesn’t fit the video.

You can also add hashtags, hashtags, or also add other interesting captions.

Then select the privacy button and post to publish the video that you made earlier.

By having a video snack application, you can also get money in the same way as above, here’s how to withdraw video snack money.

Withdraw money From Video Snack

For all of you who already have enough balance, then immediately make an exchange.

Because if you don’t exchange it, it will be lost and forfeited by itself.

For those of you who want to know how you can listen to it below and you can apply it directly.

  1. First, you can first enter into the snack video account that you have.
  2. Then you can select the money icon.
  3. Then you will be able to see how much you have in your balance.
  4. You choose “Withdraw Cash”.
  5. On the cash menu, you can choose and determine the money you will withdraw with the amount of balance you have.
  6. Then select “Withdraw”.
  7. You can choose the “Dana” or “Shopeepay” account.
  8. You can enter your name and mobile number that is still active.
  9. And the last one you choose ‘Send’.

And after that, you can make withdrawals easily because you have seen the method above in full.

You also don’t need to doubt this video snack application, because you really can pay for this application.

That way you can collect as many coins as possible by inviting friends or other people who also have a video snack application.

And if you have a lot of coins, then you can immediately exchange them in the way we described above.

The final word

That’s all our discussion this time about How to Enter a Video Snack Invitation Code.

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