3 Solutions to Overcome Subtitles Not Appearing in VLC Media Player

3 Solutions to Overcome Subtitles Not Appearing in VLC Media Player

3 Solutions to Overcome Subtitles Not Appearing in VLC Media Player – Watching movies, dramas, or foreign cartoons cannot be separated from what is called subtitles

Subtitles that don’t appear will be a hassle as is often the case like subtitles don’t appear in VLC.

With the help of subtitles, we can know the conversations in foreign films or dramas without the need to learn their language. But what exactly are subtitles and what are their benefits?

Subtitle or subtitle is a dialogue file that has been translated so that it can help the audience understand the conversation. For example, films from America use Different subtitles so that Indonesian viewers understand.

On the other hand, films from Any Country that are popular to foreign countries will use subtitles where the film is shown. Subtitles in VLC not appearing can indeed happen and not only in the VLC video player application. Something similar can happen in GOM Player and MX Player.

There are various causes or factors that can cause subtitles or subtitles not to appear. One of them is from the type of sub used in movies, movies, dramas, or anime. I’m sure some of you are already familiar with the terms hardsub and softsub.

The use of hardsub and softsub that is not known by the people and movies and dramas would have been no subtitle of her. To be clear about what causes VLC Media Player not to display subtitles, you can read this article to the end.

But before that, if you haven’t installed the VLC Media Player application, you can read the article on how to install the VLC program on Windows devices. Because it includes third-party applications you need to install VLC first before using it.

Solving Subtitles Not Appearing in VLC Media Player

1. The Sub Used by Softsub

The most fundamental difference between hardsub and soft sub is hardsub becomes one with the video and will always appear even though the application is used to rotate not feature subtitles.

Meanwhile, Softsub users must add subtitles manually through the video player application that is used. For anime, the subtitles are usually integrated into the video file and will appear automatically, but they must be opened through a supported application.

For example, you watch a movie or movie and there is no subtitle, most likely because it uses Softsub

You need to find the subtitle file and then you add it manually or search through the application that you used to play the movie or movie earlier.

2. Subtitle file name is not the same as video file name

The cause of subtitles in VLC not appearing can also occur because the subtitle file name is not the same as the video file. Actually, Softsub can appear by itself as long as the file name is the same as the file name of the movie or drama you want to watch.

3 Solutions to Overcome Subtitles Not Appearing in VLC Media Player

If not, you can add it manually. You can add it by looking for the location of the subtitles that you have downloaded. This method is most often done when using Softsub because sometimes many subtitles are not quite right.

3. Close VLC, GOM, MX Player or Other Video Player Apps

VLC Media Player not displaying subtitles can occur because the VLC application has an error. Not only VLC, I often experience MX Player not showing subtitles, especially Softsub in anime.

This usually happens because the video player application has been used for too long and needs to be closed first. If you don’t close the subtitles, especially Softsub, they won’t appear even if you add them manually.

3 Solutions to Overcome Subtitles Not Appearing in VLC Media Player

The existence of subtitles is very helpful and certainly useful for everyone. The use of subtitles is also being developed by the video-sharing site YouTube so that viewers who do not understand a language can understand the videos they watch on YouTube.

Because VLC is quite popular, this discussion about overcoming subtitles in VLC does not appear.

Even though the solution or explanation above can be applied to all video player applications both on Windows or on Android and iOS.

That’s all I can explain about the solution for subtitles not appearing in VLC, for other problems such as videos not playing in VLC I will discuss another time. As for YouTube videos that can’t be played, I’ve already discussed it.

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