How to Delete Snack Video Account

How to Delete Snack Video Account

How to delete Snack Video account – is quite easy but if you can’t access it, it’s a bit difficult. 

Did you know Snack Video is one of the application platforms where you can access various short and interesting videos for you to watch every day? 

If you are in need of entertainment, you can use this application to entertain and it is suitable to do when you are relaxing at home.

But what happens if you want to try how to delete a video snack account? How to delete a permanent video snack account is very easy. 

If you may no longer need a Snack Video account, then you can of course delete a Snack Video account simply and easily.

To make it easy, techjustify will discuss how to delete a video snack account that is already registered. Please choose how to delete the video snack account according to the condition of your account.

How to Delete Snack Video Account

Did you know that you can delete the video snack application account permanently or temporarily? Someone who wants to delete a video snack account could be due to several reasons. 

Starting from being bored, spending too much internet quota, wasting time, and many others. If you want to try how to delete a video snack account, please read the review below on how to close a video snack account.

1. How to Delete Snack Video Account Permanently

In fact, deleting an account on Snack Video is actually quite easy, but the position of the feature for deleting an account is quite hidden. 

So it requires some special tricks in trying to delete a permanent video snack account.

How to Delete Snack Video Account Permanently

You have to think carefully about how to delete this account. Remember if you delete the account then all data on the account will be erased and lost. 

Here’s how to delete a video snack account that you can try to practice:

  • First, please open the snack video application, login to the snack video profile
  • Then click the “Settings” button located at the top, then select “Help Center”
  • Click on the other questions menu at the bottom of the help center
  • Later a menu of options will appear and select the menu, not a problem at the top
  • Then select the “Feedback” option
  • A new screen will appear, please scroll to the bottom
  • Press the “Delete My Account” option button to delete your snack video account

You have successfully deleted the video snack account. If it turns out that you change your mind and then want to cancel the account deletion, then you can re-login using your account before the time expires.

2. How to Close Account

If you want to try how to close a video snack account easily without being complicated, then this method is suitable for you to apply. 

You can use an Android or iOS device to delete it. Remember, if you delete it, the data in it will be deleted too. If you’re curious, here’s how to delete a video snack account:

  • The first step, please log in or log in to your personal Snack Video account
  • Then tap “Profile”, then click “Settings”
  • Then select the “Help Center” option
  • Tap the image or pencil icon at the top right, please scroll to the bottom until you find the “Delete My Account” menu option.
  • Click “Delete My Account”, then enter the reason why you want to delete the account
  • Finished!

Later, the video snack will send a special notification which essentially means that your account will be permanently deleted, which is within 72 hours. So you have to confirm if you really want to delete it.

3. Why Can’t Delete Snack Video Account

You need to know when you want how to delete your video snack account successfully, then you must first know the strategy or trick to delete it to succeed. 

Indeed, how to delete this video snack is easy and difficult, especially for those of you who are laymen.

Why can’t I delete the snack video account, right? So maybe your internet quota is not sufficient so the deletion process fails. 

However, if the internet quota is adequate and the signal is strong, then you can apply how to delete this video snack account. Here are a few methods :

  • Login Snack Video
  • Click the “My Profile” menu in the lower right corner
  • Select the “Settings” option in the top right corner in the middle position
  • Click “Help Center”
  • Select the pencil icon in the top right corner
  • Click the “Delete My Account” button at the bottom
  • Later, several reasons will appear why you want to delete your account
  • Wait until a notification info appears “Your account will be invisible and will disappear completely within 72 hours. If you change your mind during this period, please re-enter.”
  • If you are really sure to delete the account, the last step please click the “I’m sure” option

This method might help solve why you can’t delete the video snack account. Of course, it’s not complicated if you do it step by step.

4. Delete accounts that can no longer be accessed

If you want to delete a video snack account that is no longer accessible, it’s a little complicated. There are 2 ways you can do about this. Here’s how to delete video snacks that are no longer accessible:

First step

Please ask your friends for help with at least 10 people and up to 20 people to do a report on the account that you want to delete. 

If more people report your account, the video snack team will automatically get banned from your account.

Second Way

A video snack account if it is not used for at least 6 months, the account will be deleted automatically.

So if you don’t want to be complicated with the first method, then just leave your account for 6 months

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