How to Export Outlook Mails 2022? – [Simple Steps]

How to Export Outlook Mails 2021?

How to Export Outlook Mails 2022? – There are a few fairly easy settings you need to make for exporting Outlook mails. You can also export the data in your Outlook account by following the steps that you will read soon.

The transfer process, on the other hand, may take up to 4 hours depending on the density of your e-mail account.

In addition, you can delete your search history in the field in the export menu and export the data in your clipboard.

So, how to export Outlook mails? Here are all the details and details you need to know about the export process…

How to Export Outlook Mail in Just 3 Easy Steps

Creating a Folder in Yandex Mail
Export Outlook Mails

You can follow the steps described below for exporting Outlook mails and you can export your mail account by following these steps described with pictures.

1. Login to your Outlook Account

Primarily to export the mail in the Outlook account Outlook must be logged k account.

You can use this link address to log into your account. ( Click to Login to Your Outlook Account )

2. Click on the Outlook Settings Icon

How to Export Outlook Mails 2021?
Export Outlook Mails

To continue exporting Outlook mail, click the settings icon in the upper-right part of your account.

Click on “View All Outlook Settings” at the bottom of the menu that will open right after.

3. Click on Privacy and Data

After clicking the View all Outlook settings option, the settings page will appear.

On this page, you must first select “General” in order to continue .and then click on “Privacy and Data”.

After pressing these options, you will see a screen like the one above.

On this screen that comes up, you can press the “Export Mailbox” option and export your mails by clicking the ” Export ” button at the bottom.

As we mentioned above, this process can take up to 4 hours on average.

You can also delete the mail search history or export the data in your Clipboard with a single click.

Exporting Outlook mails can be done very easily and practically, as seen above.

You can export your e-mails, search history and data in your clipboard by following these steps.

Also, by following these steps, you can perform the transfer process without experiencing any data loss.

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