11 Best Racing Games For iPhone in 2023

Racing Games For iPhone

Best Racing Games For iPhone – The experience of playing games using iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad is a quite different experience compared to when using Android devices. This is possible because of the better iOS ecosystem and more “powerful” devices compared to most of today’s Android devices.

An example of a popular game genre is the racing or racing genre. In the App Store itself, there are lots of racing games so with this article, we will provide a list of the Best iOS Racing Games, be it offline or online racing games.

Best Racing Games for iPhone

1. Traffic Rider

If you are bored with the same racing games, on this list, there is an unusual game, namely Traffic Rider.

This game has been circulating on the App Store for a long time and was included in Apple’s Best list in 2016.

As the name suggests, Traffic Rider takes you as a motorbike driver in the midst of heavy traffic.

Most of your job is to get through this heavy traffic as quickly as possible without crashing into other vehicles.

You will get additional bonus points if you succeed in passing the obstacles in front, these points obtained can later be used to buy a new motorbike or make modifications to the current motorbike.

DownloadTraffic Rider
ProviderSoner Kara
Size233.2 MB
Rating App Store4.5
PriceFor free

2. Need For Speed: No Limits

Fans of car racing games must be familiar with Need For Speed. This game has been released on various platforms such as PC, PS and even on mobile devices, Android and iOS.

On this list, there is Need For Speed: No Limits, which has very interesting and challenging gameplay and does not miss a large collection of cars to choose from.

In addition, the large selection of car modifications in this game also makes it worthy of being considered as one of the best Addictive Racing Games on iOS and car racing games for iPhone or iPad.

DownloadNeed For Speed: No Limits
ProviderEA Swiss Sarl
Size1.8 GB
Rating App Store4.7
PriceFor free

3. Trials Frontier

When compared to all the games on this list, Trials Frontier is arguably the most different game.

This game is unique because it offers a story in it, unlike other racing games where the focus is only on ‘racing’.

The story in Trials Frontier comes from a village that you can visit to find people who need your help, it’s quite simple indeed.

This game requires good concentration to be able to play it, you have to decide when to speed up the motor or when to slow it down.

DownloadTrials Frontier
Size299.2 MB
Rating App Store4.7
PriceFor free

4. Real Racing 3

Real Racing is a game that looks very realistic, this game is also published by one of the biggest game publishers, namely EA (Electronic Arts).

Not only in terms of graphics, but the gameplay of the game also looks realistic.

Those of you who are looking for a racing game with experience in terms of gameplay and graphics that are close to reality, then Real Racing 3 is an absolute choice that must be played.

In this, you get your first car and by winning races in different segments, you have the opportunity to buy other cars.

DownloadReal Racing 3
ProviderEA Swiss Sarl
Size685.9 MB
Rating App Store4.8
PriceFor free

5. Reckless Racing 3

Reckless Racing 3 is the sequel to two popular games, namely Reckless Racing and Reckless Racing 2. The gameplay of this third series still maintains what made them popular in the previous series.

There are several modes in the game, including Career Mode and Arcade. In Career mode, you as a player can buy cars, modify cars, and do many other things there.

Whereas in Arcade mode, where there is only fun because you as a player don’t need to worry about the condition of the car or even modify it, you just have to win the race.

DownloadReckless Racing 3
Size423.3 MB
Rating App Store4.4

6. CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 is very reasonable to be named the best car drag game ever on the App Store. Stunning graphics and very challenging gameplay are the main attraction of CSR Racing 2.

Here, you can play single-player offline or play in multiplayer online. Since this is a drag game, you don’t have to be good at ‘driving’ a car.

All it takes is the right timing when changing gears. In the game, there are also car modification options that can determine the results of your car drag.

DownloadCSR Racing 2
ProviderNaturalMotion Games, Ltd
Size3.3 GB
Rating App Store4.7
PriceFor free

7. Asphalt 9: Legends

The Best Addictive Racing Games on iOS

With millions of active players spread all over the world, it’s fitting that Asphalt 9: Legends gets the title as the most popular racing game on iPhone and iPad today. 

The Asphalt series does promise success every time it is released, as is the case with this 9th series.

In this latest Asphalt series, there is a new feature called “Touch Drive” which when activated, the car will run on its own. All you as a player need is to decide when to use nitro.

There are various car modifications in the game, there is also a multiplayer mode to test who is the best in Asphalt 9: Legends.

DownloadAsphalt 9: Legends
ProviderGameloft SE
Size1.9 GB
Rating App Store4.8
PriceFor free

8. Gear.Club – True Racing

Just like Real Racing 3, Gear. Club – True Racing is also published by a studio that releases games for other devices, namely Test Drive Unlimited which was released on consoles and PCs.

Gear.Club – True Racing by Eden Games is also not inferior, at least in terms of graphics because this game looks amazingly beautiful no matter what iOS device you are using.

In terms of gameplay, Gear. Club – True Racing doesn’t offer anything different, it’s still the same as other Racing games. You can buy new cars and modify them and can play with other people through multiplayer mode.

DownloadGear.Club – True Racing
ProviderEden Games
Size2.8 GB
Rating App Store4.3
PriceFor free

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9. Asphalt Xtreme

Born from the popular Asphalt series, it didn’t take long for Asphalt Xtreme to become popular as well.

Although this game is actually quite different from other Asphalt series, which usually offer a choice of cars that look just like that.

In this Xtreme series, you are given more variations of cars such as pick-up trucks, monster trucks, buggies and so on. In the game, there is also a “Garage” feature that allows you to upgrade, modify and so on.

DownloadAsphalt Xtreme 
ProviderGameloft SE
Size1.4 GB
Rating App Store4.7
PriceFor free

10. GRID Autosport

Apart from iOS devices, GRID was first released on consoles and PCs and became popular. 

This mobile version of GRID is also not too different from other versions, still relying on amazingly stunning graphics.

There are various modes to choose from and it guarantees that players will not be bored to continue playing GRID. But different from the other games above, GRID Autosport is released for a fee.

However, the price offered is very suitable for the experience you will get when playing this game.

DownloadGRID Autosport
ProviderFeral Interactive Ltd
Size3.9 GB
Rating App Store4.4

11. Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart, a game that previously could only be enjoyed by Nintendo console owners, is now available for iOS device users. iOS device users can also download Mario Kart Tour for free via the App Store.

For those who don’t know, Mario Kart Tour is a racing game with Kart cars with a Mario theme that has been very successful in terms of sales on Nintendo consoles.

Although this game is released for free, one of the biggest complaints about playing Mario Kart Tour is that there are many in-app purchases that are present, even tend to be too aggressive.

But don’t worry, you can still enjoy this game well without spending any money at all.

DownloadMario Kart Tour
ProviderNintendo Co., Ltd.
Size212.5 MB
Rating App Store4.7
PriceFor free

That’s a list of the Best Addictive Racing Games on iOS, be it iPhone or iPad. 

This racing game is perfect to play when you feel bored or just want to relax with your cellphone. Apart from that, iOS adventure games are no less exciting.

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