How to Get a $100 USD Coupon on Google Ads

HOW TO GET $ 100 USD from Google Ads

How to get a $100 USD coupon on Google Ads – Are you thinking of launching an advertising campaign to promote some of your products?

Well, in this case, you can’t do withoutGoogle Ads(called Google AdWords until 24 July 2018), the Bigg system that allows you toinsert advertising spaceswithin Google search pages.

For many the problem is not knowing where to start, often due to inexperience, with the consequent fear of burning the budget without having any feedback from potential customers.

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How to get a $100 USD coupon on Google Ads

But Google has thought of this too. The platform, in fact, offers a really interesting promotion for newly registered accounts:

just register and enter a code, When you spend $25 and only valid for new Google Ads users within the first month you will have$ 100 of free Google Ads advertising available.

But let’s see what to do in detail, we anticipate that it is really simple to get the “gift” coupon from Google.

To get the 100 USD coupon, just go tothis pageand enter your email address. You will immediately receive the code in your e-mail box.

HOW TO GET $ 100 USD from Google Ads

Then all you have to do isregisteron the portal and enter the code received by e-mail in the “promotional code” field. The game is done, you can start using all the features of Google Ads with an economic “incentive” from the American giant.

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Notes:For the coupons of $ 100 of free advertising offered by Google, $ 25 must be spent first, and you must therefore make an account by entering at least one payment method.

Then you get a $100 USD coupon on Google Ads

whether You have any doubts, difficulties in registering or requesting the code or simply considerations, do not hesitate and leave a comment at the end of this article, we will be happy to answer you.

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