How to Get a Girlfriend in 6 Steps [2023]

How to Get a Girlfriend

How to Get a Girlfriend – Want to get a girlfriend this year? Then read this article until the end because I’m going to show you the 6 most amazing ways to get a girlfriend.

And it’s not the bullshit you find out there like “be more confident” or “take care of your appearance”. These things are important, but this is basic, here I’m going to show you for real how you can have a girlfriend, So that you leave here knowing exactly what to do.

So let’s go.

How to get a girlfriend at the club

Many say that you can’t get a girlfriend in ballads or parties.

I think this is a big bullshit…

Of course there are some girls who go clubbing just to hang out and don’t care about relationships for now .

But it is totally possible to find women who want a serious relationship.

You, for example, are a guy who is looking for a girlfriend and I bet you’ve been to a party at one time or another.

So there are women who want a serious relationship there.

How to meet a person to date in clubs

The first thing is knowing that you won’t be able to date her after only hooking up once.

You will need to date this woman more often to create a certain connection .

So in addition to staying with her, get her number so you can talk and get to know each other better later.

This is cool because you can hook up with a lot of women at parties and only try to get serious with the ones you’re most attracted to.

But in case you have trouble reaching out to women at parties, I’ll leave here another article of mine that can help you with that.

You can read it and use the parties to approach women and choose the ones you are interested in dating.

The cool thing about ballads and parties is that this year people are dying to go out and interact with people again.

And you can take advantage of this a lot, because wherever you go it will be full of people eager to meet other people.

Get a girlfriend online

The internet is a great way to get a beautiful girlfriend.

However, I don’t recommend that you try to do this using dating apps .

As much as they are dating apps, NORMALLY the people on these apps aren’t looking for something serious .

There are even some women out there that you can build a relationship with.

But I don’t know many couples who formed through these apps, and I bet you don’t either.

So, in practice, serious relationships are difficult to build there .

But, on the other hand, there are social networks that are perfect for this .

Instagram is a great example of this.

First, because you can find almost any woman there.

It’s very difficult to meet a woman who doesn’t have Instagram these days.

And because there are several women there, it’s very easy to find one you want to date.

But of course you need to get at them the right way.

And I’ll show you how to do it now

How to get a girlfriend on Instagram

The first thing you need to do is take care of your profile because it is through it that women will or will not be interested in you.

If you have a bad profile, women won’t even respond to your messages. Because you won’t be an interesting guy for them.

Now if you have an attractive profile, it’s much easier to stay with her, because she’ll be interested in you even before sending the first message.

And anyone who thinks they need to be handsome to have an attractive profile is wrong.

In this video below, for example, I show you how you can have a profile that catches the attention of any woman, even if you’re not that pretty .

It is worth taking a look.

Take it easy on the likes and comments

I see that a lot of guys are pretty desperate when they like a girl on Instagram.

They leave liking all their photos and commenting on all the posts they make.

This is a really bad way to get her attention because it shows that you are very interested.

And women don’t like desperate guys.

They like guys who are a challenge for them , not a guy who is too easy.

I won’t get into that now, but remember that liking and commenting on all your photos is not cool.

Take two or three pictures and you’re done.

answer the stories

Responding to girls’ stories is a great way to bring up conversations with them on Instagram .

Because it’s natural for you to respond to a girl’s stories.

It’s very different from you saying hi in her direct.

She’ll ask who you are and you won’t know how to continue the conversation.

Now with stories you can start a good conversation by replying to stories.

And then you can get this girl’s number and arrange a date.

Use everyday life to find a girlfriend

In everyday life you have several opportunities to meet and connect with new people.

Whether on the street, on the bus or in line at a bank. You will always find opportunities to meet new women.

So you need to stay tuned to take advantage of these opportunities.

And you also need to have an attitude to approach women.

I bet you’ve let a lot of amazing opportunities to meet new women pass you by just because you didn’t have the courage to approach her.

Maybe you could be dating that girl you saw sitting alone on the bus, but didn’t have the courage to sit next to her and talk.

Or that you saw passing on the street, but you let her go.

So, don’t let opportunities pass you by.

Whenever you see an opportunity to approach a girl, pluck up your courage and approach her.

Who knows, maybe you’ll get to know each other better and she’ll become your future girlfriend?

How to get a girlfriend at school or college

Another great way to get a girlfriend is using school or college, or any other major you take, like English or music.

These places are cool because you’ll see the woman almost every day, so you can win her over little by little.

However, be careful not to become just her little friend.

Don’t take too long to show your real intentions . Because otherwise she will only see you as a little friend and then it will be more difficult for you to reverse this.

Go to some events

Now in 2023 events are starting to happen again.

And you can take advantage of this to meet interesting women who have the same tastes as you.

If you like anime, for example, and you go to one of those conventions out there. The chances of finding a girl who is also into this are great.

And the chances that the two of you will work out are not greater , because you will have common interests.

Not to mention that it’s much easier to approach this girl, because you’ll have several topics to talk to her about.

If you are a fan of Naruto, for example, and you meet a girl who is also a fan, you can ask her which character is her favorite, if she likes Sasuke or Naruto better, if she cried when someone died.

Just look at the many possibilities.

And it doesn’t have to be an event about anime, it can be about anything.

I have a friend who met his current girlfriend at a marketing event.

Go to events that you like, and take the opportunity to talk to the women who are there.

Mutual friends

If you want to know how to get a girlfriend fast and easy, this is the best way.

Because think about it.

Who will a woman trust more, a guy she just met at a party, or a guy her best friend says is a nice guy?

Of course it’s the second one, because if her friend thinks you’re cool, she’ll think you’re cool too.

And then your chances of staying with her will be higher.

It’s even cooler if you have mutual friends with the girl, because those friends will help you hook up with her.

Of course, you should never ask a friend to approach a girl for you.

But your friend will speak well of you to her.

Because if she thinks you’re a nice guy, you can be sure she’ll do anything for you to date her friend.

So, don’t try to get all the girls in the world , it’s nice to be friends with some, because they can introduce you to their friends.

And it’s much easier to date these mutual friends than a stranger you met at a party, for example.

Well then that’s it, these were the 6 ways on how to get a girlfriend.

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