How to Make an Ebook: Create an ebook in 7 Steps

How to Make an Ebooks - Step by Step

How to make an Ebooks: Create an ebook in 7 Steps – Nowadays it is quite common to see How to Make an Ebooks being made available for free on several internet channels.

This is because ebooks are great enhancers and also great presenters of work, as it is good that you can gain a new follower or lose him, everything will depend on the work you perform in creating this ebook.

Are you interested in making an ebook… But do you know how to create it?

Rest assured that today I am going to teach you in full how you can create your own ebooks and also how you can outsource this work if you wish.

How to Make an Ebook: Create Ebook in 7 Steps for Beginners

Why create an ebook?

An ebook can be used for multiple purposes and one of them is for formulating your email list.

We’ve already talked here about the importance of creating an email list, it will help you in various stages of your digital venture.

You can create this ebook , and make it available on your website so that your followers and visitors can download it if they leave your email.

make a ebook

In addition to being able to use the ebook also to encourage customers, followers and visitors to like your page, the same view in some of your content.

And don’t think that this technique of using ebook is an outdated technique, quite the contrary, even nowadays it is one of the most effective techniques for creating an email list.

And they can still be a great content marketing enhancer, it will be the first contact that many will have with your business.

You can also make sales with the ebook as you can leave affiliate links on them and if they like the content they will buy the products you are affiliated with.

Finally, it is a fact that creating an ebook is essential for anyone who owns an online business, as it is widely used as a content marketing strategy .

How to get ideas for making ebooks?

The first step in creating an ebook is to get the idea of ​​the title, it is important that this ebook title is quite flashy and thought-provoking.

That way, followers, customers and visitors who will own this ebook and much more than they have or who will read it in its entirety.

Tips for ebook creation ideas :

Look at the market

The first step will be to look at the market to see how your competitors are behaving almost books they are making available, and in this way you will get a general idea of ​​the idea of ​​creating your ebook.

I don’t advise plagiarizing the title of other ebooks, but it’s okay to make similar titles.

See most wanted videos

Much more than looking at the ones that have already been created, you should look for content that is hot at the moment.

We know that people today, as much as they look for success, want it easy and that’s why the trend to see videos is increasing, so it is essential that you seek the videos that are having more access at the moment.

stepos for ebook

Join famous channels that have to do with your niche whatever it is and see which videos have the most views and which videos are most sought after by those particular followers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even if you’re just starting out, you should already have minimum contact with your visiting customers or followers, and in this contact, you should have already noticed that they have many doubts and these doubts can generate an idea for the creation of your ebook.

Stop to think for a moment and see which is the most frequent question you are asked the most about what they have the most doubt about.

Doing these surveys will be critical to coming up with ideas for your ebook.

Because much more than producing the ebook, you want it to be accessed by your customers.

And for them to access, they need to want to know a little more about that particular subject and that’s why doing this research is essential and is also the first step.

ebook Content

It is important to understand that having the idea and thinking about the content are two completely opposite things, the first step is to think about the idea and after that, you must define the content that will be given in the ebook.

template abook

You will need some planning so that the content is well done and the ebook has a beautiful structure and content that will add for those who read it.

So it will be critical that you are aware of these next three factors.


You need to be knowledgeable about the subject, if it is a subject of your niche, you will certainly have knowledge about it and it will be easier to talk about the most varied topics, themes, and specificities of this subject.

Possessing knowledge about the subject of your ebook is essential because many people, even before contacting you, will have contact with your ebook and if they see any error, whether it is a cohesion spelling or any other silly error, they may have a certain doubt about your job.

Possessing knowledge is much more than knowing how to talk about the subject, it is also knowing how to explain it in a didactic way so that everyone who reads learns something.

Outsource the service

Maybe you don’t have the knowledge or even don’t have the time to produce an ebook, but you know you need an ebook to continue your strategy or even start a new strategy.

Outsourcing the service is a good option for you, nowadays there are several platforms that help in this outsourcing and much more than helping to complete the work, they offer everything Security Support that will be needed during this process.

You can hire a freelancer who will charge you a few dollars to create this ebook, the same hire a freelancer to create some articles, and then you can gather all these articles yourself and make an ebook.

workona platform freelancers

If your budget is a little tight I advise you to seek freelancer for creating articles, and then you put together articles and make an ebook if you already ask for an ebook it is likely that the price for the work will be a little higher.

A platform that I recommend for you to outsource this workana service.

Do a search for an Ebook

Maybe you don’t have knowledge about the subject, don’t have the capital to invest in creating this book by outsourcing the service, but you know that you need to create an ebook.

Calm still has a solution, you can research the subject yourself, delve into some topics and then create an ebook.

It will take you a little while to do a little Google search to open up some related sites read some articles and find a way to transcribe them without plagiarizing them.

Ebook Structure

ebook structure

A professional ebook that aims much more than providing content needs to have a good structure.

So let’s talk about the structure of an ebook of what is fundamental for it to have. Come on:

Front cover

The cover should be the first page and shouldn’t just contain the title it should contain at least one professionally edited image, remember the online programs I’ve already mentioned here about photo editing like canva .

About you

This should be the second page, do not make a fictitious speech or tell lies tell a little about who you are and about your professional experiences.

Offer page

You made this ebook with some financial purpose, and it was probably to promote the link of some product that you are an affiliate. This is the right page for you to promote the products that you are an affiliate or services that you intend to offer.


Make the index like those of books where everything will be specified how many pages the ebook has and what you can find on each page.

Content (50%)

Commercial talk about the subject but speak only 50% of the content at first and then…

content creation

Offer page

Re-place an offer page with the same links as the first page, only if possible with a slightly different look.

More Content (50%)

Discuss the remaining 50% of the content.

Offer page

At the end of the ebook, put your offers page again.

Header and footer

Don’t forget to put the header and footer on every page, list every page, put your name at the bottom of every page and if you have a logo, add it too.

Tools for creation an EBook

Technology is innovating every day and every day brings a new facility and convenience for us, digital entrepreneurs.

tools for creation ebook

There are several software nowadays to make life easier for those who work in the digital environment, and some of this software are specifically for creating ebooks others are not intended for that purpose.

However, it is possible to create an ebook within them, I will list here the three easiest and best tools to make ebooks.


The Flipbuilder is a great tool for creating ebooks. We’ve already created a few ebooks on this platform and I’m creating a few more that we’re going to release.

The platform offers both the free version and the paid version, and is focused on creating ebooks, offers several very beautiful and professional layouts that will make your life much easier while creating your ebook.

Even using the free version you will have a variety of options for creating your ebook and you will be very satisfied with the final result.

Word or Google Docs

Word is a widely used tool for creating ebooks.

To create an ebook in Word is pretty simple, if you don’t have the knowledge.

Choosing one of the other two tools I mentioned here, I’m sure your work will look much more professional.

wordpad and google docs ebook

To create an ebook in Word is very simple, but if you have a very basic knowledge of this platform, you can do a Google search and you will find several tutorials on how to use Word.


A great tool for creating your first ebook, besides being very functional, easy, and intuitive, it is a tool you must have on your computer.

It will make your ebook look professional, in addition to making it look like you, PowerPoint offers many advantages and tools for those who want to create an ebook within the platform.

Most of the ebooks are created in PowerPoint As it is easy to edit the texts, add images and also many shapes within PowerPoint.

Power point ebook

You don’t need any technical knowledge and neither is it enough for you to be creative and also have the patience to do some layout tests, see which one looks better, which color is better and which one adapts more to the theme and content of your ebook.

You don’t need any technical knowledge and neither is it enough for you to be creative and also have the patience to do some layout tests, see which one looks better, which color is better and which one adapts more to the theme and content of your ebook.

ebook publication

If you have a website or blog, you can promote your ebook on them.

If you don’t have it, you can put it on Google Drive and share it on Social Networks.

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