The 10 Best Football Manager Games in 2024

10 Best Football Games on Android Especially for Football

Best Football Manager Games – One of the most sought-after games and played by many people is a game with a football or sports genre. Because this game is quite challenging because it has different tricks, a lot of people are trying to finish this game to the end.

In fact, the game of football is not just dribbling and scoring points. You can also play a simulation of being a soccer manager. This game is more complex and a little more complicated than just scoring and beating your opponent.

You must be able to choose the right players, clever tactics, and various other things that you must consider before you decide to compete with the opposing team.

If you’re interested, here are some of the keeper recommendations about the 10 best football Manager games.

Best Football Manager Games for Android

FIFA 15 Soccer Ultimate Team

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The name FIFA 15 Soccer Ultimate Team is certainly familiar to football game lovers. It has been downloaded by more than 100 million users, proving that this game deserves to be ranked first as a recommended game.

This football manager game presents graphics with a very solid resolution. No wonder the size of this ball game is fairly large. In this game, you are free to choose the player you like.

You also have to choose the formation for the players and you have to run your soccer team well. Unfortunately, if your cellphone memory is tight enough, this game can’t run smoothly because at least there must be 1.3 GB of free storage memory

FIFA Mobile

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FIFA Mobile is an offline football manager game released by EA. Here, you are a manager who must be able to assemble a soccer team that will compete with opposing teams from around the world.

You also have to be able to train each of your players so that they can continue to be fit and effective in the team. Unfortunately, this game is not suitable to be played on HP with low specs. Interested in downloading this soccer coach game?

Football Manager Mobile 2021

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Have you ever heard of Top Eleven? If so, Football Manager Mobile 2021 is exactly the same as Top Eleven. The difference is, this game can be played offline and Top Eleven can’t.

The system is still the same, namely, you have to be a football coach who can manage your team and you have to be able to manage that team well. Starting from managing the players, purchasing players, setting strategies, and others.

Fantasy Manager Football

 Fantasy Manager Football

For those who dream of becoming a classy manager who manages an international soccer team, maybe you should learn a lot first with Fantasy Manager Football. Well, in this game you can find many challenges every time you play.

Don’t ever think this game must be like other games. Wow, it’s not that easy, Fergusson. Challenge after challenge appears so that you can find a better strategy so that your team can still win against other teams with a manager who is also no less intelligent.

Flick Kick Football Legends

Flick Kick Football Legends

You can also find the same excitement at Flick Kick Football Legends. This game is not like other games that choose players with brilliant abilities. Here, you still have to organize and manage a soccer team.

The difference is, in this game the players actually come from an age group that is no longer young. You have to be able to manage your players to keep bringing home the victory. Isn’t it less fun? This game is really entertaining.

Score! World Goals

 Score! World Goals

Different from other football manager games, in this game you also manage and manage the players. But this player will be required to score a spectacular goal until he can enter the daily goal newspaper.

That way, the goals you make can become famous. Although somewhat strange, this game is quite entertaining.

SoccerRally World Championship

7. SoccerRally World Championship

Although it doesn’t include a football manager game, this game is a shame if you miss it. SoccerRally World Championship is a unique game in that the football game is played with cars.

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To play it hard and easy, players must control the car with gas, brake and direction controls to carry the ball.

SoccerRally World Championship has been downloaded millions of times.

True Football 3

True Football 3

Another best offline football manager game that you can try is True Football 3. You will play the role of a football manager for a team.

This game provides more than 2500 teams and more than 108 countries. There are various interesting things you can do in this game made by Mkr Studio. Starting from friendly matches, managing the stadium, buying players, and so on.

Football Chairman Pro

9.Football Chairman Free

Next is Football Chairman Pro, by Underground Creative. This game is interesting because you can get contract negotiations with sponsors who will support our team.

You can even set the ticket price at the stadium by a certain amount. Cool, right?

True Football National Manager

10.True Football National Manager

Finally, there is True Football National Manager which only provides football teams from countries. The task of the players is to raise the ranking of the team to reach the top.

You have to prepare an accurate strategy so that the national team can be in the top position. Are you able to bring the national team to the highest achievement even if only in the game? Haha.

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Best Quality Football Streaming Applications

So, instead of being confused about what game to play, basically you are a football manager and you have to manage the players, these 10 best football manager games can be your reference for downloading. Not only entertained, you can also fill your spare time by honing your skills. Let’s try?

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