How to Make Skype Video Conference?

How to Make Skype Video Conference?

Today we will talk about how to make Skype video conferencing. Before we talk about this subject, it is necessary to know a little about what Skype is and how its infrastructure is. Skype is a video chat application that was launched on August 29, 2003. With Skype, you can perform many operations at the same time. 

Using powerful VoIP technology, Skype is the most popular application among video calling and messaging applications. You can also call the phone numbers in your directory at low costs by top-up with Skype. Especially in America, this feature is widely used.

Features You Can Do With Skype

Skype, which is at the top of the most popular applications, offers many services to its users. It offers a comfortable experience to its users by combining high image quality with a powerful and fast processing infrastructure. Among the operations you can do with the Skype application; lim.size 1050x578 1
  • You can do smart messaging,
  • You can share the screen,
  • Make your private conversations safely,
  • You can call external phone numbers using Skype credit,
  • Make voice and HD video calls,
  • ecord your video conference calls etc. There are many more processes.

Skype application, which is widely used among people, is very popular among young people and business people. Even phone calls are made by people using Skype video calls. VoIP technology is used in the infrastructure of the Skype application and quality services are offered to people. To make a Skype video conference, you must first create a membership account. Then log in to the account you created with your e-mail and password information. To make Skype video conference;

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  • After logging into your Skype account, press the “meeting” button on the left.
  • On the page that opens, you will be given a special “invitation link” so that you can invite people to the video conference call. You can copy this link and give it to the people you want to invite. 
  • If you want, instead of giving the invitation link one by one, you can share it with your Skype list or send it as an e-mail by pressing the “share invitation” button on the page that opens after pressing the meeting button.
  • After you have done all this, you can now start the video conference call by pressing the “start a call” button under the share invitation button.

What are the Skype Video Conference Call Features?

You can easily make Skype video conference calls from PC, Mac, Tablet, and mobile devices. Skype has made many paid services free during the pandemic period. Skype, which has a large user base in this regard, prioritizes customer satisfaction and quality service above all else.

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By using the Skype video conferencing system, you can save time and have conversations with confidence. Skype, which has been operating since 2003 and has been awarded many awards in this field, is always improving its infrastructure. If you are planning to make a Skype video conference call, you may wonder what its features are. So, let’s talk about Skype video conference calling features item by item.

  • You can use the Skype video conferencing service free of charge.
  • You can record Skype video conferences and meetings to watch later. This service of Skype stores your videos for 30 days.
  • Even if you do not have a Skype account, you can join video conference meetings with the invitation link sent to you. You will not find this feature in other applications.
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  • Again, the feature that is not available in many applications, but only in world giant applications such as Skype, is the ability to blur the background in video calls. In video chat, you can focus only on yourself by blurring the background. 
  • In a Skype video conference call, you can securely share your slides, work, and files during the call.
  • Compared to other applications, there is no specific time limit for Skype conference calls. 
  • You can set long-term conference days for Skype conference calls and get information about the call thanks to the reminder.
  • Skype application is also appreciated by users with its easy-to-use and stylish interface.

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