How to Open APK Files (Android, iOS, PC)

How to Open APK Files

How to Open APK Files (Android, iOS, PC) – How to open a locked APK file is very easy, whether on Android, iPhone, PC, and macOS. Usually, the APK is identical to the Android operating system, although it can also be opened on other platforms such as PC (Windows and MAC) and iOS (iPhone and iPad).

Usually, Android users search for files with this APK extension if they don’t find them on Google Play. However, can the APK file be run other than on Android? No need to be curious, below will be explained in full about the APK file and how to open it.

What Are APK Files?

So, before reviewing how to open APK file, do you already know the APK file? For those of you who have never, definitely feel confused when you find files with the APK extension. Files with the APK extension are very much found on the internet indeed.

So, what is an APK file? A file with an APK extension is an Application Package File, which is used to distribute applications on the Android operating system. So, the files on Google Play (apps and games) actually have an APK extension.

Apart from Google Play, there are many other sites that provide APK files. APK files can indeed be easily found on the internet. Just search for the name of the application/game and then add the APK behind it, then many results will appear.

Can APK Files Be Opened Other Than on Android?

Talking about whether the APK file can be opened or not, actually this file can be opened on various operating systems. However, this file is specifically used or run on Android-based operating systems. Because it is specifically used and run on Android, of course, how to open it is very easy.

Yes, to open an APK file on Android, you only need to download it like a file with any other extension. For example, from Google Play or APK file provider sites on the internet. But remember, if it’s outside of Google Play, to open and install it, you have to do some settings first.

So what about Windows? Can an APK file be opened and run in it? Of course you can, but it must be with the help of an emulator. To open APK files on a Windows PC, you can use emulators such as AndroidStudio, Bluestack and so on.

Then what about the Mac PC? If you have a PC with MacOS, then you can use ARC Welder. ARC Welder itself is a Google Chrome extension that is useful for testing Android applications on Chrome OS, which can work on any OS.

So, as long as this extension exists, then the APK file can be opened. How about an iPhone or iPad? Unfortunately, at the moment, the APK file cannot be opened and installed on iPhone or iPad.

The reason is that the APK file is created in a different way than the apps that are normally used on the device, so it won’t be compatible.

How to Extract APK Files

Usually, to protect APK files from viruses and malware, they are archived using programs such as RAR and ZIP. Well, if you happen to find an archived APK file, it must be extracted first, so that it can be installed and run on the operating system.

Some programs or applications that can be used to extract APK files are:

  • RAR
  • ZArchiver
  • 7Zip
  • ASTRO File
  • ES File Explorer
  • Dll.

As an example, we will explain how to open an APK file by extracting it first using ZArchiver:

  • First, open ZArchiver. If you don’t have it, you can download it first on Google Play.
  • Then find the APK file to extract.
  • After finding the APK file, click on the file then select Extract Here.
  • Done, wait for the file extract process to end.

Once finished extracting the file, the APK file can be opened and installed on Android.

How to Open APK Files on Android, iOS and PC

In the following we will explain various easy ways to open APK files on Android, iOS and PC:

1. How to Open APK Files on Android

Opening an APK file on Android is very easy, because this file is specifically for that operating system. Files with the APK extension can be opened directly, if obtained from Google Play. After installing the application from there, the user just has to open the application that has been installed.

However, what if you get it from other sources on the internet? Usually, Android will block the installation of APK files outside official sources like Google Play. However, users can still open and install the APK file on Android, how to:

  • First, go to Mobile Settings , open the Privacy and Security menu and then tick Unknown Sources.
  • After downloading the APK file, locate it in File Manager > Internal > Download .
  • After finding the APK file, click on it to install it.
  • If a confirmation appears, click OK to continue.
  • Then wait for the APK file installation process to complete.
  • After the application is installed on Android, you can click on the application icon to open it.

Make sure to follow the same method as above, otherwise the APK file won’t be installed on Android.

2. How to Open APK Files on iPhone

As mentioned above, it’s not possible to open APK files on iPhone. The reason is, files with the APK extension are application package files for Android. So, because it is not compatible with iPhone devices, the APK file cannot be opened in it.

It seems, because of this compatibility, the APK file will not be able to be opened at all on the iPhone, who knows how long, maybe forever. After all, there’s no point in opening the APK file on the iPhone, after all, it might not be able to be installed on the device.

3. How to Open APK Files on PC

Then, how to open files with APK extension on PC? Opening a PK file on a Windows PC is actually doable. However, you have to use an emulator first. after the emulator is installed on the PC, the APK file can be opened and even run on it.

Actually, what is an emulator? In simple terms, emulators are programs for Windows PCs, which allow the operating system to open and run APK files. Simply put, an Android emulator can make a Windows PC operate like an Android system.

With this emulator, users can run Android applications and games on a Windows PC. Some of the emulators that are widely used are as follows:

  • Bluestacks
  • Nox Player
  • YouWave
  • Koplayer
  • LeapDroid
  • Droid4X
  • Android Studio
  • Dll.

4. How to Open APK Files on Mac

Apart from Windows PCs, APK files can also be opened on MacOS. You do this by using the Google Chrome extension, namely Arc Welder. So, as long as the extension is still on Google Chrome, the APK file on your Mac can be opened.

It’s very easy to open APK files on Android, PC and Mac, but you have to use help programs like emulators and the ARC Welder extension. Meanwhile, the APK file on the iPhone cannot be opened and installed, because it is not compatible with the device.

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