Top 10 Offroad Games for Android in 2024

Best Offroad Games

Offroad Games for Android in 2024 – Challenges always make the adrenaline rush so it is quite addictive for some people. Well, if you’re that type of person, maybe the best offroad games, especially in 2024, might be for you.

In 2024, there are many choices of offroad games that you can play. In this article, we have selected the 10 best Offroad games that you must try. 

Best Offroad Games for Android

Next Gen 4×4 Offroad Sim 2

The best offline game on this list is Next Gen 4×4 Offroad Sim 2. In this game, you will drive an SUV on mountain tracks during extreme weather conditions and wild nature. The condition of the road is not easy because it is muddy.

You can more easily overcome various obstacles in driving by upgrading your car or buying a new, better car. Well, to be able to do this you have to complete each task.

The game offers play in a variety of different locations, a variety of SUV vehicles to use, as well as vehicle customization features. This game is worth a try, especially if you remember the graphical presentation is quite slick.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Racing

Size: 219MB

Download Next Gen 4×4 Offroad Sim 2

Off Road

Off Road is the next recommended game on this list. From the name it is also quite clear that this game is a game about driving offroad vehicles. Of course you will drive through the mountain forest with extreme tracks full of challenging obstacles.

In addition to driving, you can also make modifications and upgrades to the vehicle. The possibility of modifications that you can do is also quite wide, from changing the color or pattern of the body, changing the type of tires, to adjusting the suspension and engine.

This game is presented with quality graphics that are quite comfortable on the eyes. The visuals make the environment in the game feel real, coupled with controls that are adapted to real conditions.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Racing

Size: 446MB

Download Off Road

Turbo Bike

If from the previous recommendations for offroad games for four-wheeled vehicles, Turbo Bike is an extreme driving game using a motorbike. Here you will race against time through a track full of obstacles. You can also do tricks while jumping. 

This 2D side scrolling game offers hundreds of tracks with varied environmental conditions and obstacles, from beaches, icebergs, deserts and others. The obstacles are really extreme, such as saws on the floor, rain of spiked rings and so on.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Racing

Size: 69MB

Download Turbo Bike

Offroad PRO

Next up is a game called Offroad PRO. This one game will take you on extreme tracks that you have to conquer using various types of frightening vehicles. With a wide map on each track, you can do many off-road activities available.

You can feel many different experiences from each varied track, from mud, soil, lakes, rivers, and so on. All these experiences will feel more interesting with graphics that are quite good for the Android platform.

Interestingly, there are quite a lot of variations of cars that can be used, from ATVs, UTVs, quads, to classic jeeps and trucks. You can also modify the vehicle using the custom features provided.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Simulation

Size: 458MB

Download Offroad PRO

Bike Stunt Legends

Still using a motorbike, Bike Stunt Legends is our next best offline offroad game recommendation. This game combines the extreme profession of a stuntman with freestyle motorbikes. Where you will be a stuntman who is given a mission to complete a track full of obstacles using various types of motorbikes.

This game, which is presented with pretty slick graphic quality, offers a variety of modes, ranging from easy to difficult. You can also customize the motorbike you are driving to improve its performance and appearance. 

The environment offered is also diverse, ranging from beaches, mountains and others. Each mission will give you a reward that can be used to unlock new characters, motorbikes or helmets.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Adventure

Size: 70MB

Download Bike Stunt Legends

The Grim Donut Game

Different from some previous games that used machines, this time it came from manual vehicles. The Grim Donut itself is a bicycle-themed game using a bicycle prototype and also the figure of a cyclist, Mike Levy. 

So for those of you who love bicycles and like the various tricks you can do, then this game might be for you. Later you can feel what it’s like to walk along a forest track in a steep mountain area by bicycle.

Of course the thrill of being a Mike Levy will not be complete if you can’t do the various charming bicycle tricks he usually does. The experience of driving The Grim Donut is also more satisfying because this game is presented with great visual quality.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Sports

Size: 206MB

Download The Grim Donut Game

Crash Drive 3

Crash Drive 3 is your next best offroad game recommendation. This offroad game provides several types of vehicles that can be driven, including monster trucks to tanks! You can get new cars every time you level up by participating in in-game events.

There are several different areas where you can take part in events in the game. You can also play various mini-games that are no less exciting, such as destroying a giant beach ball, or playing chasing police and robbers.

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Besides being able to be played offline, this one game also provides an online mode that allows you to play with other players. This game is also designed to be a multi-platform game so that it can be played across platforms.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Action

Size: 393MB

Download Crash Drive 3

RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme

Driving using a large wheeled vehicle on a road full of obstacles is enough visually and experientially frightening, so what if the vehicle is equipped with rockets and various destructive weapons? Now you can feel the super extreme experience by playing a game called RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme.

In this Android game, you can race that is spiced with shooting between racers. Not only that, the arena where the playground is filled with various fire traps, chainsaws and other destructive obstacles. If you’re agile enough, you can hinder your rivals by directing them to face off against those obstacles.

For the vehicles, you can get new cars as a reward for your victory in the race. You can also level up each car to make it better prepared for battles in the racing arena.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Racing

Size: 143MB

Download RACE: Rocket Arena Car Extreme

Mudness Offroad Car Simulator

The next best recommendation for offroad games is called Mudness Offroad Car Simulator. This one game simulates what it’s like to drive a vehicle on extreme roads. Your experience will be made closer to the real conditions, starting from the controls that are similar to the actual conditions, to the visualization that is presented with slick graphics.

For track problems, you can challenge your adrenaline on 3 different types of tracks, ranging from muddy forests, sandy roads, and snow mountains. Your mission here is to deliver cargo or workers to the designated destination. 

Although it looks potential and very promising, this game feels quite heavy. So we need a cellphone with high specifications in order to play optimally.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Racing, Simulation

Size: 878MB

Download Mudness Offroad Car Simulator


The cover of this list is still inhabited by an offroad game called MudRunner. You could say, until now MudRunner is still one of the best offline offroad games with a dish that is closest to the real situation. 

This simulation game, which is adapted from the PC and console versions, offers an off-road vehicle driving experience that feels real on challenging terrain. You will enjoy every challenge through a slick visualization by eye-satisfying graphic quality.

The steering control in this game is also close to the actual conditions, thus adding to the real feel. You can play on a number of varied open world maps. Not only the map, the vehicle options to accompany the exploration are also varied, there are at least a dozen off-road vehicles that you can try.

Mode: Offline

Genre: Premium, Simulation

Size: 497MB

Download MudRunner

Those are the recommendations for the best offroad games that you can play. Each game offers its own advantages, just choose which one best suits your taste. Good luck!

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