A Guide On How To Play FIFA Mobile

How To Play FIFA Mobile

A Guide On How To Play FIFA Mobile – Would you rather observe your FIFA Mobile team than have complete influence over their actions? You can now consider strategy and tactics instead of simply performing actions through the new mode as you explore Premier League predictions.

EA Sports’ most popular mobile soccer game, FIFA Mobile 22, now includes the long-awaited Manager Mode. Fans of FIFA may now experience this brand-new game mode, which could offer another layer of depth to the already expansive FIFA universe.

How To Play FIFA Mobile

Before letting your team play in Manager mode, you determine the starting lineup and real-time strategies, such as attack or defense. As you rise through the ranks of your division, you can queue up many matches.

FIFA Mobile Tactics

It can be difficult for individuals who have never played the FIFA mobile game before to figure out what to do and how to play. This instruction is for individuals who have never previously played FIFA Soccer. It contains a wealth of essential information and advice to help you get off to a strong start in this soccer simulation game.

Advanced Passing

The new FIFA Mobile upgrade will alter gameplay. The most significant addition to the game is sophisticated passing, which introduces new techniques to maintain ball possession in Head to Head, VS Attack, and Matches! With the various passing options, you should be able to generate more space and attack opportunities as you enjoy Premier League picks. So how do you go about it? 

• To perform a Driven Lob Pass, tap the Pass button and slide to the right.

They are lob passes that are more powerful and faster. They travel in a different direction from the majority of Lob Passes. Driven lob passes are an excellent method for quickly switching sides of the field.

• Swipe down and tap the Through button to trigger run

When you possess the ball, Trigger Runs causes one of your players to move forward on offense. Which player goes on a “triggered run” depends on the configuration of your touchpad. When a trigger run begins, yellow arrows appear alongside the player. You may initiate up to four X runs simultaneously in any area of the field during a single possession.

• To get a Dinked Through Pass, double-tap the Through button

• Double-tap the Pass button to earn a Dinked Ground Pass

A dinked ground pass is slightly elevated to evade a defender’s leg. These passes are the most effective approach to advance the ball when in a confined area or when a defender is in the way. 

When passing close to midrange, these are very useful in VS Attack to avoid getting blocked by a defender.

• To get a Driven Ground Pass, swipe left after pressing the Pass button

Driven Ground Passes are an expedited sort of Ground Pass. Driven ground passes are an excellent technique to speed up the game, advance up the field, and navigate tight spaces. Similar to Driven Lob Passes, they make it more difficult for the receiving player to escape being trapped in a trap. This relies on the pass’s distance, velocity, and ball control.

The Coins

In every game, money plays an integral role. In FIFA Mobile, coins also play a crucial role as cash. There are numerous opportunities to gain coins in the simulator. You can earn great money if you frequently employ these tactics.

You may also purchase coins in the store with FIFA Points. This is the game’s currency and may be purchased in a separate market section for real money. This method, however, is only beneficial for players with a particular budget for the simulator.

Tips for Resale; So you found an excellent hero at a low cost and purchased him. You may choose to reintroduce your player to the market. 

However, displaying a very high price when selling the player is not advisable. Set the card’s price 500 to 900 coins above its cost to purchase. If the cost of the card significantly increases, no one will purchase it.


This function takes control of the game when the user is not engaged with FIFA Mobile. Autoplay begins the game if the buttons or virtual stick are not touched for two seconds, and it ceases when you begin playing.

Therefore, you should be able to leave the game running while the computer completes drills and matches. But, as you might think, it’s generally preferable to manage your players instead of relying on the Al while you explore the latest Premier League predictions today.

Even with Autoplay enabled, you can still tap, slide, and hold the screen to select tackles, passes, and shots.

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