How to Restore Deleted TikTok Videos

How to Restore Deleted TikTok Videos

How to Restore Deleted TikTok Videos – Are you a TikTok account user? Have you ever had the urge to restore a deleted TikTok video? Here you will be given a tutorial on how to restore deleted TikTok videos. 

How to restore deleted people’s TikTok videos on the TikTok application is not as difficult as you might think.

Your TikTok video that has been accidentally deleted is sure to disappoint. Who knows the video that you have deleted or accidentally deleted is very important. 

So the video must be restored immediately. There is a way to view deleted TikTok videos.

Based on that, techjustify will discuss how to recover or find deleted videos or drafts. There are several ways to restore deleted TikTok videos, please choose the easy one.

How to Recover Deleted TikTok videos

In the case of recovering deleted TikTok videos, it is quite difficult if you don’t know the right way. You can do this way to restore lost TikTok drafts, it only takes a few minutes. 

The reason you accidentally lost a TikTok video may be deleted or accidentally deleted by an irresponsible person. 

Therefore, you have to do how to restore deleted people’s TikTok videos in the TikTok application. Here are some ways to restore deleted TikTok videos, let’s have a look!

1. How to View Deleted TikTok Videos Via iPhone

TikTok videos that are suddenly deleted from your account, sometimes for a reason. 

One of them is that the Tiktok account has detected your age who has not reached 13 years. Given the requirements for using TikTok, users must be at least 13 years old.

How to Restore Deleted TikTok Videos Videos Via iPhone

Another reason may be that there was an error that caused your video to be taken down. You might accidentally use a certain hashtag that turns out to be sensitive. 

If you want to restore your TikTok videos, then you can do so if you are using an iPhone device. Here’s how to recover deleted TikTok videos using iPhone:

  • The first step, open your iPhone then please log in to your TikTok account then please go to the profile page
  • If so, continue by clicking the ‘Privacy and Settings’ option then ‘Report a Problem’
  • Klik menu ‘Account Issue’
  • Later you will be asked to write down the email address you used when registering for a TikTok account first
  • Not only an email address, but also a problem column that you must fill in
  • Please write in detail about the problem you are currently experiencing, for example, “My best video on TikTok was suddenly deleted and so on”
  • The clearer the problem you write, the more likely it is that our deleted videos will be returned. Because the TikTok support team will have strong considerations for the reasons you wrote
  • The last step, click ‘Submit’. Wait for the Tiktok support team to respond via email.

2. How to Restore Lost TikTok Drafts

It turns out that restoring lost TikTok drafts can be done through any type of mobile device. 

You need to know that TikTok also provides a feature service that can restore deleted video drafts. However, many users still find it difficult to use this feature.

Actually, the method is quite easy if you understand. Here’s how to restore a lost TikTok draft, namely:

  • The first step on how to restore deleted TikTok videos is to open the TikTok application.
  • Next, please go to the Tiktok profile menu.
  • Then you click the three dots in the upper right corner to display the privacy settings menu.
  • If so, click the “Report a problem” menu option.
  • Then click the “Note” icon, which is located in the upper right corner.
  • Then click the “Tell us your feedback” menu at the bottom of the phone screen.
  • How to restore deleted Tiktok videos, the next thing you need to do is convey the problem you are experiencing.
  • You can explain in detail about the complaint
  • When finished, please click the “Report” menu. Then please wait for a reply from the TikTok support team.

3. Wait for Email Reply from TikTok Support Team

You need to know that the TikTok support team’s email response responses are sometimes fast and slow. 

So it depends on the Tiktok support team. Well, if you have received a reply, then how to restore deleted people’s TikTok videos in the next TikTok application, namely:

  • The Tiktok support team sent a link via email with the subject “Video Export”.
  • Download the video via the link sent by the support team.
  • Don’t spread the link that has been sent by the Tiktok support team.
  • If you have trouble opening the shared link, then change the media player so that the video can be opened.
  • If so, copy and paste all the links.
  • Please paste the link that you copied in the “download” column.
  • Then click the download image. Wait a few minutes for the process to complete.

4. How to Restore Deleted People’s Tiktok Videos on the Tiktok App

If you have an interesting video but it disappeared from your TikTok account, then you can easily restore it. Here’s how to recover lost TikTok videos:

  • Open the TikTok app
  • Please click the Profile menu.
  • Select the “Privacy & Settings” option.
  • Lalu “Report a Problem”.
  • Klik “Account Issue”.
  • Write down the email address.
  • Write a message in English about your problem.
  • Send an email to the team
  • Wait for a reply.
  • If the request passes, TikTok will reply to your message,
  • TikTok will send the video link.
  • Please download the video from the link.

Those were some ways to restore lost TikTok drafts.

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