How to Sell on TikTok Shop: 6 Easy Steps For Beginners in 2024

How to Sell on TikTok Shop

How to Sell on TikTok Shop: 6 Easy Steps For Beginners Nowadays, shopping can be done in many different ways: at markets, supermarkets, grocery stores, or e-commerce platforms, etc. Sellers will have many ways to reach customers online. directly or indirectly. Recently, there is a trading platform that has been receiving attention recently: Tiktok Shop. Some people are interested in selling on TikTok shop and how to sell on TikTok shop.

What is Tiktok Shop?

First, we should know what Tiktok is, right? Is a social media application developed by technology company ByteDance and launched in September 2016, developed on the basis of an application specializing in sharing short videos about creativity, knowledge, precious moments in life.

The way this platform works is so popular with young people that in 2018 it was honored as the social network with the most downloads. Realizing such public interest, Tiktok saw the potential influence of Tiktop Shop and was born to meet shopping needs on this platform.

 This is where sellers will post information about the items they sell and make creative videos to promote the products so that users can see the videos and buy them through there.

How to Sell on TikTok Shop: 6 Easy Steps For Beginners

Instructions on how to sell on Tiktok shop

For small businesses who want to learn about this social network and take advantage of it to sell but don’t know how, this article is for you.

Build a personal Tiktok channel, create a sales profile

Step 1: Download the Tiktok application to your device or search on the web.

Step 2: Select profile, click Register account button.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate registration method. Then enter the information provided by the app and create your own password.

Step 4: Create a personal ID, then press the Register button. So you have your own Tiktok account.

Once you have a Tiktok account and want to use it for sales, we will show you how to sell through this Tiktok Shop.

Steps to register a TikTok shop account

Step 1: Access tiktok merchant at the link

Step 2: Click the Register account button.

Step 3: Steps to register a tiktok shop account

If you don’t have a tiktok shop account , register for an account with your phone number or email

If you already have a tiktok shop account  , click login

Register for tiktok shop

Step 4: Log in to your Tik tok shop account

Step 5: Register your store name and verify your store information on Tik Tok

Step 6: Go to your tiktok shop, start posting products and selling through Tik tok Shop

Select products to sell on Tiktok Shop

The product is the prerequisite, the bridge between the seller and the buyer. Speculate on which products are hot, have the ability to keep up with trends, and are of interest to many people participating in the application. According to evaluation and calculation, the items that Tiktok offers such as: cosmetics, food, handmade items, fashion are popular items sold and users are interested in today, you can consider.

Search for customer sources

TikTok is mostly for young people, a dynamic age group with easy and simple access to technology and a love of mobile phone applications. So how to find your potential customers among them?

On Tiktok you cannot search for information such as name, gender, occupation, etc. because this is not supported. You can search for an individual in the following ways:

  • User ID
  • Video
  • Hashtags
  • Name of the song

Among the above methods, searching by Hashtag is the easiest and most effective way to find customers.

For example: The product you want to sell is cosmetics and you want to find people interested in this field. Please enter keywords in the “Search” box and select the hashtag #Mypham. Videos with this hashtag will be listed randomly. And you can click on the videos and connect with those individuals by following them, or you can read comments about that field on the video to learn and research customer needs from there. reach them more easily.

Make sales videos on tik tok shop

Instructions for making sales videos on TikTok Shop

When recording a sales video on TikTok, you should follow these steps:

  • Create a script and content of the video that is attractive and attracts viewers
  • Choose models to make cute videos, makeup according to each concept or product
  • Prepare tools before filming such as phone, tripod, ring light…

While recording a video, choose attractive background music that matches the video content. Background music can be top Trending songs or music you recorded yourself.

Write captions for sales on tiktok shop

After editing the video, the next step is to think of a caption for the video so that viewers will pay attention and be interested when scrolling to it. Caption must ensure the following elements: 

  • Bring the full content of the video and information you want to convey.
  • Attach hashtags related to the product you are selling
  • Contact address, contact method.

Increase interactions for personal Tiktok channel

This will contribute to inviting more people to be interested in your product. You can comment on famous people’s videos about your product information because there are many followers there. If anyone is interested in your product, they will automatically go to the page to find information and how to do it. purchasing method.

Is there a fee for selling on Tiktok Shop?

Like the platforms Shopee, Lazada, Sendo, etc. all charge sellers when orders are successfully delivered and Tiktok Shop is no exception. However, the current fee paid to TikTok Shop is very attractive, only 1% of the total order value. The prices are very reasonable for the sellers, right? So you can rest assured choosing this social network to do business. 

Above is all the information related to selling on TikTok Shop. This is a hot social networking platform in recent years and is considered a newly reclaimed land with many fertile resources and resources. We can have many opportunities to learn and exploit the benefits of the application. This. Wishing you good luck and good sales from this application.

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