How to Use Samsung Washing Machine | Easily 2024

How to Use Samsung Washing Machine | Easily 2022

Samsung Washing Machine Easily – It is obligatory to know how to use a good and correct Samsung washing machine so that the clothes washing process can be carried out smoothly without any problems.

As we know, the washing machine is one of the electronic items that must be used in household life.

The reason is, by using this tool, washing clothes can be solved easily and practically. You don’t have to worry about washing clothes manually anymore.

There are many brands of washing machines on the market and one of the most popular is the Samsung brand washing machine.

For new users, they will certainly be confused in operating the Samsung washing machine because they are certainly not familiar with the existing features and buttons.

How to Use a Samsung Washing Machine

Here are the steps you must take to operate the Samsung washing machine easily.

  • First, place the washing machine near the power outlet to make it easier to plug the washing machine power jack cable.
  • Also choose a faucet that fits the washing machine’s water hose. Because as we know, not all washing machines have water hoses of the same size.
  • The next stage, insert the washing machine power jack into the socket.
  • Don’t forget to open the drain hose so that the washing water in the machine can come out and avoid errors in the machine.
  • Put the dirty clothes to be washed in the machine. You should first separate colored clothes from white clothes to avoid fading.
  • In addition to separating colored clothes from white ones, it is also recommended to put clothes according to the capacity of the washing machine.
 Use Samsung Washing Machine Easily
  • The next step, enter the detergent and softener into the container provided in the washing machine.
  • Then, close the washing machine and turn on the faucet. Press the Power button and after that the machine will beep which indicates the washing machine is ready to use.
  • Choose a washing mode that suits your laundry. Press the Water button to set the water for washing. If so, click the Start button to start the washing process.
  • The next way to use a Samsung washing machine is that you just need to wait for the washing process to finish. When it’s finished there will be a sound again and the washing machine will automatically turn off by itself.
  • After the washing process is complete and the washing machine is off, you can start taking the clothes in the machine to dry.

Samsung washing machine washing mode

We have finished discussing how to use a Samsung washing machine correctly, and we continue to the next discussion, which is about the washing mode in the washing machine. Check out the modes one by one below!

Samsung washing machine washing mode

Quick wash

With the Quick wash method, you can wash clothes in 15 minutes. However, in this mode, only light clothes are washed, weighing less than 2 kilograms.


When using the Cotton mode in the Samsung washing machine, the type of fabric from the clothes that are put into the washing machine must be cotton, for example bed sheets, shirts, towels, etc.

Daily wash

As the name implies, the Daily wash mode is used for the daily washing process.

outdoor care

Next is outdoor care. With this mode you can put clothes that are often worn outdoors.

For example, sports clothes made of spandex with micro fiber.


Finally there is the Bedding mode. This mode is often used to wash bed linen that weighs less than 2 kilograms.

In addition to bed linen, you can also wash one type of blanket weighing less than 2 kilograms.

Tips for using a Samsung washing machine

Tips for using a Samsung washing machine

After knowing how to use a Samsung washing machine and its washing mode, you should also listen to tips on using the washing machine to make it more durable and long lasting. Here are the tips.

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  • Operate the washing machine properly and correctly.
  • Avoid washing until it exceeds the load capacity of the washing machine.
  • The use of the volume of water must be in accordance with the standard.
  • Must choose the right washing mode.
  • Keep the washing machine clean.
  • Avoid washing with cloudy water so that the washing machine does not get dirty quickly.
  • Remove the laundry immediately after the washing process is complete. This is to avoid the appearance of unpleasant odors.

That’s it, how to use a Samsung washing machine, washing modes for a Samsung washing machine, and tips on using a Samsung washing machine to make it last longer.

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