How to Verify Age on Instagram

How to Verify Age on Instagram

How to Verify Age on Instagram – Age confirmation on Instagram is a mandatory procedure for anyone under 18 years of age.

And if you want to change your age on the social network, you will also need to go through an analysis, as a means of security in relation to the veracity of this information .

In today’s content we will explain how everything works and also if there is a minimum age to be able to create an account on this platform so used today!

How important is age verification on Instagram?

As Instagram itself informs, the social network requests information about the age of its users to provide experiences suitable for different age groups, especially in the case of teenagers .

It is important to emphasize that the monitoring of guardians is still important, even if teenagers can create an account on the social network.

What is the minimum age to create an Instagram account ?

In the network informs that the minimum age for creating an account is 13 years old. But in some countries, the minimum age is higher!

How to confirm my age on Instagram?

There are three options for confirming your age on Instagram, see below:

  • Identity document: you send an image of an official identification document from your country of origin;
  • Video selfie: you record a video showing your face from different angles and send it to the platform;
  • Friend Verification: You ask three of your followers to confirm your age.

Which documents are accepted?

Regarding the sending of the document, the following are accepted: passport, driver’s license , RG, marriage certificate, official name change document, personal or vehicle insurance card. 

The platform informs that the document remains securely stored on its servers and that it will be deleted after a period of 30 days.

Method that uses your friends in age confirmation

In the process that uses your friends on Instagram , it is important to note that all chosen people must be over 18 years old and must respond to the request within three days.

To understand better, check out the step by step:

Step 1: open the social network application on your cell phone and enter your profile;

Step 2: go to “Edit profile” and tap “Personal information settings”;

Step 3: in the “Date of birth” option, change it to the desired date;

Step 4: press “Continue” in the age confirmation window;

Step 5: select an option to confirm your age;

Step 6: being the document alternative, choose an option from the list of accepted documents and take a photo, then tap “Send”;

Step 7: if it is the video selfie option, record the video with angles of your face and press “Send”;

Step 8: if you choose the option to ask followers, choose three people from your list and press “Send”.

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How long does it take for the request to be approved?

Instagram does not have a fixed response time, but it usually arrives within a few hours of the request You’ll see a notification in your app indicating whether the request was accepted or denied.

Why can’t I verify age?

This age confirmation process on the social network is a way that the platform found to save and prevent children or teenagers between 13 and 17 from being exposed to sensitive and inappropriate content for their age group. Being a new standard, the new accounts created must confirm the age. But, any user can verify when trying to change their date of birth.

How to put my age in Instagram bio?

There is still no specific feature to display the age in the biography on Instagram, as well as the “Name” field. What can be done is to add this information manually by going to the options to edit your profile :

The step by step is very simple, follow:

Step 1: open your Instagram app and login to your account;

Step 2: click on “Edit Profile”;

Step 3: tap on “Bio”;

Step 4 : enter your age, it can be in the format “29 years old”, “01/23/1993”, “January 23, 1993”, or in the alternative that you consider to be better;

Step 5: To finish, go to “Finish” in the upper right corner.

Ready! Now you know how to verify your age on Instagram. 

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