Discord bots: The Best Bots and How to Put Them on the Server

Discord bots: The Best Bots and How to Put Them on the Server

Discord bots: the best bots and how to put them on the serverDiscord bots are tools that can make any action easier, thus there are numerous alternatives to choose from, whether to moderate chats, organize events, play music, entertain members of a server, or aimed at the gamer public. 

These are free options that automate these tasks and ease the work of channel administrators.

Discord is a social platform that allows you to create groups of chats separated by servers, text, and voice channels. 

It has different bots indicated to do certain tasks automatically, with personalized statistics commands, the ability to offer original welcomes, and guide new users. 

Therefore, it is wise to know how they are added to a server and why they should be used.

Table of Contents

  • Recommendations for using Bots in Discord
  • The best bots for their functions
    • Music players
      • Chip
      • Ayana
      • Hydra
      • FredBoat
    • Event organizers
      • Raid-Helper
      • GiveawayBot
      • MEE6
    • Chat moderators
      • Dyno
      • TypicalBot
      • Wildbeast
      • YAGPDB
    • For gamers
      • Epic RPG
      • Hangman (The Hanged Man)
      • Pokecord
      • Gamestats
      • Steambot
      • Owo
    • Others
      • Carl-bot
      • Move
      • Dank Memer
      • ProBot
  • Why use them

Recommendations for using Bots in Discord

When adding bots to Discord, a series of recommendations should be kept in mind when installing and using them. These include the following:

  • Each of these tools has a unique characteristic , which makes it possible to make a chat channel more entertaining, by providing functions aimed at carrying out specific actions .
  • To add and explore new bots , you can go to the Discord search engine or the Top Bots page . These are appended when invited to a server.
  • In some cases it is necessary to configure them , which can be consulted on the official page of the obtained bot.
  • They can be used to play music , create playlists, or select a particular track.
  • There are instruments of this kind dedicated to chat moderation , which fulfill the role of answering questions or eliminating members who violate the group’s rules. They are ideal for users who have a wide channel .
  • Those owners of servers dedicated to gameplays , raffles, contests and even unboxings of different elements, have bots for events designed to help announce this event.

The best bots for their functions

According to the theme of the channel, it is possible to mention a series of bots within Discord according to their functions, among which are the following:

Music players

Among the most used bots in Discord to play music, it is possible to mention a set of options, among these:


With this alternative, the members of the server will have several functions to play music from platforms such as SoundCloud, Vimeo, Mixer, YouTube, Bandcamp, and Twitch. 

It differs from other bots because it allows users to randomize, jump, move and repeat songs, as well as display the lyrics of the same.

Official page: https://chipbot.gg/home


It is in Spanish and is used in more than 800,000 servers, which can add music to the server and even execute other commands. Whether for entertainment and moderation, being able to block members of the channel so that they do not cause problems for other users. 

On the other hand, its paid version offers more than 1,000 songs in the playback queue, fewer restrictions on API tasks, and greater connection stability.

Official page: https://ayana.io/


It features an elegant interface and a modern design, which are available in ten languages. It is an excellent choice to listen to all kinds of tracks, being better than YouTube. 

It integrates with streaming music platforms, such as Spotify and SoundCloud. In addition, it has the advantage of being available 24 hours a day.

Official page: https://hydra.bot/


It is a free bot that does not have great popularity, but it is useful for users due to its compatibility with different music applications

These include Mixer, Bandcamp, YouTube, Wastebin, Twitch, Vimeo, and SoundCloud. Consequently, the members of a server will have at their disposal a wide variety of musical themes.

Official page: https://fredboat.com/

Event organizers

Taking into account the servers belonging to YouTubers, gamers, and users dedicated to unboxing or presentations, there are different event organizing bots, among which are:


It allows you to schedule and organize events, being used particularly to coordinate World of Warcraft raids, although it can also be used for surveys and custom events. 

In this way, the server administrator can know the number of participants and other data.

Official page: https://raid-helper.com/


It is dedicated to running sweepstakes and contests in a unique way, which allows you to attract attention and get new users to join a server. Therefore, to use strategies or do this kind of event on time, GiveawayBot is the perfect option. It has a series of simple commands to facilitate organization while providing the most transparent way possible to carry out giveaways.

Official page: https://giveawaybot.party/


It offers a wide variety of functions, including tools for organizing events, custom commands, management with welcome messages, and more. 

It is a versatile bot, ideal for gamers, YouTubers, and content creators. Among its most striking features, it is worth noting its willingness to receive notifications from Reddit, YouTube, and Twitch .

Official page: https://mee6.xyz/

Chat moderators

Thinking about the management and moderation of chats, you can find a series of bots that are in charge of fulfilling this task, among the best are:


Not only does it take care of moderation, but it also allows you to configure various actions, including placing ads, adding a music player, adding anti-spam systems, customizing commands, and assigning each service member a role. 

At the same time, it has a Premium version, which has extra functions, such as connection stability for the server and improvements in its system.

Official page: https://dyno.gg/


It provides automatic chat management, with options of permissions for different members of the server, plays music, or uses minigames. 

Another of its most outstanding features is that it can provide information provided by ChannelID and ServerID. When it comes to restraint, you can kick out those who violate the rules of conduct on Discord.

Official page: https://typicalbot.com/


It is an open-source multifunction bot, which allows a series of actions to be carried out, among them aimed at entertaining the members of the server through minigames, creating memes, and playing music. 

On the other hand, there is its function to moderate, being able to ban or mute any member of a server. It also has a customization system with various configurations to make handling easier.

Official page: https://wildbeast.guide/


ts initials correspond to Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot, translated into Spanish as “Another general-purpose Discord bot.” 

It is indicated for the management and general care of any server, which stands out for presenting a very complete control panel. Its features include self-moderation, statistics logging options, custom commands, and naming.

Official page: https://yagpdb.xyz/

For gamers

In Discord, there is a wide variety of gamers who, according to a particular game, have their servers dedicated to talking about those titles. Some bots targeting these individuals include the following:

Epic RPG

It is ideal for spending long hours of fun, crossing dungeons, and leveling up. Like a PC title, Epic RPG has armor upgrades and experience gained through intuitive adventure and easy gameplay. 

In total, server members will have to go through up to 15 dungeons.

Official pagehttps://top.gg/bot/555955826880413696

Hangman (The Hanged Man)

It is a fun game to pass the time since as its name indicates, it has the same mechanics as the game “hangman”, where it will be necessary to guess a word by adding letter by letter.

In case of not getting it right, the bot will create a drawing of a man, which can end up hanging if users don’t get the term right.

Official page: https://bots.ondiscord.xyz/bots/371789181954818050


Discord bots: The Best Bots and How to Put Them on the Server  Pokecord

As its name indicates, it is related to the world of Pokémon, in which the members of the server must capture Pokémon and fight each other for fun, with simple commands to implement to achieve it. 

Likewise, it allows different species to be marketed and exchanged, being extremely entertaining and easy to play.

Official page: https://top.gg/bot/705016654341472327


It is a bot that, after linking an account from the console, PC, or mobile games, will be able to show all the information and statistics between members of a server, whether they are guildmates, friends, or professional teams. 

Among the platforms with which it is available are Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and Steam.

Official pagehttps://gamestats.gg/


It is aimed at those interested in video games. It was created by Steam, so it provides information on titles belonging to the platform, up-to-date notifications about new offers offered by its portal, as well as statistical data to compare one title with another.

Consequently, it is ideal for making reviews and tops about the best games.

Official page: https://discordbotlist.com/bots/steambot


It is similar to Pokecord, with the difference that users must capture different animals and fight each other. 

So, the objective of the game will be to create a kind of zoo and obtain as many species as possible. It also has options to easily generate memes and emojis.

Official page: https://top.gg/bot/408785106942164992


There are other bots on Discord aimed at entertainment and performing various tasks on a server. Within this type, there are the following:


It stands out for being a general-purpose bot, which provides specific reactions and custom commands. 

In turn, you can record different kinds of information, such as server statistics. In the same way, it usually acts as a source of interaction, providing data on user publications, leaderboards, among other functions.

Official page: https://carl.gg/


It is aimed at fans of Japanese culture, where members of the server must face each other within various free minigames provided by the bot. 

This, to win more than 50,000 anime characters, being classified as a waifus and husbandos card game.

Official page: https://top.gg/bot/432610292342587392

Dank Memer

It corresponds to the type of entertainment as it provides memes and virtual currencies to animate any server. 

It is perfect for adding a touch of fun and good humor, which allows increasing the interaction of a server, as it provides free music through Spotify, minigames, and content in fun trends.

Official page: https://dankmemer.lol


It is a welcome bot, which offers moderation for the servers, in turn, it can record and provide statistics for said channel. It can perform analysis with information cards, which allow us to understand if a server is growing or not. 

Discord bots: The Best Bots and How to Put Them on the Server

Therefore, it is an excellent alternative for those who wish to study these aspects and provide their members with a personalized welcome.

Official page: https://probot.io/en

Why use them

There are different reasons why it is convenient to use a bot in Discord, among these we can mention the following:

  • Each bot plays a particular role , taking charge of automating a specific task, greatly facilitating the work of an administrator.
  • Allows members of a server to interact with each other .
  • They facilitate the administrator’s vigilance work , in the event that there are users who violate the community’s standards of conduct.
  • Most of them are free , although they have Premium versions with unlimited functions.
  • They can direct new members to a server , providing information on rules and even answers to common questions.

Finding Discord bots is a simple task that, according to the user’s tastes, will be able to make certain actions easier and in turn, entertain the members of said server.

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