Instagram Action Blocked: How to Fix It and Solve

How to remove action blocked on Instagram 2022

Instagram Action BlockedHow to remove action blocked on Instagram, Causes and How to Prevent It – Are you busy surfing, suddenly get a notification Instagram action is temporarily blocked? Panic? Naturally. 

But it is important for us to know what causes our Instagram account to be blocked and how to overcome it.

There are various types of temporary blocking on Instagram. Starting from blocking activities like and commenting on posts, not being able to follow other users, to not being able to make new posts.

The trigger is usually doing certain activities or actions that are aggressive. Instagram itself is constantly working to eliminate or penalize users who attempt to violate their policies.

And the punishment for this aggressive act is one of Instagram’s efforts to protect its community from policy violators.

Causes of Instagram Action Blocked

There are various factors that cause an Instagram account to be temporarily blocked. When you experience this, you usually immediately get a pop notification with the following text:

“This action is blocked. Try again later. We prohibit certain content and actions to protect our community. Let us know if you think we’ve made a mistake”.

How to remove action blocked on Instagram 2022

Furthermore, the IG account will have an error and cannot carry out certain activities related to the blocking penalty. What are the causes of blocking our Instagram account?

Here are some reasons why Instagram accounts are blocked:

  • Aggressive in doing follow-unfollow activities (too fast).
  • Like posts on Instagram in a short time with too many amounts.
  • Make inappropriate comments on a post.
  • Creating spam comments with the same text across multiple accounts.
  • Submitting posts that violate Instagram policies.
  • Login and logout too often with a large number of accounts.
  • Sign in to a third-party app that violates Instagram’s policy guidelines.
  • Using bot programs to perform activities such as auto liker, auto follow, auto comment, and the like.

If you take any of the actions above, Instagram may block you at any time. Don’t worry, this block is usually temporary.

How to Prevent Temporary Blocking from Instagram

For many businesses and personnel, an Instagram account is an asset. Each of us doesn’t want our activities to just stop because of this blocking from Instagram. Even if this blocking only lasted a few days.

How to remove action blocked on Instagram 2022

Closely related to the factors that cause IG to be temporarily blocked, here are the steps to prevent our Instagram account from being blocked:

  • Avoid aggressive activity on Instagram, be it follow, unfollow or like posts.
  • Create a balanced activity if you take follow-unfollow actions. For example, keep posting content consistently, and follow other accounts, we do a maximum of 2-3 sessions a day. Perform unfollow actions only when you have reached a certain number of followings. When we unfollow, we stop following other users and posting content continues.
  • Temporarily stop some activity when the block status is reopened.
  • Make sure your email and cellphone number are verified correctly on your IG account.
  • Do proper promotion, don’t spam too much.
  • Avoid using auto follower or auto like tools.
  • Connect Instagram account with Facebook or Twitter.
  • Avoid carelessly giving IG login access to suspicious applications.
  • When logging in via the web, make sure you are logged in to the correct website (the official Instagram site ), not a phishing site .

How to Overcome Instagram Actions Temporarily Blocked

If it’s been temporarily blocked, what should we do?

Here are some efforts that we can do to overcome the temporarily blocked actions (temporary blocked) from Instagram:

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1. Reinstalling the Instagram App

The first step we will try to overcome Instagram blocking is to reinstall the Instagram application. We can do this when the cause of this IG account blocking is the detection of illegal and suspicious actions.

Meanwhile, the Instagram application contains cached data that stores a log of our activities when using an IG account. That way, reinstallation will make cached data deleted.

However, we should also note that clearing the cache does not mean that Instagram does not read our activity history. Because this activity is still recorded on the Instagram server.

However, this method is often successful in recovering temporarily blocked IG accounts. So, it never hurts to try this trick.

2. Use a VPN

The next step to get around the blocked action by Instagram is to use a VPN app. The goal is to disguise our IP network so that previous activity is not detected.

As the number one method, this method is often able to overcome cases of temporarily blocked Instagram.

3. Switch to Mobile Network

We can use this method if the blocking occurs suddenly when we are using a Wifi network. There is a possibility that blocking occurs because of the IP of the Wifi internet that we are using.

If these factors are the trigger, the block can immediately disappear when switching to cellular data.

4. Accessing Instagram with Other Devices

The next way to get around Instagram blocked action is to switch devices. Login as usual from a different device, and a verification request will appear.

Perform verification and blocking can be opened if the triggering factor is similar to point no. 3.

5. Stop Instagram Account Activity Temporarily

One of the reasons why accounts are temporarily blocked is because the system detects suspicious activity. As techjustify reviewed above, usually this has to do with aggressive actions that users take.

Try to log out of your IG account, and stop opening the Instagram app within 24 hours.

6. Report

When the pop-up action blocked appears, there are 2 options that we can choose. Try selecting the “Report Problem” or “Report a Problem” option.

This choice will cause Instagram to accept our report and review the temporary block. If according to Instagram this blocking is not appropriate, the block will be lifted.

7. Wait Until Blocking Is Complete

How to remove action blocked on Instagram 2022

Continuing from point number 6, if according to Instagram the blocking is a legal action, then inevitably the user has to wait until the temporary blocking penalty is complete.

On Instagram itself, there are 3 types of blocking that can be used to differentiate from the notification, namely:

7.1 Action Blocked

Namely to block certain actions. For example, blocking the action of following another user’s account, then this restriction only applies to this action. We can still like and comment, and make posts.

7.2 Temporarily Blocked

That is temporary blocking where users can only access Instagram accounts without being able to take any actions, such as likes, comments, or stories. This blocking action usually takes 1-5 days.

7.3 Permanently Blocked

That is permanent blocking. Because it is permanent, this means that your account can no longer access anything due to a serious violation of Instagram’s Terms of Service.


Blocking in Instagram generally consists of three types. Starting from temporary blocking, blocked actions (partial temporary blocking), and temporary blocking. Either way, it’s a punishment that makes Instagram users feel uncomfortable.

Even so, if the blocking is still temporary, we can try to get our Instagram account to recover immediately or pass this blocking penalty.  

And of course, it’s also important to know the cause of this blocking so you don’t get caught up in this case often.

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