iPhone 13 launch release date,all rumors, price, and features

iPhone 13: launch, price, features (rumors)

iPhone 13 is close to launching as we are expected to return to the usual September release cycle this year. So the time has come to talk about it and understand which of the leaked news to date can be considered plausible.

What improvements can we expect over the iPhone 12? Apple does not usually make noticeable changes between two later models, there will still be some news.

Expect changes under the hood and some exciting new features, but don’t be too excited, this year’s iPhone will reportedly be an update to the ā€œSā€ variant, not a revision like last year.

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Everything we know about the iPhone 13:

The 2021 model of the Cupertino company has been indicated with the iPhone 13 for a long time, but the iPhone 2021 is likely an “S” update of the 2020 models.

Someone says that there is also a superstitious reason behind the choice of the name, we will find out next September, and then we will see in 2022 if Apple will choose the name iPhone 14 and completely skip the number 13.


The iPhone 12 device with its rectangular edges has been a big hit with many customers, and there are no reports that Apple plans to deviate from this design in 2021.

Everything we know about the iPhone 13: the name

Multiple dummy units and CAD files indicate that Apple will be making some slight design changes to this year’s models, regular models will feature a rearranged camera setup, while iPhone 13 Pro will reportedly feature a much larger camera bump and camera lens. enlarged camera. However, all of these design changes are quite minor and the design is expected to remain fairly similar overall.


Despite the countless reports of the limited success of the Mini version of the iPhone 12, its successor is expected to be launched in September and therefore there will still be four models that Apple will launch in 2021.

So, these are the possible four models in three dimensions:

  • iPhone 12S mini (5.4 inches)
  • iPhone 12S (6.1 inch)
  • iPhone 12S Pro (6.1 inch)
  • iPhone 12S Pro Max (6.7-inch)


If the reports are correct, 2021 could finally be the year of 120Hz on the iPhone. The iPhone 12S Pro line is expected to feature a ProMotion display with a variable refresh rate, thanks to the adoption of LTPO technology.

 Apple will launch in 2021.

This is the same technology used by Apple in the Apple Watch and could mark the inclusion of an always-on display option, in addition to the 120Hz capability. The other iPhone 13 models are unlikely to feature the same type of refresh rate.


We have no indication yet on how Apple will power it’s iPhone 2021. In recent years, Apple has followed the very simple pattern of adding a new “A” series chip to its iPhone every year. If Apple follows the “tradition”, we can probably expect a new chip, probably an A15, to be present.


One big improvement rumored to come with the next iPhone is the camera. News advises that at least the iPhone 12S Pro versions of the device will feature a Time-of-Flight camera, with a three-lens service.

iPhone 12S Pro versions

Also, the iPhone 12S line, the two low-end devices, will get a boost using the iPhone 12 Pro Max’s camera. Like the iPhone 12, they are supposed to be dual cameras.


The only reports we have on the iPhone battery this year indicate that a rather substantial capacity upgrade is on the way. How this will translate into actual performance, however, is a different matter, with upgrades to the display, connectivity, and camera, it could be that the larger batteries only contribute to a slight performance boost or even something in line with last year.


Apple is expected to expand support for 5G mmWave with this year’s iPhone.


No USB-C charging. A report by Jon Prosser earlier this year states that Apple will never adopt USB-C on the iPhone and that Apple is planning to release a portless iPhone next year.

That’s right, at least an iPhone 12S could be port-free, relying on connectivity and wireless charging, or perhaps a smart connector to get the job done. Regardless, there will never be a USB-C iPhone.

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There are still no specific rumors about the price of the iPhone 13 (or iPhone 12S), but in recent years Apple has developed the simple design of introducing a new phone at more or less comparable prices to the past models and then decreasing the price of the old ones..

iPhone 12 debuted in a split launch

Release date

iPhone 12 debuted in a split launch and held postponed due to COVID-19. This year Apple will return to the normal roadmap it has accustomed us to with the classic September launch, which means you won’t have to wait that long for the 2021 flagship to debut.

The return of Touch ID

Numerous reports indicate that Touch ID could return to the iPhone in 2021 thanks to an under-display fingerprint scanner. As noted by Jon Prosser, the events of 2020 provide the perfect coverage for Apple to reintroduce the feature without undermining its previous Face ID push in favor of Touch ID.

Smaller notch

There are multiple indications that the notch introduced by Apple in 2017 with the iPhone X will be narrower, but not shorter, in the iPhone 2021 range. Hopefully, this should mean more space on either side of the notch for status symbols and indicators such as battery life and connectivity.

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