10 Must Know iPhone Features for Photo Editing and Sharing

iPhone Features for Photo Editing and Sharing

Must Know iPhone Features for Photo Editing and Sharing – In today’s digital age, capturing and sharing photos has become an integral part of our lives. With the convenience of smartphones, particularly the iPhone, photography has never been more accessible. However, many iPhone users are unaware of the powerful built-in features that can elevate their photo editing and sharing skills to new heights. In this article, we will delve into some essential iPhone features for photo editing and sharing that will enable you to transform your photos into stunning works of art.

From basic editing tools to advanced features, the iPhone offers a plethora of options to enhance and customize your photos. Whether you want to adjust lighting, apply filters, or add creative effects, mastering these features will help you create visually captivating images that will stand out on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Furthermore, sharing your edited photos with friends, family, and the world is made easy with the iPhone’s seamless integration with various social media and messaging apps. We will explore the different sharing options available on your iPhone, allowing you to effortlessly showcase your photographic creations and connect with others.

10 Must Know iPhone Features for Photo Editing and Sharing

Some features of iPhone users to ease their editing and sharing experience-

1. Convert photos into PDF

IPhone feature for photo editing and sharing is the ability to convert iPhone photos to PDF format. This feature proves valuable when you want to organize and share multiple photos as a single file. By converting your photos to PDF, you can ensure that the recipients see the images exactly as you intended, without any loss of quality or formatting issues.

This feature is especially useful for creating portfolios, sending professional documents, or preserving memories in a compact and easily shareable format. With Converged Devices, you can convert your iPhone photos to PDF with just a few simple steps. Our user-friendly app allows you to select multiple photos from your iPhone gallery, arrange them in the desired order, and seamlessly convert them into a high-quality PDF document. Once converted, you can easily share the PDF via email, messaging apps, or cloud storage platforms.

2. Use the iPhone Camera App to Take Better Photos

The iPhone camera app is powerful, but most people don’t know how to use it effectively. One of the easiest ways to improve your photos is to use the grid feature. The grid divides the screen into nine equal squares, making it easier to apply the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is a composition technique that involves dividing the image into thirds horizontally and vertically and placing the subject at the intersection points. This creates a more balanced and visually appealing photo.

3. Edit Photos with the Photos App

The Photos app on your iPhone has a range of powerful editing tools that can take your photos to the next level. To edit a photo, open the Photos app and select the photo you want to edit. Tap on the Edit button in the top right corner, and you will see a range of editing tools.

4. Use Third-Party Photo Editing Apps for Advanced Editing

While the Photos app has a range of powerful editing tools, it is limited in terms of advanced editing features. For more advanced editing, you can use third-party photo editings apps like Adobe Lightroom, VSCO, and Snapseed.

5. Share Photos on Social Media

Once you have edited your photos, it’s time to share them on social media. The iPhone makes it easy to share photos on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

6. iCloud Photo Sharing 

Take advantage of iCloud Photo Sharing to create shared albums and collaborate with friends and family. This feature allows you to share photos, videos, and comments within a private album, making it easy to exchange memories and experiences.

7. Backup Your Photos with iCloud

It’s important to back up your photos to ensure that you don’t lose them if something happens to your iPhone. The iPhone has a built-in backup feature called iCloud, which allows you to back up your photos, as well as your contacts, messages, and other data.

8. Live Photos and Effects 

Take advantage of the Live Photos feature on your iPhone to add life and movement to your images. You can apply various effects to your Live Photos, such as loop, bounce, and long exposure, creating dynamic visuals that go beyond still images.

9. Portrait Mode and Depth Control 

For those using newer iPhone models, Portrait Mode allows you to capture stunning portraits with a shallow depth-of-field effect, blurring the background and highlighting the subject. Additionally, you can adjust the depth control after capturing the photo, allowing you to fine-tune the focus and background blur.

10. Filters and Editing Extensions 

Explore the wide range of filters available in the Photos app, which can instantly transform the mood and tone of your photos. Additionally, you can download third-party editing extensions from the App Store to further expand your editing capabilities and access advanced tools.


By harnessing the built-in features of your iPhone, you can elevate your photo editing and sharing skills to create stunning works of art. From basic adjustments to advanced effects, the iPhone offers a range of tools to enhance the look and feel of your photos. Furthermore, the seamless integration with social media platforms allows you to effortlessly share your edited photos with a wider audience. So, explore these must-know features and unlock your creative potential, transforming your iPhone into a powerful tool for capturing, editing, and sharing your photographic creations.

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