Is Bumble Premium Worth it?

Is Bumble Premium Worth it

Bumble Premium – Whether you’re looking for a hot flirt or just friends close by, Bumble will help you. This dating portal is known for women making the first move. It doesn’t get any better for men. For a few euros a month you can even buy a premium account and have even more functions.

Are the Bumble Premium Features Worth Spending Money On? Let’s take a closer look at that now. And from both perspectives – both that of a woman and that of a man.

What services does Bumble Premium Include?

The two add-on subscriptions you can get for Bumble areBumble BoostandBumble Premium. They not only differ in price, but also in the additional functions that you get with the subscription.

Bumble Boost costs 13.99 euros per month and allows you to undo a match, extend it and swipe indefinitely. Normally you have a limited number of swipes per day that you can’t exceed.

In addition, thanks to the spotlight function, you will be shown to many other users and you will receive 5 superswipes per week. These are useful to you insofar as you can write to them before the match with people you like.

Bumble Premium is a bit more expensive, but it comes with a lot more features.

For 34.99 euros per month or 14.99 euros per week you not only get all the functions of the Bumble Boost, but a lot more. For example, you can limit your selection using filters, see who likes you and also get to know people from other cities for seven days.

The latter is particularly useful if you are about to move house or are going on vacation somewhere and want to get to know people from the area beforehand.

The lifetime subscription to Bumble Premium for a one-time fee of 159.99 euros is definitely interesting. Actually, in relative terms, this is a mega bargain, because a lifetime subscription pays off if you plan to use the Bumble Premium for at least one year.

I have no idea what Bumble was thinking. But it’s always interesting.

Is there a Discount for Bumble Premium?

You might also think that the price of Bumble Premium is pretty high. You can’t really afford something like that at the moment.

The more interesting question is whether there are any discounts that will allow you to get the subscription at a lower price (apart from the highly interesting lifetime subscription).

Unfortunately, that’s not the case with Bumble per se. You don’t get a student discount or anything like that and you basically have to pay full price in most cases if you want to use the functions.

The only exceptions are cooperations that Bumble sometimes has with other companies or discount campaigns, such as on Black Friday.

In such cases, there are coupons that give you free or discounted access to premium features for a few months.

Get a Free Trial of Bumble Premium

Run Bumble.The icon is in the shape of a beehive on a yellow background. Visithttps://bumble.comwhen you are on a computer.

Free trialsare generallyonly available for new accounts. If you already have an account and are not taking advantage of the free trial, you will have to wait until Bumble offers a trial to users who do have an account but are not yet using the free trial. If you get a free trial offer, you will be notified via the app or website.

Click or tap Join .To create an account, you can choose a login method (login), for example with a Facebook account or cellphone number.

If you’re using a mobile number, you’ll receive a code via SMS, which you’ll need to enter into the app for you to continue.

Create a password (when prompted).You may not be asked to enter a password when using a tablet or mobile phone.

Upload a photo of yourself and create a profile.You must upload photos that comply with Bumble’s guidelines to prevent them from being moderated (banned or suspended for being suspicious). Choose the best photo and fill out your profile completely.

Accept the free trial of Bumble Premium.If you didn’t get the free trial offer and you haven’t gotten your first match, try closing and then reopening Bumble. A number of users say that it can take a few days before they get the free trial offer.

Is Bumble Premium worth the money?

The free version of Bumble has a lot of features.You can search for matches, send messages, use basic-level filters, and swipe through profiles (browse through other users’ profiles), and even add one matchperday without having to pay. The free version of Bumble can still be used to find a partner.

Bumble Premium can provide more complete profile information for other users.Spotlightis a Premium feature that will place you at the top so that other users can see it more.With a Premium account, you can get 1Spotlightper week—the free version won’t get these recurringSpotlights .

When using the free version, you can purchase one-timeSpotlight features when you want to use them.This way, you can useSpotlightwhenever you want, without having to pay a subscription fee.

Premium account subscriptions allow users to see who likes them.If you use Bumble free, you won’t be able to seeBeeline(the people you match with), because the photos will be blurred. If you want to see who has liked you before swiping up on the screen, a Premium account is for you.

If you want access to moreSpotlight,SuperSwipes, longer time to respond to matches and rematches,then a Premium account is perfect for you.

The Advanced Filterson a Premium account are especially useful if you live in a congested area.If Bumble is used by a lot of people in your area,the Advanced Filtersand unlimited screen swipes can be very useful for filtering out lots of matches so you can find the people you really like.

The Travel Modefeature is essential if you want to date people outside the area.The Premium account is very useful if you want to date people outside the area because theTravel Modefeature allows you to find matches in any area.

What are the Alternatives to the Bumble Premium?

If Bumble Premium is too expensive for you, you can look around for other similar providers.

Alternative #1: Parship

This primarily includesParship. This is the dating platform with the most new members in 2021 and 2022. Based on various questions and tests, you will only be presented with potential partners who really suit you.

Almost all functions are free here, only if you want to take the first step yourself and write to someone, you have to pay 39.90 euros. You can always reply to others who have already written to you.

Alternative #2: Elite Partners

ElitePartneris also one of the leading platforms in this area. The difference to other providers is that Elitepartner has the most members with academic degrees.

Here, too, you have to pay, but not only to start contacting them yourself, but also if you want to read the messages you have received.

Alternative #2: Tinder

One of the most famous dating apps isTinder. It works similar to Bumble in that you can swipe people you like in one direction and everyone else in the other direction.

There is a discount here if you are under 28 years old, then you only have to pay 8.96 euros per month for a premium account. If you are older, it is 30.99 euros per month.

My Experience With Bumble Premium

Bumble Premium has the advantage that the women are the ones who need to start with the initial outreach. This can prevent harassment and spam.

You can also use Bumble to make video calls without giving out your number. This can sometimes be very useful.

Unfortunately, the premium feature is quite expensive, but necessary if you want any decent user experience at all.

However, if you can afford it, there are hardly any limits. Unfortunately, scammers chat up you more often and men often never get a message even though they have been liked.

Conclusion: For Whom is Bumble Premium Particularly Worthwhile?

For women, Bumble is definitely worth it with its premium features. You don’t have to fear harassment as you have control over who can and who can’t text with you.

Men, on the other hand, will get more out of their money in most cases if they just burn it. As you often hear from like-minded people, only one thing often happens to them: nothing at all.

It’s rare that they actually get a message. In these circumstances, other providers such as Tinder can be recommended.

Is Bumble Premium Worth it From your Point of View?

Your opinion is important to us, which is why we have included a small poll here.

In addition, we would of course be happy to receive a comment, especially if you have already had experience with Bumble or other dating sites!

Conclusion: Is Bumble Premium worth it?

In my experience, the subscription has many advantages, so that the purchase is definitely worthwhile.

Above all, these features and options in the app are very useful for us men:

  • See immediately who has liked you and create the match directly
  • extend an unlimited number of matches
  • Take back dislikes if you belong to the fast type of man when swiping
  • renew expired matches
  • distribute an unlimited number of likes
  • “Spotlight” function (which, as I said, can also be purchased separately)
  • Travel mode if you are traveling in distant cities and are looking for uncomplicated dates there

For the cool extra features you get here, the hefty prices for Bumble Premium are quite fair.

Due to the extended range of functions, it is also completely understandable that “Premium” is more expensive than the slimmed-down “Boost” in direct comparison.

Another advantage is that you can test the subscriptions with the short terms of 1 day or 1 week at very low costs. So if you are still unsure, you are only taking a small risk with such a term – as long as you cancel the subscription in good time!

Do you want to enjoy Bumble Premium features for free? When you create an account, you can try Bumble Premium for free for 14 days. This is the only way to enjoy premium features without having to pay a subscription fee. This wikiHow teaches you how to get Bumble Premium features for free by creating a new account for a free trial.Method

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