Ahref Review 2024: Is Ahrefs Worth It For Beginners?

: Is Ahrefs Worth It For Beginners

Is Ahrefs Worth It – Nowadays, many marketers use digital tools to get faster website analysis reports. These tools are used as a reference guide to check the current status of the website. And perform competitive analysis research. Ahrefs is an indispensable tool for SEOers. So what is ahrefs? What do you need to know about ahrefs? What benefits does it bring to us?

What is Ahrefs?

Ahrefs is an SEO tool with full features for link building (Backlinks) such as analyzing business advantages, marketing or searching for keywords to determine location and evaluate websites. Similar to Google, Ahrefs has an extremely huge database with search results updated continuously about every 15-30 minutes. With Ahrefs software, you can easily search for any information and from there you will get a list of websites related to that topic along with useful SEO data.

Ahrefs tool interface
Ahrefs tool interface

Who is Ahrefs suitable for?

  • Ahrefs is for any organization in any industry that wants to get more visitors to its website
  • Ahrefs is powerful enough for businesses, and SEO professionals, and easy enough for small businesses
  • Any marketer or entrepreneur with a basic understanding of digital marketing will be able to grasp it

How to use Ahrefs

We will show you the most basic way to use Ahrefs:

  • Site Explorer: Enter your competitor’s URL and select “Organic Keyword”. Filters improve keyword quality for higher data
  • Track your competitors’ new keywords: Click on the New section under the Organic keywords section
  • Access organic search, select Top pages and confirm your competitors’ best topics
  • Under “Organic Research,” click “Competing domains.” This allows you to extract your competitors’ keywords
  • Ahrefs Content Gap Tool Instructions: “Organic Search” > “Content Gap” Put your competitor’s URL in the “Show keywords any target below” column rated for”
  • Keyword Discovery: Click “Keyword Explorer” to have Ahrefs check it out

Advantages and disadvantages of Ahrefs

Advantages of using Ahrefs

  • Crawl the most extensive web information
  • Recent and wide-ranging keyword alerts
  • Comprehensive social sharing information from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ and Pinterest
  • The largest backlink data platform
  • User experience balances information with clean design
  • Bounce rate and clicks metrics for SERP
  • Main Topics performs topic research in addition to single keyword research
  • Advanced filtering options throughout the tool

Disadvantages of using Ahrefs

  • There are times when results are not returned in some parts of the tool
  • Suggest unrelated keywords. You have to sort things like impression volume from many unrelated results
  • Web traffic statistics are not as robust as other tools

Ahrefs Pricing

Don’t doubt its price

Ahrefs is a feature-rich SEO tool designed specifically for SEO. And it has the right price

Currently, the founder of  Ahrefs  is offering 4 plan packages divided into the following levels:

  • Lite : 99$/month
  • Standard : 179$/month
  • Advanced : $399/month
  • Agency : 999$/month

So, is using Ahrefs worth it?

Is Ahrefs Worth it for Beginners?

It’s hard to say because it depends on how many features you will actually use and your marketing budget for using Ahrefs .

So my advice is to take advantage of the Ahrefs 7-day trial for $7 USD (they don’t offer a free trial).

Try everything around. Try some of the features I outline here. And see how it works for you.

If you like Ahrefs , you can upgrade to a paid plan. If not, it’s only $7.

Ahrefs Pricing
Price of Ahrefs packages by month

With Ahrefs’ rather steep pricing above, you need to take a closer look at buying an Ahrefs account with the lowest cost and the highest value in your SEO project. You can refer to our Ahrefs general purchase price .

What are the features of Ahrefs?

It is very necessary to understand what ahrefs functions before instructing you on how to use Ahrefs so as not to miss it when analyzing websites. That is:

Ahrefs Rank (AR): This function helps you know how your website is ranked based on the criteria of quantity and quality of backlinks pointing to the target website.

URL Rating: This is a URL rating assessment with a target scale of 1 to 100 based on Ahrefs Rank.

Domain Rating: Ahrefs analyzes and evaluates a score on a scale of 1-100 for the overall strength of a domain name.

Backlinks: Use ahrefs to evaluate the total number of backlinks pointing to the target URL or website.

Use ahrefs to compare UR and DR: UR is a URL evaluation index, and you should place backlinks on pages with high UR index because this link has high reputation.

Referring Domains: Evaluate domain names that have links pointing to the target website and have similar parameters to backlinks such as Live/Recent/Historical.

Organic keywords: If you are interested in instructions for using Ahrefs, you should not ignore this function. This is the number of keywords in the top 100 when queried on Google.

Organic keywords are the number of keywords of a website present in the top 100 search results of Google.

Organic traffic: This index refers to free traffic from Google search, but it is relative.

Top content: Statistics of articles with the highest interaction from Google on the page.

Keyword Difficulty: A feature that helps you know the difficulty of keywords to rank on page 1 of Google.

Ahrefs vs Other SEO tools: Comparison and review

When it comes to SEO tools, there are many different options on the market. However, Ahrefs has always stood out thanks to its powerful features and the high-quality data it provides. Here are some comparisons between Ahrefs and other SEO tools:

AhrefsHigh quality data, diverse analysis features, and user friendliness
SEMrushGood competitor analysis features, powerful PPC advertising tools
MozFocus on link quality metrics and site rankings
Google Search ConsoleProvides detailed information about website performance on Google


Ahrefs is a world-leading SEO tool with powerful features and high-quality data. Above are basic instructions to help you Using Ahrefs, you can analyze keywords, review competitors, optimize content, and build a backlink strategy. With the instructions and suggestions in this article, hopefully you have an overview of Ahrefs 

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