How does OnlyFans Work? Beginner’s 2024 Guide

How does OnlyFans Work

Social media is a permanent part of our lives, where it is monetized in various ways, mainly through advertising and sponsorships. OnlyFans evolved the concept by providing a subscription service, where to view content posted by creators, users on the network must first pay.

Various content creators can be found on the site: artists, models, actors and influencers. They can share exclusive content, such as photos, videos, live streams and messages, with their fans.

Social media has become very popular on the web in recent years with mind-boggling results. Follow this guide to discover all its secrets and strategies to start using it better.

What is OnlyFans?


Let’s start by introducing OnlyFans, it is a social network that anyone can join and which allows you to share personal content, even if it is prohibited for minors under 18, as well as “traditional” content about your daily life, passions and hobbies. The idea is to create a dense group of fans with whom we can exchange messages, photos and videos of any kind, without any censorship of the contents , obviously within the limits of legality.

Now you will wonder where the difference is compared to other social networks such as Facebook or the freer Twitter . As we said, access to the site is free , but if I wanted to follow a particular user, I could do it either for free or by subscribing to a monthly subscription to his private contents , so it is only by paying that you can actually make the most of the potential of this social network.

In fact, you can browse some profiles for free, but to access others you will have to subscribe. Furthermore, to talk to and receive content from your favorite user, it will sometimes be necessary not only to simply subscribe to his profile, as mentioned above, but also a direct payment.

On the other hand, you too can do the same, creating your profile for free and starting to make yourself known on other social networks, to create your own fan base that wants to follow you by subscribing to your account , perhaps after advertising it on the other social networks of the moment ( read our guide on 13 Tips to Grow Organic Tiktok Followers ).

Soon we will explain how to create a free account and how to move around the portal.

You’ve heard of OnlyFans and, intrigued, you registered to view the contents for which this social network has become famous, i.e. those prohibited for minors under 18 years of age. […]

The first steps on OnlyFans

After this initial introduction, let’s now see how to sign up for OnlyFans, but before proceeding there is some information you need to know. First of all, on the social network there are two types of profiles : one is that of the simple user, only intending to browse around without creating content; the other type of profile is that of the content creator, who signed up with the clear intention of creating a circle of supporters by sharing various types of material to monetize from them.

Signing up as a content viewer

Here are the easy steps to proceed with registration:

  • go to the OnlyFans homepage , or open the app on your smartphone or tablet;
  • here you can easily log in via your other accounts by clicking on the ” Log in with Twitter” or ” Log in with Google” button at the top;
  • you can also decide to sign up with the classic combination of e-mail address and password , without associating your account with existing Twitter or Google ones;
  • once you have entered this data, all you have to do is click on ” Register” and confirm your identity by clicking on the link in the email that you will receive in your mailbox.

Signing up as a creator

Here are the steps to create an account to earn with OnlyFans:

  • after following the same steps described above, click on the circle-shaped icon with a little man inside that you see at the top right of the PC, or at the bottom if you are using a smartphone;
  • a menu will open with a list of options, click on the item ” Become a creator” (to earn) to start the procedure;
  • The system will ask you to insert a cover image and a biography, even in just a few words;
  • you will then be asked to enter your country of origin, personal information and your identity card;
  • Once this is done, click on ” Send for approval” and complete the entire procedure following the OnlyFans instructions.

Remember that in order to earn and create content you must be of age .

How to upload/send content on OnlyFans

You may be wondering how to publish photos and videos on OnlyFans, precisely because you are interested in starting your own small business or simply because you want to share what you want with your fans. You can do this either by publishing on your page or by sending your content in private chats, in both cases it is very simple.

Here are the two procedures to follow to be able to share and/or send files on OnlyFans:

To share on your own page , directly from the Homepage you can decide whether to write a post, create a survey or add images and videos (this function is only unlocked for content creator accounts).

Once you have uploaded the content, or written the desired post, all you have to do is click on ” Post” , in a short time your content will be online and available to your fans.

After sharing the content you will be able to make three more choices, by clicking on the icon with three horizontal dots at the top right of the post the four items will appear:

  • “Copy link to post” (to get a link to share);
  • “Add to your profile page” (to highlight the post);
  • “Edit post” (for any last minute corrections);
  • “Delete post” .

Instead, to share content via private chats you will have to open the chat in question and click on the photo icon found under the “Type a message” section . At this point, all you have to do is upload the multimedia file and send it to the user.

How to add a card/recharge on OnlyFans

As already mentioned, OnlyFans has a dual usability, free and paid , and at this point we will explain how to navigate the functions of the latter mode, in order to understand it better and try to avoid spending money unnecessarily, given the huge amount of content present.

First you need to add a payment method , the only way to access all the services offered. Before continuing with the explanation it should be said that Onlyfans only supports credit cards : it is not possible to use either PayPal or prepaid cards.

To access the menu relating to cards and payments, click on the  circle-shaped icon with a little man inside and select the item ” Your cards” (to subscribe). Here you will see a screen with options: “ Your Cards” , “ Payments” and “ Add funds to your profile” . By selecting the first, you can see the cards associated with your account; by selecting the second, you can see the payments made, and with the third you can choose a payment method other than credit card which varies from country to country.

Here’s how to add a credit card:

  • click on the blue ” Add Card” button at the top right, enter all the data requested and click on the ” Send” button at the bottom;
  • once this is done, click on ” Check” , the system will charge you an amount, less than 1.90 dollars, on the current account in question. Check the exact amount charged and communicate this amount to the platform in the section that is shown to you immediately afterwards, this amount will be returned to you immediately.

From this moment on, you can use your current account to add credits to your wallet and use them to sign up for a subscription and unlock posts.

If you don’t want to add a credit card directly , Onlyfans offers an alternative: under the heading ” Add funds to your profile” you will see more options, in more detail, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollars. These are the top-up cuts that you then decide to credit to your account on Onlyfans.

Once you have decided on the amount you are interested in adding, click on the ” Pay” button again and you will have filled your wallet. You can use this as your default payment method by activating the “ Use wallet as primary method for future charges” option .

You’ve created a profile, you’ve added a card, all you have to do is explore OnlyFans by browsing through the profiles. Read on to find out how to subscribe to a user and get their attention.

How to subscribe to a user

You may be wondering how to sign up for an OnlyFans subscription, perhaps out of curiosity or to follow a creator that is particularly close to your heart, or simply to use the social network to its full potential. Simple, signing up for a subscription is easy and takes a few minutes.

Once you have found the desired user from the search bar (magnifying glass icon) enter their profile. Under their bio, you will find the “ Sign up for” button followed by the amount requested, depending on whether it is a monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annual subscription.

Once you have made your choice, the social network will automatically unlock the user’s profile and you will be free to browse through all its contents, some will still be blocked as they require an extra payment to be able to use them. Simply click on ” Unblock post for” followed by the amount to be paid, to be able to access it after the required payment.

But it doesn’t end there… In fact, you can also send extras, tips . Always under each content there is the icon with the dollar in the center, by clicking this you can send tips . This can serve to convince the user of your interest in them, as well as taking you into consideration for any personalized and private content, in exchange for a certain sum to be agreed upon.

How to use OnlyFans for free?

Despite being a paid social network, OnlyFans is also full of free content. Creators often have two accounts, one where they publish previews and less valuable material and a “premium” one. The first one is usually free.

Sometimes it may happen that the creator you are interested in offers a free trial period, and for certain periods they may offer interesting discounts.

Furthermore, the contents of OnlyFans creators often end up online on Twitter and Telegram , often just do a search with the name of the character you are interested in to find out if this has happened. We remind you that the contents of OnlyFans are also protected by copyright and that copying or sharing them without the author’s authorization is a crime.

Now you really know everything you need to delve into the wonders and curiosities of OnlyFans, continue reading the other articles on our blog to continue discovering new ones and staying updated on all the news in the world of technology and social media .

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