Is Death Note on Netflix from Anywhere in 2024?

Is Death Note on Netflix

Is Death Note on Netflix – The very popular animated Death Note is available on Netflix, although it is not displayed by default in the French catalog. One method allows us to watch all episodes of season 1 through Netflix US or Netflix Canada. This is what we develop in this article.

Death Note is an anime released in 2006 telling the story of Light Yagami, a high school student who finds a notebook called the Death Notre. Belonging to the god of death (Ryuk), it allows you to kill anyone whose name is written in it. The series is divided into a single season of 37 episodes.

Is Death Note on Netflix from Anywhere

Previously the animated Death Note was offered directly on Netflix France, but the latter was withdrawn in 2020 for copyright reasons. The platform was obliged to restrict its distribution to certain countries only, and France is unfortunately not one of them. However, an easy-to-implement trick still allows us to watch the 37 episodes of season 1 of Death Note through the Netflix US catalog where it is still available. Same thing for Netflix Canada and Netflix Belgium which allow you to watch it.

Netflix uses our IP address to geolocate us and determine which country we are in. It is therefore enough to use an IP address located in the United States for the Death Note series to be displayed again in our catalog, even if we are in France. Let’s now move on to the 3 steps to implement.

Unblock Death Note on Netflix:

It is recommended to use Cyberghost or NordVPN software to modify your IP address and simulate to Netflix that we are located in the United States . In this way, Netflix will show us the US catalog as well as Death Note.

Step 1 :

The first step is to Install Cyberghost taking advantage of the 45-day trial period .

Download Cyberghost

2nd step :

Connect to the US server in order to have an IP address located in the United States.

(Cyberghost connected to a US server)

Step 3:

Reload your Netflix page and you will now have access to Death Note as well as all the series and films in the US catalog.

(Death Note is now included in our results)

Unblock Netflix catalogs with Cyberghost

We notice that Death Note now appears correctly in our search results, because we are connected to Netflix US . We can thus enjoy the episodes freely from France.

The American catalog is renowned for being much more flexible in its regulations compared to France and consequently offering more series and films than in France. This method therefore allows access to the US catalog in part, but also to all other Netflix catalogs: Japan , Canada, UK, Korean, Thai, etc.

The Japanese catalog, for example, is considered the best Netflix catalog for anime/manga. You will find among other things the Sword Art Online series (season 2, 3 and 4), but also My Hero Academia (season 3 and 4) or the famous series which is a hit at the moment, Attack on Titan (season 3 and 4). As you probably already know, these series (or seasons) are not available on French Netflix.

Using exactly the same method, you will also be able to access all the series and films blocked on other streaming platforms (Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, ADN, OCS, myCanal, etc.).

How to try for free?

Cyberghost offers its users a 45-day refundable trial period . You can use the software for up to 45 days while watching the films and series you want from foreign catalogs, then finally request a full refund without conditions.

Enjoy 45 days Cyberghost trial

In which countries or catalog is Death Note found?

Season 1 of Death Note is available in many Netflix catalogs, including the United States, Canada, Belgium, Russian, Spain, Turkey, Netherlands, Italy, India, Australia, Malaysia and Brazil.

In the event that Death Note disappears from the US catalog, you will still be able to access it from these other catalogs by choosing a server in the country of your choice. This can also allow you to find countries where Death Note is available in French or in VOSTFR . This is the case for Netflix Belgium and Netflix Canada for example.

Learn more about Death Note

Death Note is a Japanese animated series inspired by the Shonen of the same name and called Desu Noto in its original language. The anime only consists of a single season currently of 37 episodes .

The story begins when Light Yagami, a gifted high school student and son of the Japanese police chief, accidentally finds a mysterious notebook called “Death Note”. This notebook, belonging to a god of death (Shinigami) named Ryuk, allows you to kill anyone whose name is written in it. Light then decides to use the Death Note to eliminate all criminals and create an ideal world.

Under the alias “Kira”, Light begins killing criminals around the world, attracting the attention of the mysterious detective “L” who begins to investigate the murders. Light and L then face off in a game of cat and mouse to discover each other’s identities.

With the help of the Shinigami Ryuk who follows him everywhere, Light attempts to thwart L’s investigation and remain innocent in his eyes and those around him. Will L be able to prove that Light is Kira? Who will emerge victorious from this duel between the genius of crime and the genius of deduction?

To date, there is no release date for a season 2 planned for Death Note. Death Note 2: The Last Name is a film based on the series released shortly after the anime. The latter is currently only available on Korean Netflix.

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