7 Ways to Optimize YouTube SEO Tips to Rank#1 in 2024

Ways to Optimize YouTube SEO Tips to Rank#1

7 Ways to Optimize YouTube SEO Tips to Rank#1 in 2024 – Considering that video is a content format that audiences like, it is not surprising that YouTube has finally become a frequently visited platform. The number of monthly visitors reaches 1.7 billion . So how should businesses take advantage of YouTube? More specifically, how do you do YouTube SEO so that your business continues to grow? Read this article until the end! 

YouTube SEO 

More than 80% of internet users have used YouTube. As a business owner or marketer, being present on this platform can certainly be a promising opportunity. It is important to always ensure that uploading content is not enough, you also need to optimize it so that the content is easy to find. 

YouTube SEO is an optimization method to increase the chances of your video being in the top search results so that it will also get more clicks. Through YouTube, you can increase brand awareness and direct your audience to visit and learn more about your business. 

If you are not familiar with YouTube SEO, here are the steps you can try to implement:

1. YouTube Keyword Research 

The first essential thing in doing YouTube SEO is doing keyword research. Keywords are keywords that users use to search for certain content. What is commonly used on other search engines such as Google may be different from YouTube. 

If you regularly upload content to YouTube, you can start by finding keywords from the videos that are most viewed. If you start from zero, you can create a list of basic keywords that are relevant to your business. Make sure you do further checks via the YouTube keyword tools. Know the search volume and keyword popularity level. The more familiar the keywords are used by the audience, the easier it will be for your content to be found.

2. Improve Video Quality 

Like SEO tips in general, content quality is certainly a factor that must be considered. In order to get rankings , you have to make viewers feel at home watching your content. This is called audience retention . Even YouTube itself also states that high audience retention will increase your chances of appearing in search results and recommendations. Try improving the quality of your videos. It’s not just a matter of technical production, but also the content. Valuable content will be watched until the end  .

3. Optimize Title and Description 

The next way to do YouTube SEO is to use keywords in the most strategic placements so that videos are easy for YouTube and Google to understand, and easy for audiences to find. Among these is the placement of keywords in the video title and description. 

The video title contains at least 5-6 words so that your keywords can be included without keyword stuffing . The title may be the first part that viewers see, which will make them click. So, try to use a title that is familiar and appropriate to the content. 

Like the title, the video description is no less important. Descriptions will provide YouTube and Google with clear context regarding what your video is about. Try inserting the main keyword in the first 25-30 words. Write a description according to the content, make sure it is not too long. The ideal is 250 words. 

4. Use Attractive Thumbnails 

How often have you clicked on a video on YouTube because of an attractive thumbnail? This also applies to your own business content. Thumbnails are not directly related, but they will certainly have a positive impact on SEO through the number of clicks you can receive. Use quality thumbnails that suit the tastes of your target audience. 

Another tip is to try to find out the thumbnail packaging styles that are popular for your business industry. Because audiences usually don’t differ much, you can use a similar formula to attract the attention of audiences in that industry. 

Youtube SEO on a laptop

5. Invite the audience to interact 

Like Google, YouTube also prioritizes popular content. Therefore, don’t forget to invite your audience to subscribe and interact with your videos such as giving likes or comments . How interactions occur in your content is an important picture that will show the quality of your content.

6. Promote Videos 

As a social platform, you can increase your visibility and SEO by sharing your YouTube content on other social channels such as Facebook and Instagram. Promoting your videos can increase your chances of getting more views. Another way is that you can add relevant YouTube video links in marketing email messages or embed links in your blog posts. 

7. Check competitors and evaluate 

Lastly, don’t forget to keep an eye on your competitors and what they are doing on YouTube. Mainly, pay attention to the keywords they use. Also make sure to carry out regular evaluations regarding the SEO efforts you have carried out. Use SEO tools to find out more accurate analytical data. This data can be used as a basis for developing better strategies in the future. 

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YouTube Video Ideas 

If you are interested in uploading video content regularly on YouTube, here are some YouTube video ideas that can be applied for business. 

1. Product Demo 

This video contains a short and concise description of the product, such as an explanation of product features and the benefits that can be obtained.

2. Tutorials 

This video contains a more in-depth explanation regarding how to use the product. You can answer various customer questions through this type of video. 

3. Testimonials

This video usually contains short interviews with customers who have used the product to build credibility. If you have popular customers or have a big name, this content can be a highlight to gain trust from your audience. 

4. Project or Case Study 

This video contains a summary of the project or case study that was successfully carried out. This can also be a business portfolio so that the business is considered more credible. 

5. Video Blogs 

This video contains highlights of events or blog posts that you have previously uploaded. 

6. YouTube Live

Live video lets you share moments without filters and allows your audience to participate in real time . Live videos on YouTube can be recorded and appear like any other video upload.

So, are you ready for Tips on doing Youtube SEO for Beginners? As the most visited search engine after Google, you can target more potential consumers on this platform. For maximum results, make sure you implement YouTube SEO and consistently evaluate and improve it.

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