Is qBittorrent Safe and legal [2024 Update]

Is qBittorrent Safe

Is qBittorrent Safe – If you are looking for a BitTorrent client that combines both speed and ease, if you don’t like ads, then you might well be the (lucky) recipient of my article. Indeed, I will present to you qBitTorrent, a free open source program that works properly. You will learn all about its advantages and disadvantages in this qBitTorrent review.

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This torrent client was born in 2006, it was the thesis subject of a doctoral student at the university. The particularity of this software is to be free , its development has since been supported by volunteers. It belongs to the free Internet movement accessible to all.


In addition, it is lightweight software , with all the quality that makes it a very popular service . It is also its reputation which motivated this qBitTorrent review. As you can see in this article , it is one of the best torrent clients.

Indeed, among its characteristics we can note the ease of use, the absence of ads, support for RSS feeds and search engine plugins, the bandwidth planner, the possibility of configuring the download speed and torrent file creation tool.

For the program to be so light, it was necessary to limit its functionality and customization settings, but for all that, you benefit from a service that has all the bases required to be a good BitTorrent client.

Install qBitTorrent

Believe me, we won’t spend 3 hours on it because it’s so simple! See this express tutorial instead:

  1. Install a VPN like ExpressVPN first if you care about your security and get connected.
  2. For the same reasons, make sure you have a good antivirus ,
  3. Go to this address to download the torrent client and install it.
  4. Enable anonymous mode . For all practical purposes, you will find here all the information on downloading anonymously .
  5. You are ready to use the service immediately. Enjoy!

qBitTorrent review: is this client safe to use?

I understand that you are a little wary of downloading a torrent client that you are not familiar with on your device. And you are right. For the operation to be secure, you must go through the official website of this client. In these conditions, you eliminate a certain number of dangers, but this is not necessarily enough.

Just because a torrent client is safe to use doesn’t mean you don’t run any other risks. Think for example of Hadopi which protects copyright or more simply of the viruses which are legion online. If you want your downloading activity to be as safe as possible, you must protect yourself as best you can.

For Hadopi, I recommend a VPN , against viruses, an anti-virus is of course necessary. I’m not telling you anything, this is the basics for an Internet user. Under these conditions, you can use this torrent client without having anything to worry about.

Ease of use

BitTorrent clients work with built-in search engines. According to my qBitTorrent review, this is no exception to the rule and this allows for great ease of use.

This is even one of my favorite things about this service: there are many search engine plugins that are very easy to add to the software. Thanks to them, searching, adding and opening torrent files is easy from the same software.

As you can see, this interface is like a dashboard that makes it very easy to track your torrenting activities and take action. You can also see that it is quite transparent English for us French speakers, even the most die-hard ones


What made me happy in this qBitTorrent review was to see the great compatibility of the software , which can clearly be described as multiplatform . Indeed, applications are available for Windows, MacOS, Linux for computers and on Android and iOS for smartphones and tablets. Note also that for all media, it is possible to benefit from the latest version without difference.

qBitTorrent review: comparisons with the main competitors

There’s no shortage of torrent clients , but what interests me is only the most interesting ones, because I always want the best for my readers and myself.

qBitTorrent or uTorrent?

These two torrent clients are super popular and fast. uTorrent offers DHT enabled by default for magnet links. When you don’t know anything about it, it simplifies the process. It may also have a better designed website. We can say that it is more practical for this, this seems to be a general opinion among users.

But the magnet links are also easy to add with its competitor and if you look closely the sites are quite similar. But it is above all a question of transparency and security that my qBitTorrent opinion is very clear. It is preferable because it is open source. In addition, it does not display advertisements in the application. More information on this competitor in my review .

qBitTorrent or BitTorrent?

For a long time BiTorrent was a supreme reference in terms of torrent client. But one day, like uTorrent and others, it integrated advertisements into its interface. I don’t need to explain to you how painful this constant aggression can be.

Since this change, users’ preference has been for qBittorent which continues to operate without advertising. Furthermore, the quality of the service is the same, the program is just as light and in addition it is free of unwanted content . There is no photo between the two as they say!

Flood or qBitTorrent?

Deluge is also a lightweight and free BitTorrent client . It presents itself as an interesting alternative to the better-known clients already mentioned. But for now, the latest versions are only available  on Linux. Which considerably limits its range of users. MacOS and Windows must make do with earlier versions which by definition are less accomplished. More info here .


qBitTorrent how does it work?

New things are always intimidating at first, and even more so when it comes to IT, which in itself is a new field for many people. But it’s very easy to get acquainted with this very popular form of online file sharing that allows you to search and access any online content you want.

Using a torrent is legal as long as you have the right to share it, in other words, as long as it is not copyrighted. Acquiring a VPN protects you from problems if you are afraid of making a mistake or more simply if you feel that your online activities are your business.

Concretely, you just need to go to the website of this service. You will find a download link on the home page . You click to install the program. Then, when you download torrent files, you send them to the service that will allow them to be opened. You will notice that this client has a very simple interface .

How to configure qBitTorrent?

  1. Download this program from the site’s home page.
  2. In “Tools”, “Options and Speed”, set your download speed and check the default port, you need to make sure it is above 10000 . For peer connection protocol option, take TCP .
  3. In “BitTorrent”, check that PEX, DHT and Local Peer Discovery are activated. On the other hand, encryption must be disabled , because it is useless if you have a VPN.
  4. Activate your anti-virus and anonymous mode .

The best possible setup is to use this service with a VPN like ExpressVPN . To do this, you connect to a VPN server to use the torrent client. With the application it goes by itself, there is no need to do manual configuration. A VPN does not replace anti-virus or anonymous mode and the reverse also works. In fact, a VPN combined with the other two tools is the perfect combo to ensure complete protection of your privacy.


This qBitTorrent review allowed us to discover a program that is both very light , but still complete and also without advertising . Thanks to it, you will be able to manage all the steps related to torrent files from the same place using one of the most intuitive interfaces available . Even those who discover it for the first time have no problem knowing how to use it.

There is nothing simpler than adding torrent files or magnet links with this service. But be careful, don’t give in too much to this spirit of simplicity and also think about protecting yourself with a VPN and an anti-virus , because this is the only way to download in complete security, whatever your torrent client.

I really recommend that you adopt this safety reflex to be sure that downloading files does not become the starting point for the worst nightmare of your life. Torrenting is great as long as you have the right tools , that’s the reason for this article, to take stock of what turns out to be a good BitTorrent client that benefits from being accompanied by a good VPN like ExpressVPN .

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