Metroid Dread Tips And Tricks For Learning How To Deal With EMMI Threat

Metroid Dread Tips And Tricks For Learning How To Deal With EMMI Threat

The new Metroid Dread is now available on Nintendo Switch. Long-time fans will be able to discover this new unpublished installment which follows on from Metroid Fusion released on Game Boy Advance 19 years ago. Obviously, for many of you, Dread will definitely be your first “2D” Metroid game.

If you haven’t had the chance to experience the series before and the “Metroidvania genre is something new to you, here are some tips and tricks to get you off on the right foot to avoid the trap set. by the robots “EMMI” will close in on you as you explore the planet ZDR alongside the beautiful Samus Aran.

Tip 1 – “EMMI” robots roam gray rooms, don’t get caught!

When you arrive in a room and the mood suddenly switches to a menacing gray color, it means that an EMMI is not far away and can detect you at any time if it sees you, but also in depending on the noise you make in the room. 

The EMMI scans the area and if you move at that moment, you will give it a clue of your presence. When an EMMI detects you and starts chasing you, the only thing left to do is run away unless you have the Omega Cannon temporary buff. 

Note that if you get caught by one of these killer robots, you will only have a fraction of a second to react and use Samus’ counterattack to hope that you can free yourself from its clutches. 

The timing is often very tight! If by luck you manage to knock out an EMMI, it’s time for you to slide underneath to escape before it comes to its senses. Samus’ standard attacks don’t damage them, so waste no time. 

Tip 2 – The Omega Cannon is the weapon to easily defeat the EMMIs from Metroid Dread:


Some Metroid Dread mini-bosses allow you to get your hands on a fearsome weapon, the Omega Cannon. Once you’ve defeated an EMMI in a gray chamber using the Omega Cannon, things return to normal in the room allowing you to explore it freely without having to run around to avoid getting caught. by a robot.

Note that once you take down an EMMI with the Omega Cannon, Samus loses the ability to charge his beam and his cannon reverts to ordinary.

Tip 3 – Be careful before going through a door, the area may be dangerous:

When you open a door using your cannon, watch the blast coming through the back room. If the breath feels hot or cold then there is a good chance that you are crossing a danger zone for Samus which will deal damage to him without having the correct suit.

 Samus which will deal damage to him without having the correct suit

Tip 4 – Know if an object remains to be found in a room already visited:

You can easily tell if you missed an item by visiting a room. To do this, all you have to do is open your card and observe the parts which flash slowly.

If this is the case, it is because there is certainly one or even more objects to be discovered in this place. Obviously, some of the objects hidden in the scenery will require you to unlock certain upgrades from Samus to get them.

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Tip 5 – Shoot all the surfaces that you think are suspicious:

In Metroid Dread, it is not uncommon to find yourself stuck and not knowing where to go (the game does not show you an objective on the map) . In this situation, we advise you to open your card and look for the slightest clue that could unlock your situation.

It sometimes happens that by simply shooting at what appear to be rocks or a wall with your missiles, certain hidden blocks can be revealed, opening the way to unexplored rooms and even discovering secrets. As a rule of thumb, shoot anything that looks suspicious when playing Metroid Dread.

Shoot all the surfaces that you think are suspicious: metroid dread

Tip 6 – Most enemies in the game have their moment of vulnerability, find it!

From the start of the adventure, the game lets you understand that Samus has the ability to parry the attacks of his opponents to achieve a deadly counterattack. 

This gameplay element was already appearing in the Samus Return remake on 3DS. Development teams have taken this idea and integrated it into Metroid Dread. Most enemies you fight will have a point where they glow. 

Most enemies in the game have their moment of vulnerability metroid Dread

It is at this precise moment that you must parry the attack which arrives for a chain on a critical strike that will not give any chance to the majority of the “standard” enemies that you meet.

The parade also walks on the “EMMI” robots, but you will only knock them out. Remember, you can’t take them down with your normal attacks without carrying the Omega Cannon. 

Note that bosses also have this type of weakness. Successfully countering a boss often results in a spectacular setting. Can you find it on each of the Metroid Dread bosses?

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