Metroid Dread Review for Nintendo Switch: Leaving Prejudices Behind

Metroid Dread Review for Nintendo Switch: Leaving Prejudices Behind

Metroid Dread is quite a surprise, a game that will please both lovers of the genre and those less familiar with it

Prejudices are bad. I’m not going to discover the world with this, but it never hurts to remember it. I do not know if it happens to you, but I usually discard games because they belong to a genre with which I am not so familiar or even because of other factors such as graphics, difficulty, aesthetics or anything else. 

I want to play many games, but the laziness of facing new challenges makes me not dare to enter many of them. Playing Metroid Dread has made me see that it COULD NOT BE MORE WRONG!

I’m not lying to you, I don’t usually touch the Metroidvania genre. My bubble prevented me from facing games that would require a lot of skill or that force me to warm my head with puzzles, bosses or maps. 

A lot of stress for me (or so I thought) and I would prefer to live more peaceful experiences. But sometimes nothing better in life than making mistakes to open your eyes and learn. 

It didn’t take me more than half an hour of playing Metroid Dread to start questioning a lot about my gamer profile .

Keys to know if Metroid Dread will like me ...

Sorry. I apologize to myself. I apologize to myself for not being able to appreciate so much a genre that is much more than what is seen from the outside. Metroid Dread has opened my eyes. This Metroid is quite an explosive cluster of sensations.

Keys to know if Metroid Dread will like me …

  • You are a fan of the Metroid franchise, as it is one of the best games in the series.
  • You have played other games in the Metroidvania genre and it catches your eye.
  • You like to feel “accomplished” through good gameplay.
  • You are looking for a game in which to lose long hours or to which you can play short games of 20 minutes.
  • You are caught by the mystery and intrigued by games where you need to know more and more constantly.
  • You like puzzles, convoluted maps and testing your skills in a video game.
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When you take control of Samus you feel that everything is going very fast, you move very quickly on the map. You jump, shoot, slide and all movement occurs quickly. 

Although at first I was scared, thinking that perhaps my inexperience in the genre was going to show, it was not like that. 

The learning curve in Metroid Dread has seemed beautiful to me because it generates a magical connection with the player

You start with the most basic skills and the game, as if it knows you, as if it detects that you already control what it offers you, it begins to introduce you to new skills or mechanics. 

You never feel overwhelmed, you always have something to learn, you always have challenges that you know you will overcome as you did before.

The strong point of this Metroid Dread is undoubtedly its playability . Well, in addition to adapting and going from less to more as I was explaining, it is very very fun. 

It is a very fast game, so fast that we hardly stop on the map at any time, which keeps your brain stimulated at all times. 

In addition, this converges with a spectacular map design, since it forces us to constantly try to “pull” memory, since there are always different roads or places that we can access in the future, so that intrigue is always generated by knowing if you are going through the right place or to know what would be the other way.

The strong point of this Metroid Dread is undoubtedly its playability 

As we unlock abilities and powers, another quite pleasant sensation is also generated

There is a point where combining a certain attack, together with a series of rapid movements, a parry and another type of attack can be complicated, but when you manage to nail all that “dance” as you have in your head.

It is a very pleasant sensation, reaching a point where you feel “powerful” and skillful to be able to make such a cocktail. In my head many times I said to myself, “Damn, how handsome, I have turned out well, freaking out.”

But Metroid Dread has a very special element that takes all of the above one step further. 

The presence of EMMIs brings a new dimension to the game. It is very easy to understand the importance of these enemies in the game. We cannot harm these beings, when they appear we can only flee. 

This on the one hand causes a feeling very similar to when we play a Survival Horror because we know that danger lurks around us and it causes that hunter-prey feeling so love/hate. 

But the fact that the game takes us to the limit and makes us a prey, makes us have to improve our way of playing so that as happens in life, difficulties sharpen our ingenuity. 

So if as normal we already play fast and chaining movements, with an EMMI behind we are forced not to fail.

EMMIs brings a new dimension to the game

But the EMMI and the enemies that we find on the map are not the only dangers that we are going to have in Metroid Dread. 

Well, each level has its own bosses and each one will require us to have complete mastery over some of the skills that we will find on the map

They will also be more cinematic encounters that will help advance the story.

Keys to know if Metroid Dread will NOT like me …

  • If you are a lover of a very deep and cinematographic narrative, this may not be your game.
  • You prioritize other things in a video game before the gameplay.
  • You want to miss one of the Switch games that will surprise the community the most.
 Metroid Dread

My ignorance also led me to think that Metroidvania did not tell good stories. Well shit. 

Metroid Dread does tell a story, if there is a meaning behind everything and those looking for a narrative to enjoy a game will have their space . 

Obviously, this is not an RPG with all the narrative density that it entails, but there is a background and the mysteries that the story raises from the first moment are solved.

Regarding the duration, it must be admitted that in this type of game it will be closely related to your skill with the game. In my case, the first time I saw the end credits and having left content to complete, I needed about 15 hours of play .

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Graphically I have really enjoyed the game, but also highlighting that I have played it on a Nintendo Switch OLED

The console itself has surprised me by how it shows the tones and the color, which suits Metroid Dread especially well, where there are important contrasts that now look better than ever.

If you want to know more about the console, we leave you the link to it here.

Nintendo Switch OLED

If you have played them, you may like Metroid Dread (and if they cannot be your next vice)

  • Hades
  • Hollow knight
  • Dust: An Elysian Tail
  • Metroid: Samus Returns (It can also be your next game after Metroid Dread)
  • Blasphemous
  • Ori and the Will of the Wisps

It is a Metroidvania that has a place both for fans of the genre and for those less familiar with it, being even a great gateway for the latter. 

Without being a special lover of the genre, it is one of the games that has made me enjoy the most and has surprised me the most in recent months.

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