How to Use Google Sheets for beginners

How to Use Sheets, Excel on Google Drive

How to Use Google Sheets for beginners – Now, what theheck,you can’t do with an internet-connected computer? There are various features that you can use to get work done quickly and easily.

Both the use of programs and applications on the computer can help you move, one of which is with Google Sheets.

This task may seem confusing If you need to do calculations via Google Sheets but aren’t familiar with Microsoft Excel. Therefore you need the right guide.

Here’s how to use google sheets for Beginners

1. Create a new Google Sheet

How to Use Sheets, Excel on Google Drive
Create a new Spreadsheets document with a Google account.

If you want to create a new Excel document in Google Drive, start by creating a new page called ‘Spreadsheet’. To create a new Sheet, here are the steps:

– Go to from yourbrowserpage .

– Make sure you are logged in using a Google account.

– Click New.

– Select Google Sheets.

– Select ‘Blank Spreadsheet’.

After selecting the menu, you will be directed to anonlineExcel page where you can use Excel to calculate.

2. How to Save the document in Google Drive

If you’ve finished creating a document in Google Drive, how do you save it? This is the easiest feature and a mainstay of Google Drive, of course, including Sheets.

Documents that you have created will be saved automatically. So, in Google Sheets, there is no option to save. After you complete the count in a document, you can immediately close the page window.

3. Find the Excel document stored in Drive

How to Use Sheets, Excel on Google Drive
Find documents by using the file picker.

When you open Google Drive, all shared documents will appear on the same page. To make searching easier, you can search for Sheets documents via thefile pickeron Google Drive.

In addition to using thefile picker,you can also type the Sheets document you’re looking for in the search box at the top of the page. Documents in Sheets will appear with a green icon.

4. Downloading apps for editing between devices

To makeeditingdocuments easier, download the Google Sheets app on your tablet or phone.

If you have downloaded the application on amobiledevice,theeditingprocess can be done even if it is not connected to the internet connectivity.

You can download all of these more practical device accesses on Android and iOS devices.

Documents stored automatically through your computer orgadgetcan be accessed easily as long as you have synced and are connected to the internet.

5. Share documents with fellow Google users

How to Use Sheets, Excel on Google Drive
Use Google Sheets to share documents with each other.

Don’t have time to work in groups or work on projectdeadlinesat the office with coworkers? You cantake advantage of Spreadsheets withmore practicaldocument sharing features.

To share a document, you only need to copy theshareable linkin the document.

The access you give to people who can access the document can also be set. You can set whether other people can only access the document, doediting,or can only comment on the document.

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The editing process can also be done in real-time if you provide access to edit documents.

So, when you open a document, you can see who is accessing Sheets at the same time. Also, use thechatfeature to make it easier to collaborate on the documents you create.

While using Google Drive, what Spreadsheets features have you tried?

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