Best (MS) 10 Microsoft Project Alternatives for 2023

Microsoft Project Alternatives

Best (MS) Microsoft Project Alternatives of 2023– MS Project is one of the most widely used project management software in the world. Launched by Microsoft in 1984, initially to meet an internal need, this tool quickly found a place among business management solutions. In particular, it makes it possible to organize and schedule the tasks relating to a project, and to administer the resources mobilized to carry them out.

Although recommended for all types of projects, Microsoft Project has some limitations. These appear when it comes to managing small projects requiring regular readjustments and more extensive collaboration. For these projects, which require more flexibility, it is therefore necessary to turn to alternative applications. Discover each of them in this article.

Best MS Microsoft Project Alternatives of 2023

1. Monday

An easy-to-use collaborative tool, For a project manager, it is essential to have a 360° view of the project and to monitor its progress in real time to adjust the schedule and resources if necessary. 

To address these issues, you can use software . From its intuitive interface, it allows you to create a project. Also, you can manage it more efficiently through pre-made dashboards and task lists.

With It is possible to make projects accessible to everyone. You can also restrict the number of people who have access to it or share it with your external collaborators. This tool also has an option to share with the client.

To communicate the different stages of the project to your collaborators or to discuss with them, create a discussion group directly. All members will be able to give their opinions through the latter and leave comments. Document sharing is also enabled through the Monday interface for the transmission of minutes and others.

Its adaptability and its collaborative aspect are the main assets of this application. You can then centralize the management of your projects there, and work in complete transparency.
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2. Proofhub

To have an intuitive working environment, A cloud-hosted collaborative work tool, Proofhub allows you to plan and track your projects. You can use the Gantt chart for this.

Proofhub has an integrated messaging client to exchange in real time around the project. To have your working documents permanently available, upload your files directly to the platform.

It supports Google Docs files, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations as well as Excel spreadsheets. Each imported element is systematically analyzed before opening.

However, it should be noted that this is shareware. Being paid, you must choose from the subscription options offered after the 30-day free trial period.

3. TeamWork Project

A real-time project management, Teamwork is a collaborative tool that facilitates the management of medium-sized projects in particular, giving rise to permanent modifications and adjustments. The organization is then done with lists or Kanban boards, which you can move according to the flow of your projects.

Communication between project teams is possible thanks to its chat interface. But the main advantage of TeamWork lies in the possibility of following the realization of the teams in real time.

You will then know which person is in charge of which project. You can also track each of your team’s achievements, regardless of size. It is even possible to know the time that each collaborator took to finalize a project.

TeamWork Project adapts to all work methodologies, and can be synchronized with applications such as Google Drive, Microsoft Office or HubSpot.
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4. Workzone

A powerful and very complete work tool, You are a group of more than 5 people, and have to manage several projects at the same time, with a substantial volume of work? Workzone is the tool for you. This software, which works in SaaS mode, has a range of features to offer.

As project management software, it allows you to create, plan and track them. You can manage your resources as well as the committed budget for each project with Workzone. It is also a collaborative work tool, which facilitates exchanges between the various project stakeholders and file sharing.

One of the best things about this app is the ability to create custom workflows and automate business processes. It will save you time every day.

But beware, Workzone is paid software. The free version is only available for a short trial period.

5. Scoro

The solution to centralize the management of your business, Scoro is a software that deploys its various functionalities through a cloud server. As a business management tool, it provides a secure database storage. It also includes network sharing and task scheduling tools. You can also create invoices and quotes.

Scoro is a SaaS software compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux. It is especially recommended for small and medium-sized businesses.

Being a comprehensive business management solution, some of the standout features of this software include customer relationship management and resource and budget organization.

A dashboard is available to you to monitor the progress of your projects in real time. The tool can be synchronized with platforms such as Dropbox or Mailchimp. It is paid, and requires at least 5 users.

6. ActiveCollab

A tool that offers more than project management features, If you are looking for a project management tool to plan your tasks, ActiveCollab will meet your needs. It also allows you to manage your resources and your budget securely. However, its features are not limited to project management.

It is a collaborative work tool, which offers a discussion interface, and facilitates the exchange of files between internal collaborators. It also provides you with functions dedicated to managing your marketing actions and monitoring expense reports.

ActiveCollab is shareware accessible via a monthly subscription. You have access to all of its features during the free trial period.

7. Basecamp

To project management with interactive to-do lists, The operation of this online project management tool is quite simple. You set up your group then create one or more projects.

Then choose the collaborators to include in each of them. The teams of each project can then chat from the Basecamp interface . You can also create todo lists and assign tasks to relevant collaborators. They receive an email notification when a task is assigned to them.

A deadline can be defined for each task created. The person in charge simply has to mark the corresponding box as soon as they are finished. You will then be notified by e-mail.

Basecamp gives you access to a backup space to share and store your work documents. The tool is offered free of charge for a two-month trial. You then have to pay for a subscription to enjoy its features.

It is accessible without the need to have an account. All you need is an email address.

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8. Trello

To organize your projects with the Kanban method, Trello is an online collaborative work tool, accessible free of charge. It works according to the Kanban method. First, you need to create your project. This can be presented in several stages, using the “Boards”. Within each of them, you can add lists and then cards, which correspond to the tasks to be carried out.

Then all you have to do is assign each of them to the members you added to the project, and set the deadline. Depending on their progress, your employees can move the cards within the boards until the tasks are finalized.

A mobile application is available, in addition to the web version. It can be very useful for monitoring the progress of a project and communicating with the team wherever you are.

9. Clarizen

For relevant monitoring of the project and resources, Clarizen is a cloud-based collaborative management software. It allows you to create projects and then define the resources and the budget necessary for their realization. Once the tasks have been created, you can then invite your collaborators to become members of Clarizen. If a resource is already assigned to other projects, you will know it directly.

To simplify the management of your projects, establish milestones and activities within each of them, then assign them to the relevant collaborators.

A social network is available to discuss your business projects. Work breakdown and time recording documents are also available. Have your employees forgotten to update them? Send them an alert.

It is possible to integrate applications like Google Drive, Excel, SharePoint, SalesForce, Outlook or Intacct. A data export function is also offered, in order to have them in Excel, for example.

10. LiquidPlanner

A collaborative management application, This online application has been designed to facilitate the monitoring of business projects. To do this, you will first have to create a project. Then plan the required resources and budget.

LiquidPlanner works with a method inspired by the Kanban style. Users can therefore move the tasks by following the stages of their achievements.

A customizable dashboard allows you to monitor the progress of the project. Dynamic Gantt charts are also available to help you manage project tasks and deadlines more easily. To simplify monitoring, LiquidPlanner provides you with advanced statistics, concerning your performance as well as the amortizations and profits made.

Collaboration is easy thanks to the chat interface available on the application. It is also possible to transfer your files from Dropbox or Google Drive to LiquidPlanner. The tool is paid, and works with a monthly subscription.


In sum, today there are an unlimited number of applications that can replace MS Project. They have been created in order to gain flexibility in the management of your projects. Most work online and require no installation on your workstations.

The functionalities are also extensive, and meet the needs of business leaders and project managers. However, opt for a tool with a management model that is appropriate for your organization, and that your employees can easily master.

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