Domain Authority vs Page Authority: What’s More Important?

Domain Authority vs Page Authority

Domain Authority vs Page Authority: What’s More Important? – The notion of authority is a key term in SEO. Indeed, whether it is to legitimize your presence on a subject or service, or vis-√†-vis search engine robots, this criterion will be predominant in your rating and ranking.

Domain Authority vs Page Authority

However, authority in the global sense of Google should not be confused with domain or page authority . If their optimization has a similar objective, to increase your ranking, their calculation is somewhat different.

Let’s observe the differences between these 3 concepts and above all how to improve each of these indicators for your natural referencing.

Domain and Page Authority Differences and Purpose

Let’s lift the veil right away, the difference between Domain authority and Page authority is as follows:

  • Page authority relates to the influence of one of your pages in particular (a specific URL)
  • Domain authority encompasses all of your website and its content.

This being established, you will have every interest in looking at and optimizing these two criteria.
To simplify, we could say that the domain authority is the sum of the page authorities.

However, you know how difficult it is to do on-page tracking and optimization, on a case-by-case basis, especially when your site has hundreds or even thousands of them.

In everyday life, it is therefore¬†easier to follow your website’s domain authority.¬†This more macro indicator will allow you to monitor your site overall without necessarily going into the details of each of your pages every month.

How to measure authority?

Many factors play into your positioning on search engines. Authority is one. It is watched closely by Google and search engines.

It is calculated by complex and secret algorithms, but we know that two levers can positively influence it:

  • The content of your website and the themes you deal with
  • The incoming links that you manage to attract through your content

Gaining authority on the web consists in becoming a reference among all existing digital content on a subject. It is to be a reliable source to which Internet users can refer and thus create a loyal relationship with your brand or company.

Once this authority is established, you will convert your prospects better, but above all you will also attract professionals in your sector with an influx of backlinks that are very interesting for your SEO.

How to measure the authority of a domain and a page?

Regarding domain authority, it is not a Google criterion, but an SEO positioning score developed by Moz .

It is therefore a figure out of 100 to measure its authority and above all to compare itself to its competitors and to observe its evolution over time.

For example, you may see an increase in your score after an Inbound Marketing or backlinks campaign. It is therefore essential not to set the goal of reaching 100. If your competitors and the average of the sites on your domain reach 65/100, then your score of 70 will be amply flattering.

To calculate this score, the number of links is taken into account, but not only.
You have to use the Moz Bar or Moz Pro to measure your score and follow that of your competitors almost daily.

The page authority follows exactly the same functioning and the same calculation criteria, with the difference that it is a score on a given individual page and not on the whole domain.

How to improve them?

While Moz’s score is primarily link-based, we know that quality, understandable content is key to attracting those inbound links. Just like authority, if you want to increase this score, work to improve:

  • The quality of your content. Try to write on subjects on which you have real expertise with rich and documented content to offer to your audience.
  • Acquire DoFollow links .
  • Analyze competitors whose scoring is higher than yours to offer a similar, but more complete topic in the case of page authority.

In short, whether you want to improve your domain or page authority, try to select interesting topics for your sector.

Also remember to produce qualitative content, while seeking incoming links on this page or on your site.

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