Top 18 Best Narvar Alternatives and Competitors

Best Narvar Alternatives and Competitors

Top 18 Best Narvar Alternatives and Competitors – Narvar is a platform that allows companies to stay in emotional contact with their customers from their pre-purchase experience to the purchase of one.

The main goal of the platform is to drive long-term customer loyalty. It offers brand delivery predictions, returns and exchanges, and many others. It is a great solution for users who want to connect their physical and digital commerce for a seamless customer experience.

The platform allows users to return or exchange their packages through the stores and locations provided by the software.

The concierge solution allows companies to unify communications with consumers. Its shipping feature provides clear delivery expectations before purchase and eliminates shipping anxiety to earn customer trust.

Best Narvar Alternatives and Competitors

Kuebix TMS

Kuebix is ​​an online TMS (Transportation Management System) that comes with booking and managing truckload and parcel shipping for small and large shipping companies. It is an all-in-one solution that comes as an alternative to Digital Waybill and offers all the main features with some new tools and services that make it better than others.

The solution offers a freight intelligence-enabled transportation management system that enables companies to seize supply chain opportunities through visibility and the use of predictive analytics.

Kuebix TMS is known as a complete modular solution that scales to meet the needs of every supply chain with a range of applications, integrations, and managed services solutions.

Unlike all other similar platforms, it also comes with a simple and easy to understand control panel where you can access all its features without any IT knowledge.

The main feature of Kuebix TMS includes carrier management, scheduling, supply chain planning, third party integration, job scheduling, invoice management, etc. Another important fact about this platform is that it comes with a client management system with all the main tools.


UltraShipTMS is a comprehensive and feature-rich web-based transportation logistics automation software designed to serve high-volume shippers. It is robust and flexible software to address all complex transportation logistics challenges for consumer product groups, retailers, building material manufacturers, etc.

The platform provides efficient transportation management and supply chain optimization, inbound and outbound across all modes to make it perfect for businesses of all sizes.

One of the best things about UltraShipTMS is that it offers a powerful optimization engine that allows users to view and compare routes, schedules, and freight models to minimize miles and reduce fuel costs.


FreightPOP is an online delivery management solution designed for entry-level and enterprise manufacturers and distributors. The software promises to simplify shopping and shipping by uniting FTL, LTL, parcel, air, and ocean modes that bring unlimited carriers together in one place.

One of the best things about this platform is that it is not a binding contract and allows operators to quickly add themselves from a growing list of over 50 and compare fare quotes side by side, emailing the price perfect to contacts from the application. With its negotiated rate quote, users can quickly proceed to process a shipment without leaving the solution.


GetSwift is a cloud-based transportation and logistics management platform that helps manage fleets, drivers, and product shipments, etc. It is a powerful solution that helps optimize routes, assign deliveries to drivers, streamline dispatches, capture proof of delivery and track orders in real time.

It can be used by companies with five or more than five delivery trucks. The software runs on a powerful, proprietary batching algorithm that automatically allocates shipping orders based on selected limits, such as distance, load capacity, and throughput.


ClickPost is a cloud-based software platform that helps retailers deliver an exceptional post-purchase experience for their customers. ClickPost provides a suite of tools to automate and manage the entire post-purchase process, from order tracking and shipping notifications to returns management and customer support.

In addition, ClickPost offers a complete set of APIs and integrations that allow retailers to seamlessly connect their post-purchase operations with their eCommerce platforms, ERP systems, and fulfillment partners. With ClickPost, retailers can optimize their post-purchase operations for greater efficiency and better customer retention.

Notifii Track

Notifii Track is mailroom management and package tracking software solution designed for apartment offices and corporate mailrooms to help record packages in and out conveniently online.

With this, users can automatically receive notifications via email or text, as well as allowing them to capture a signature proof of pickup or delivery for true accountability.

Notifii Track is a complete package tracking software that comes with all the leading tools and features like status tracking and association integration etc.

One of the best facts about this platform is that it comes with search history and reporting capabilities that allow users to quickly search for a package and generate reports on daily and monthly package totals, pickup speed, and much more.

LogiNext Mile

LogiNext Mile is a distribution software that contains courier and logistics companies with a complete set of features and technologies to fully optimize and automate their last mile operations.

How to identify the best routes in terms of distance, traffic conditions, current and projected weather, fuel consumption, number of vehicles, etc.

The platform helps users minimize all of their last-mile expenses while helping them meet their business requirements, remain compliant with industry standards, and meet customer demands.

To make it modern, LogiNext Mile comes with the full set of leading features that help users streamline and manage their last mile operations, such as real-time sourcing, delivery tracking, distribution management, and dynamic routing and ETA prediction.


ShipStation is a leading eCommerce and shipping management software solution where retailers can import and manage their orders. It comes with many cool features and does not limit the number of sales channels from which the user can import details.

Integrates with many leading shopping cart and marketplace apps to ensure seamless compliance.

In the huge list of available integrations, it also allows you to quickly find popular payment gateways, BI tools, and email providers. It will also allow you to add your favorite shipping service or carrier at no cost.

ShipStation is also one of the few fully mobile-optimized e-commerce industry players, which means the user gets a special app that tracks and manages orders from all types of mobile platforms.

MobileFrame Delivery Software

MobileFrame delivery software is a suite specifically designed to manage and process courier, route and direct store deliveries. It is a complete solution that comes with a native mobile app for iOS and Android devices.

The solution supports both front-office and back-office operations for managers and shippers.

One of the best parts of this delivery solution is that it offers offline access due to centralized database synchronization and includes order and customer management to store account details, contacts, delivery locations, etc.


MyRig is a simple yet powerful TMS (Transportation Management System) that provides centralized online functions served by Android app. With a completely paperless process, riders and drivers can enjoy streamlined record-keeping features to more accurately record travel expenses and vehicle and fleet usage.

It also leverages native photographic capabilities and electronic signature capture to improve claims processing, reporting, and crucial to protection against all types of fraudulent damage claims.

The app comes with GPS support for Bluetooth-equipped vehicles that turns MyRig into a destination navigation aid guide. At the same time, shippers can track trucks before redirecting them to new locations.

Wing DS

Wing DS is a cloud-hosted delivery management system that helps courier and e-commerce companies with complete route planning and shipping. The software comes with Digital Waybill and offers all the main features with some new tools that make it perfect for businesses of all sizes.

Key features include location maps, data filtering, cost optimization, vehicle tracking, API integrations, etc. Wing DS’s tracking module also helps fleet managers monitor personnel and vehicles and review GPS coordinates of shipping routes.


WeDispatch is an all-in-one cloud-based mobile app for managing delivery services and live tracking teams in the field. The solution is designed for professional companies that want to control, manage and track their delivery system.

It comes with an accessible web dashboard, service coordinators, and a full call center team that help you see real-time mapped location updates from your drivers or passengers.

Instant Shipping allows you to send work orders directly to your mobile devices right from the browser. At the same time, tasks can be automatically assigned to the nearest driver or specific multi-stop tasks can be generated and assigned to individual staff.

With the help of this platform, companies can receive live notifications of job status changes, optimize routes, import and export batch jobs to or from CSV, and process payments through Stripe integration.

digital delivery note

Digital Waybill is the leading courier management platform that enables companies to optimize their delivery and dispatch schedules. The solution can be deployed locally on Mac OS systems or hosted on the web. It can also be accessed on mobile platforms through apps, which means you can enjoy its service anywhere, anytime.

The digital consignment note is specially designed for professional equipment for all sizes of companies, such as small courier companies, courier companies or large transport and trucking companies.

The solution comes with all the existing features that save you time and costs, such as fast online order entry and tracking to send orders to drivers in real time, record orders and allow drivers to access order details both at POS and on mobile devices.


TraciFY is an all-in-one transportation and logistics delivery management software for businesses. This software makes it easy for users to automate a critical task, increase profitability, optimize the fleet, comply with safety regulations and more. TraciFY helps send incredible offers to customers in just a few seconds.

This software comes with many ordering and shipping offers, which allows users to turn their offers into orders, create a house, and more.

It also provides booking and shipping instructions to all its users to save time and money. The track and trace features allow its users to keep an eye on their shipment.

Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship is a fast and reliable web platform shipping solution for small e-commerce businesses. Provides USPS-approved postage with no fees or monthly commitments and quoted business pricing based on package weight.

Pirate Ship helps minimize shipping costs for suppliers. The operation of the software is simple and begins with the measurement of the weight and dimensions of the package. Second, buy and print the postage and give it to the USPS.

It allows users to convert spreadsheet addresses to shipping labels easily, and no additional software is required for this. The main objective of Pirate Ship is to reduce costs through its different features like offering discounts,


LocationSmart is an online utility that reliably performs multiple tasks, including monitoring all assets with your existing mobile device.

It provides unique operational efficiency with updates and responds quickly and quickly to every change. Users can track their devices in more than two hundred countries, and it shows all motion detections for better and deeper management. This platform offers exclusive security services and prevents all fraud.

LocationSmart also supports GPS-free location availability that reduces driver distraction, improves dispatch and routing with data, optimizes time on the road to improve driver productivity, and monitors load material and driver.

It allows managing the worker’s routine locating his place during work. Users can protect valuable assets with global mobile and Wi-Fi locations. Plus, it can work with any 2G, 3G, or 4G device, and uses location intelligence for flexible transaction or business logic verification.

This platform allows users to be identified inside or outside of good gaming areas for the approval of transactions.


SmartyStreets is an address verification platform that allows users to verify USPS and international addresses. The platform allows users to search for any address and validate it through the software. Users can get suggestions from the platform to easily find the address they are looking for. It allows users to validate addresses in bulk and can quickly verify and validate multiple addresses.

The platform comes with an API that allows users to build an address validation system into their custom app or website. Also, it comes with a geocoding service that helps users to convert simple addresses into lat/long coordinates.


BackerKit is a well-known data management platform that allows creators to send surveys and allows crowdfunding backers and creators to connect, support each other in each campaign.

It offers intuitive and easy surveys that creators can collect from backers to improve their knowledge and update their pledges.

Creators can stay connected with their sponsors all the time and can get information from them as soon as they receive it. The support team provided by BackerKit helps both the creators and the sponsors to get information about the campaigns and improve them. Creators can use their booking feature to keep fans engaged and improve campaign success.

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