Netflix Secret Codes 2022: what they are and list

Netflix secret codes: what they are and list

Netflix secret codes 2022: what they are and list – Dozens of minutes to choose a movie on Netflix secret codes and in the end, I fall asleep on the sofa even before starting it, has this ever happened to you? 

Indeed, the catalog of the American streaming giant is so vast that sometimes finding the title that best suits our mood is a real challenge. 

Even more so because, often, the automatic proposals of the platform are based on the contents already seen, and therefore appear to be strongly addressed or – at least – partial; which risks making us lose real “milestones”.

How to overcome this “limitation”? Trying the Netflix Secret Codes! Yes, you got it right, did you know that there are special codes for Netflix that allow you to aggregate titles by genres and that perhaps work better than the sections proposed by the platform? In this guide, I tell you what they are and how they work.

What are they for Secret Netflix Codes

I begin by telling you that there really isn’t much of a “secret”. The Netflix codes, in fact, you will not need to “unlock” extra content or intentionally hidden from the platform, quite the contrary. 

The code system I will talk about shortly corresponds to the division into genres and sub-genres of the titles in the bookstore

Which however will not be “spoiled” by the history of your views and, consequently, by the algorithm that proposes titles in relation to yours. tastes and contents are already seen.

By searching by code you will then have the opportunity to access all the contents grouped under a certain genre and you can also deepen and refine the search by specifying the code relating to the sub-genres of the same category. 

The added value, compared to the subdivision proposed in the Netflix “Home”, is that by typing a certain code you can scroll through all – absolutely all – the titles of the desired category. 

Therefore, you will not have to settle for the most viewed titles, those of the moment, or those selected for you in relation to your viewing preferences.

Are they legal?

Of course yes, there is nothing illegal in searching for content on Netflix using the codes that I will list shortly, also because, as I said, there is a very little secret. Also, consider that knowing these codes will not allow you to access Netflix without a subscription.

In short, Netflix codes are legal: you will not incur any sanctions by using them.

Where to find them Netflix Codes

I must tell you the truth, it is not easy to find the complete list of codes, also because Netflix does not release official notes on this (or at least, it has not done so until now). 

Browsing here and there on foreign sites, however, I managed to create a collection of codes that are also valid on the platform.

According to my tests, the best version of the platform for doing code searches is currently the browser one. In fact, it is possible that not all searches with code carried out on smartphones/tablets with Android or iOS operating systems will return valid results.

Netflix Secret Codes List by Category

Netflix Secret Codes for Action and adventure movies and TV series

Main Netflix code:, code 1365.

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Related Action and adventure movies and TV series Netflix Codes:

  • Classic Action & Adventure, code 46576
  • Asian action movies, code 77232
  • Action Comedies, code 43040
  • Action Thriller, code 43048
  • Adventures, code 7442
  • Western, code 7742
  • Spying, code 10702
  • Crime action and adventure, code 9584
  • Martial arts movie, code 8985
  • Military action and adventure, code 2125

Netflix Secret Codes for Anime

Main Netflix code:, code 7424.

Related Anime Netflix Codes:

Related Anime Netflix Codes:

  • Animation for adults, code 11881
  • Action anime, code 2653
  • Anime comedies, code 9302
  • Drama anime, code 452
  • Anime movie, code 3063
  • Sci-fi anime, code 2729
  • Horror anime, code 10695
  • Fantasy anime, code 11146
  • Anime series, code 6721

Netflix Secret Codes for Movies for children and families

Main Netflix code: code 783.

 Related Movies for children and families Netflix Codes:

Related Movies for children and families Netflix Codes:

  • children Movies for 0-2 years, code 6796
  • Movies for 3-4 years, code 6218
  • Movie for 5-7 years, code 5455
  • Movies for 8-10 years, code 561
  • Movies for 11-12 years, code 6962
  • Children’s Education, code 10659
  • Disney, code 67673
  • Movies based on children’s books, 10056
  • Family Movies, code 51056
  • TV Cartoons, code 11177
  • Children’s TV, code 27346
  • Music for children, code 52843
  • Animal stories, code 5507

Netflix Secret Codes for Classic movies

Main Netflix code: code 31574.

Related Classic movies Netflix Codes:

Related Classic movies Netflix Codes:

  • Dark Comedies code 896
  • Classic Dramas, code 29809
  • Fantastic and classic fantasy, code 47147
  • Classic Thrillers, codes 46588
  • Film noir, code 7687
  • Classic War Movies, code 48744
  • Silent movies, code 53310
  • Classic Westerns, code 47465

Netflix Secret Codes for Comedies

Main Netflix code:, code 6548.

Related Comedies Netflix Codes:

Related Comedies Netflix Codes:

  • Dark Comedies, code 869
  • Late Night Comedies, code 1402
  • Fake documentaries, code 26
  • Political Comedies, code 2700
  • Crazy Comedies, code 9702
  • Sports Comedies, code 5286
  • Stand-up, code 11559
  • Teen Comedies, codes 3519
  • Satire, code 4922
  • Romantic Comedies, code 5475
  • Slapstick, code 10256

Netflix Secret Codes for Cult movie

Main Netflix code:, code 7627.

Related Cult movie Netflix Codes:

Related Cult movie Netflix Codes:

  • Series B horror movie, code 8195
  • Cult horror movie, code 10944
  • Science fiction and cult fantasy, code 4734
  • Cult Comedies, code 9434

Netflix Secret Codes for Documentaries

Main Netflix code:, code 6839.

Related Documentaries Netflix Codes:

Related Documentaries Netflix Codes:

  • Biographical Documentaries, code 3652
  • Crime Documentaries, code 9875
  • Historical Documentaries, code 5349
  • Military Documentaries, code 4006
  • Sports Documentaries, code 180
  • Music and Concert Documentaries, code 90361
  • Travel and Adventure Documentaries, code 1159
  • Political Documentaries, code 7018
  • Documentaries on science and nature, code 2595
  • Sociocultural Documentaries, code 3675

Netflix Secret Codes for Dramas

Main Netflix code:, code 5763.

Related Dramas Netflix Codes:

Related Dramas Netflix Codes:

  • Biographical Dramas, code 3179
  • Classic Dramas, code 29809
  • Crime drama, code 6889
  • Dramas based on books, code 4961
  • Dramas based on true stories, code 3653
  • Heartbreaking Stories, code 6384
  • Sports Dramas, code 7243
  • LGBTQ Dramas, code 500
  • Independent Dramas, code 384
  • Teenage Dramas, code 9299
  • Military Dramas, code 11
  • Historical series and films, code 12123
  • Political Dramas, code 6616
  • Romantic Dramas, code 1255
  • Showbiz Dramas, code 5012
  • Social Dramas, code 3947

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Netflix Secret Codes for Faith and spirituality

Main Netflix code:, code 26835.

Related Faith and spirituality Netflix Codes:

Related Faith and spirituality Netflix Codes:

  • Movies on faith and spirituality, code 52804
  • Spirituality Documentaries, code 2760

Netflix Secret Codes for Arthouse films

Main Netflix code: code 29764 code 29746.

Related Foreign films netflix codes

Netflix Secret Codes for Foreign films

Related Foreign films netflix codes

  • African Movies, code 3761
  • Australian Movies, code 5230
  • Belgian movies, code 262
  • Korean Movies, code 5685
  • Latin American films, code 1613
  • Middle Eastern Movies, code 5875
  • New Zealand films, code 63782
  • Russian movies, code 11567
  • Scandinavian Movies, code 9292
  • Southeast Asian Movies, code 9196
  • Spanish movies, code 58741
  • German movies, code 58886
  • French films, code 58807
  • Eastern European Movies, code 5254
  • Dutch movies, code 10606
  • Irish Movies, code 58750
  • Japanese movies, code 10398
  • Italian films, code 8221
  • Indian Movies, code 10463
  • Chinese movies, code 3960
  • British Movies, code 10757

Netflix Secret Codes for LGBTQ movies

Main Netflix code:, code 5977.

Related LGBTQ movies Netflix Codes:

Related LGBTQ movies Netflix Codes:

  • LGBTQ Comedies, code 7120
  • Dramas, code 500
  • LGBTQ Movies, code 3329
  • Documentaries, code 4720
  • LGBTQ TV series, code 65263

Netflix Secret Codes for Horror movie

Main Netflix code:, code 8711.

Related Horror movie Netflix Codes:

Related Horror movie Netflix Codes:

  • Fantastic Creature Movies, code 6895
  • Cult horror movie, code 10944
  • Horror Comedies, code 89585
  • Monster Movies, code 947
  • Slasher movie with serial killer, code 8646
  • Supernatural horror movie, code 42023
  • Teenage Horror, code 52147
  • Vampire horror movie, code 75804
  • Horror movie with zombies, code 75405
  • Satanic Stories, code 6998

Netflix Secret Codes for Independent films

Main Netflix code:, code 7077.

Related Independent films Netflix Codes:

Related Independent films Netflix Codes:

  • Experimental films, code 11079
  • Independent Action & Adventure, code 11804
  • Indie Thrillers, code 3269
  • Romantic Movies, code 9916
  • Independent Comedies, code 4195
  • Independent Dramas, code 384

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Netflix Secret Codes for Music

Main Netflix code: code 1701.

Related Music Netflix Codes:

  • Music for children, code 52843
  • Country and western / folk music, code 1105
  • Easy listening and jazz, code 10271
  • Latin music, code 10741
  • Musical, code 13335
  • Classic musicals, code 32392
  • Musical on the world of entertainment, code 13573

Netflix Secret Codes for Romantic movies

Main Netflix code:, code 8883.

Related Romantic movies Netflix Codes:

Related Netflix Secret Codes for adults Romantic movies:

  • Romantic classics, code 502675
  • Quirky Romantic Movies, code 36103
  • Romantic Movies, code 9916
  • Romantic Dramas, code 1255
  • Sensual Romantic Movies, code 35800
  • Classic Romantic Movies, code 31273
  • Romantic Comedies, code 5475

Netflix Secret Codes for Science fiction and fantasy

Main Netflix code:, code 1492.

Related Science fiction and fantasy Netflix Codes:

Related Science fiction and fantasy Netflix Codes:

  • Science fiction and action fantasy, code 1568
  • Science fiction and aliens, code 3327
  • Classic science fiction and fantasy, code 47147
  • Science fiction and cult fantasy, code 4734
  • Fantasy movie, code 9744
  • SciFi Adventure, code 6926
  • Sci-Fi Dramas, code 3916
  • Horror Sci-Fi movie, code 1694
  • Sci-Fi Thriller, code 11014

Netflix Secret Codes for Sports movies

Main Netflix code:, code 4370.

Related Sports movies Netflix Codes:

Related Sports movies Netflix Codes:

  • Comedies Sports, code 5286
  • Sports Documentaries, code 180
  • Sports Dramas, code 7243
  • Baseball Movies and TV, code 12339
  • Football Movies, code 12803
  • Boxing Movies, code 12443
  • Football movies, code 12549
  • Martial Arts, Boxing and Wrestling, code 6695
  • Basketball Movies, code 12762
  • Sport and fitness, code 9327

Netflix Secret Codes for Thriller

Main Netflix code:, code 8933.

Related Thriller Netflix Codes :

Related Thriller Netflix Codes :

  • Action Thriller, code 43048
  • Classic Thrillers, code 46588
  • Crime thriller, code 10499
  • Indie Thrillers, code 3269
  • Gangster Movie, code 31951
  • Psychological Thrillers, code 5505
  • Political Thrillers, code 10504
  • Scifi Thriller, code 11014
  • Spy Thriller, code 9147
  • Sensual Thrillers, code 972
  • Supernatural Thriller, code 11140

Netflix Secret Codes for TV series

Main Netflix code:, code 83.

Related TV series Netflix Codes:

Related TV series Netflix Codes:

  • British TV series, code 52117
  • Classic TV series, code 46553
  • Crime TV series, code 26146
  • Cult TV programs, code 74652
  • Food and Travel TV Shows, code 72436
  • Children’s TV, code 27346
  • Korean TV series, code 67879
  • Miniseries, code 4814
  • Military TV series, code 25804
  • Science and Nature TV, code 52780
  • TV Action & Adventure, code 10673
  • TV Comedies, code 10375
  • Docuserie, code 10105
  • TV Dramas, code 11714
  • Horror TV, code 83059
  • TV Mysteries and Mysteries, code 4366
  • Science fiction and fantasy TV, code 1372
  • Reality, code 9833
  • Teen TV series, code 60951

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