How to check Netflix history on phone

How to see Netflix history

If you are an avid follower of Netflix , the US company operating in the internet distribution of movies, television series and other paid entertainment content, and you are looking for a way to see your viewing history , because you saw quite a few years ago. movie and now you don’t remember the title anymore, or simply to check what other people who have access to your account watch, but you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry, I’ll help you! Here I will show you how to see the History of your Netflix account .

You must know that it is not possible to see the Netflix history from the dedicated application, but only through the official website of the service. Here I’ll show you how to see the title of a movie you watched on Netflix a while ago, and the exact date that media was viewed. But let’s go straight to the specifics.

How to see Netflix history

As I said, to see the Netflix Watch History , you need to access the official website of the streaming service because it is not possible to do what is requested through the smartphone application. So grab a PC and type the website into the address bar .

Now log in with your credentials (if you have not already logged into your account) and then click on the arrow pointing down next to the profile picture at the top right. A menu will open: click on ” Account “. In the new page that opens, the summary page of your Account, scroll down until you find the ” Profile & Parental Controls ” section and click on the arrow pointing down next to the profile for which you want to see the Chronology.

A menu will open: here locate the words “ Viewing activity ” and click on “ View ” on the right. You will see all Netflix activity for that profile, i.e. the viewing date and the name of the movie or TV show displayed.

Well, I’ve shown you how to see Netflix History . I hope I have been of help, bye and see you next time! 

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