On Page SEO vs Off Page SEO vs Technical SEO

On page SEO vs off page SEO vs technical SEO

Diference between On page SEO vs Off page SEO vs Technical SEO – Anyone involved in digital marketing knows what we mean by the term SEO, that is search engine optimization. He also knows that SEO is a very complex thing . There are among other things, different types of SEO . Optimization is conventionally divided into three main SEO categories:

  • On Page SEO
  • Off Page SEO
  • Technique SEO

In this article we will deal with analyzing SEO explanation in detail, then defining the three categories listed above. In fact, there is a difference between on page, off page and technical SEO. Each of these categories involves the completion of well-defined actions.

What do We mean by SEO?

But, before dealing with the sub-categories that make up SEO in general, we need to briefly define search engine optimization.

It is the set of techniques, strategies and actions that professionals use in order to improve what is called “ranking” of a website . The ultimate goal of SEO, in fact, is to bring the site to the top of the search results, every time a user searches for certain keywords.

A better ranking, i.e. the positioning of the site in question on the search results page, usually coincides with higher traffic. Therefore, SEO acts to improve the visibility of a site and its web pages.

To improve the ranking of a particular website among the results returned by search engines, SEO experts can act at various levels .

There are in fact some actions that can be performed at the level of the site itself. Other actions, on the other hand, must be carried out outside the site.

On Page SEO Vs Off Page SEO vs Technical SEO

On Page SEO Techniques

SEO optimization can first of all take place at the on page level : the professional, in this case, takes care of optimizing the internal elements of the site itself.

On-page SEO can improve the domain authority of the website, which will be perceived as a quality site by search engines. This will positively impact your ranking for meaningful and relevant search queries and keywords.

On page seo Steps can improve website ranking by acting on various levels:

  • page title
  • meta description
  • contents
  • meta tag
  • alternative text
  • URL structure
  • images.

In other words, any website content , be it text, multimedia or HTML code, must be optimized to perfection . And the optimization of all these elements is called SEO on page.

The reason that the operations on the constituent elements of a web page are part of the on-page SEO is that any changes made are visible to visitors .

It acts at the level of the web page and its visible elements. But the actions performed from an on page perspective are also “read” by search engines .

To give a practical example, meta tags are used to allow search engines to understand what the content of the web page will be. In this way, they will be able to show it to web users at the right time, based on the keywords entered.

Off Page SEO Techniques

But SEO optimization is not based solely and solely on actions and improvements made at the level of the pages that make up the website.

In fact, we have a part of SEO that takes place outside the pages themselves: off page SEO.

This sub-category of SEO is often contrasted with off-page SEO and is sometimes regarded as one of the most difficult parts to manage. This is because you don’t have direct control over off page SEO.

Yet, like on page SEO, off page SEO also plays a fundamental role in the ranking of a website. Also, in this case, it is a whole series of strategies that improve the positioning in the SERP, but in a way that we could define indirect.

In fact, the search engines do not take into consideration only the strategies carried out on the pages of the site, but also the external signals. Signals that are used to evaluate the quality of the website.

off-page seo for beginners, One of the most used techniques by off page SEO involves exploiting backlinks , i.e. links from external sites that point to the pages of the site to be optimized.

Since the links come from a site that is not ours, we understand well that this sub-category of SEO cannot always be fully controlled.

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In general, however, search engines consider a site that has a lot of backlinks from equally good sites to be of higher quality. It is therefore not only the number of links that point to a site that is important: the factor that has a greater weight concerns the quality of the external sites, from which the backlink comes.

There are Some Off Page Seo tools are Ahrefs, Google Search, Linkclump, Talkwalker Alerts., Check My Links, Moz’s Link Explorer, Majestic, Web Archive ,Semrush, SEOquake, Open Site Explorer Tool, Buzzsummo, Google Analytics, Woorank etc

What is Technical SEO

Among the sub-categories of SEO, only the last one remains to be analyzed: technical SEO .
Considered by many to be almost part of on-page SEO, technical SEO is also under the full control of optimization experts.

In fact, unlike off page SEO (which is beyond our full control), technical SEO can be managed and controlled at a strategic level .

As the name of the category suggests, this part of SEO takes care of all the more technical elements of the website . Technical SEO factors Between these:

  • loading speed
  • user security and privacy
  • site structure
  • optimization for mobile devices.

Even the technical elements of the site , in fact, are factors that can influence the ranking of the site itself in the SERP. This is why these elements, as well as those on page, must also be optimized.

To do this, technical SEO intervenes, which should be the starting point of any self- respecting SEO strategy.

A deficiency or a technical problem at the website level, unfortunately, could make every effort made both at the level of ON Page and OFF Page SEO in vain.

On the contrary, starting from technical SEO, you will have the certainty of making the website suitable for indexing by search engines. Only in this way will we be able to count on the first places in the SERP.

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