Why hire an SEO expert (7 Reasons)

Why hire an SEO expert (7 Reasons)

Why hire an SEO expert (7 Reasons)Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming an increasingly essential element of the success of an Internet business. SEO is constantly changing, requiring exceptional knowledge from the webmaster.

Here are just a few facts and trends from the world of e-commerce:

More users are switching desktop computers to mobile devices

  • The conversion rate for smartphone users is 15 times higher when clicking from SERPs than when recommended by social media platforms
  • 80% of B2C customers start with search queries, and 9 out of 10 B2B customers are confident that suppliers and contractors will find them and offer their services
  • Today, up to 90% of American users research products and services online before ordering; other countries are gradually catching up to this figure
  • SEO can bring great benefits to a business, so you should think carefully: manage search engine optimization yourself or still hire a professional?

Our experience suggests that a person without training will not be able to 100% optimize the site and achieve maximum traffic. Therefore, losses for the company are inevitable.

Here are seven good reasons to hire an SEO expert:

Reason #1: SEO is hard

Read a couple of articles about advanced methods of search engine optimization, add to this the constantly updated algorithms of Google and Yandex, and you will understand how difficult it is. 

Today, SEO is more than just keywords in h2 subheadings or paid links (don’t worry!). For each site, a whole range of technical factors, content optimization, user experience and effective feedback from visitors are taken into account. 

Not to mention social factors and RankBrain, which are only gaining momentum. What about local SEO vital for restaurants, hotels, offline stores and hypermarkets?

A skilled will be capable to guide the best methods for any business.

Reason #2: SEO rules are changing

Even if you take the time to read five SEO tutorials and become a self-taught expert, it’s a temporary experience at best. Google regularly releases major and minor updates to its search algorithms. If you don’t read SEO news every day, the knowledge will become outdated.

Even if you read, some changes in the rules of the game are hushed up, and SEO experts judge them by indirect signs and lengthy hints in developer interviews.

A simple example. When RankBrain became one of the top three ranking factors, Google did not introduce the new product to marketers for several months.

Being a busy owner of an online store, you will hardly find so much free time to keep abreast of every innovation of search engines. 

The job of an SEO specialist must take into account changes in algorithms and how they affect search engine results (SERPs). Real experts understand how to keep track of innovations.

Reason #3: SEO mistakes hurt your business

Search engine optimization is not always good for a website. Some tactics actually turn out to be harmful, leading to lower positions in the SERP and a drop in traffic.

Absolutely refrain from the following practices:

Artificial links

Keyword spamming

Use of irrelevant keys

Duplicate content

cloaking etc.

Professionals know well how to avoid these mistakes. And you?

Reason #4: SEO uses the right software

The Internet is simply oversaturated with all kinds of paid and free programs for compiling a semantic core and SEO analysis of a site. Since you are in a slightly different area of ​​e-commerce, you may never have heard of most of them.

Why does your website need anything more than a free Yandex Wordstat or Google Keyword Planner? Advanced analytics programs provide serious opportunities for evaluating keyword relevance, competition, and so on. All this is for the benefit of SEO.

To work with keywords, Runet SEOs use Key Kollector, SlovoEB, Bukvariks, Allsubmitter, SYA, and others. Very handy for competitor analysis of SEMRush and SpyWords.

If you’re targeting the English-speaking segment, take a look at Wordtracker, Keyword Tool, Spy Fu, and similar services. Many of them are paid, what to try – decide for yourself.

Reason #5: An SEO specialist knows how to analyze

It’s not just about the analytical mindset, it’s more about the experience. Even the coolest paid programs require a proper understanding of the data. 

They offer food for thought, and the optimal search queries and SEO optimization strategies are chosen by a professional based on their experience, project features, target audience, etc.

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What is SEO, SEM, SMO and SMM in digital marketing?

For a beginner, these programs and services may seem complicated. Seeing analytics does not mean making the right decision. You may notice a high bounce rate on the landing page, but can you determine why?

SEOs understand the relationship between KPIs for a website. They will use this knowledge and experience to support your SEO strategy and grow your traffic.

Reason #6: An SEO Specialist Keeps an Eye on Competitors

Competitive analysis is the most important part of your SEO efforts. A professional will easily determine the strengths and weaknesses of competitors in your niche, what search queries other online stores are guided by, etc.

Even better: a professional SEO specialist with experience in your field knows in advance which optimization techniques do not work, and which ones are worth trying. 

All of a sudden, it will help shape your unique selling proposition, define your target audience, and so on.

Reason #7: High ROI

The right SEO strategy has serious ROI potential. Traditional online advertising, even PPC models, can require huge financial investments. On the other hand, SEO is an affordable and powerful promotion tool.

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