8 PC Gaming Setup for Beginners Gamer Must Own

PC Gaming Setup for Beginners

PC Gaming Setup for Beginners Gamer Must Own – If you aspire to become a popular and successful PC gamer, of course you have to prepare all your PC gaming equipment. But, what do you need when you’re just starting out? Do you only need a computer, keyboard, and gaming mouse?

Best PC Gaming Setup for Beginners

If you are still confused, just take a look at 8 PC gaming equipment that beginner gamers must have . That way, you don’t need to worry about the need to set up your gaming PC anymore. Happy reading!

1. A gaming monitor is PC gaming equipment that beginners must have

The most important tool when you want to become a PC gamer is a good monitor. With a good monitor, the display or visuals of the game you are playing will be clearer. Apart from that, another thing to pay attention to is the resolution. Most gaming monitors now have a 1080p resolution which is actually sufficient.

However, if you want to get a better gaming experience, you can buy a monitor with a 1440p or 4K resolution. Fortunately, at Amazon.com there are various kinds of monitors that can support your game ‘s visual performance !

2. Choose the type of gaming mouse according to the game you are playing

Apart from the monitor, the mouse is an important component when playing games . There are various types of mice such as FPS gaming mice , MMO gaming mice and universal mice . As the name implies, FPS gaming mice are used for first-person shooting games such as CS or Valorant. On the other hand, MMO gaming mice are used for games like Dota and World of Warcraft. Meanwhile, a universal mouse can be used for any game .

Each type of mouse has different advantages. MMO mice usually have additional buttons so users can use skills quickly.  FPS mouse is equipped with an adjustable weight so that the user can adjust the stability of the cursor.

3. Use a gaming keyboard that you feel comfortable using

Another PC gaming equipment that you must have is a gaming keyboard . The important thing to pay attention to when buying a keyboard is to look at the layout . Most gaming keyboards are equipped with number keys on the right. This is certainly useful if you want to add shortcuts to your games . However, if you don’t need it, a keyboard with qwerty keys is sufficient.

The choice of color or light on gaming keyboards is also very diverse. If you don’t like monotonous colors like black, colorful keyboards are also available on the market. Many also provide keyboards that have LED lights such as red, blue and green.  

4. The sensation of playing games will be more exciting with PC gaming speakers

For those of you who want to hear the sound of games louder, gaming speakers are the equipment you must have. Many prefer to use speakers over headphones because it can make them more excited.

However, the speakers used must also be appropriate for the game being played. If you play FPS or MMORPG games , you can use better speakers . Why? Because these two types of games usually use more complex sounds.

5. Don’t want to make too much noise when playing games ? Just use gaming headphones

Hearing clear voices is an obligation when being a gamer . Especially if you are playing sound-sensitive games like CS and PUBG. Therefore, you have to pay attention to the gaming headphones that will be used.

If you want to play more comfortably, it is recommended that you buy headphones that are flexible so they are not tight on your head. But, where do you want to buy gaming headphones? You can buy it at Amazon.com at a lower price, you know!

6. A mouse pad is a mandatory piece of PC gaming equipment so that your wrist doesn’t hurt

A gaming mouse would definitely not be complete without a base. Nowadays, there are various kinds of mouse pads ranging from small to large sizes. As a beginner gamer , it is recommended that you buy a mouse pad that suits your needs first. After that, you can try to find a mouse pad that is comfortable to use for a long time.

Small mouse pads usually have a size of 22 x 18m which is actually enough. However, sometimes gamers need a wider range of movement. If you are one of them, a 30 x 80 m mouse pad is the right choice!

7. A good gaming chair will not make you tired if you play for too long

When playing, a comfortable seat is of course very necessary. By using a soft gaming chair, you won’t feel tired when playing games for too long. Therefore, if you don’t have a gaming chair yet, you can plan to buy one.

If you want to become a gaming streamer, buying a gaming chair is mandatory. Why? Because you will stream playing games for hours without standing up. Therefore, you must have a comfortable seat.

8. Prepare a controller such as a joystick if you are going to play games that require it

Gaming controllers are optional PC gaming equipment. If you are going to play games like PES or basketball, you need a universal joystick that can be used on a PC. However, if you are going to play a racing game, a controller like a racing wheel is a must have. Therefore, know the game you are going to play first.  

Those are 8 PC gaming equipment that you must have as a novice gamer . Do you already have them all? If not, hurry up and buy it so you can be more comfortable when playing the game you like!

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